Upgrade Travel Insurance for High Value Items: Get Extra Cover

You have the option to upgrade and pay a little extra to increase the cover for any high value items if they're stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed on your travels.

To upgrade the cover for high value items you're taking with you on your trip, simply list them on your policy and pay the additional premium.

You must specify all high value items on your policy when you buy it, or at any time before the start date. Once your policy commences, it’s too late to add any specified items. Any additional personal baggage you buy on your travels will be automatically covered under the baggage limits.

Claiming your high value items

We'll pay for theft, loss, accidental damage or destruction of your high value specified items according to the policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the policy wording.

Specified items are covered on a new for old basis. This means that if something happens to them while you're travelling and you can make a valid claim, we'll replace or repair your lost or damaged items or make a cash settlement based on the replacement cost, but no greater than the amount you specified. Depreciation is not applied to claims on high value specified items.

If you cannot supply any required supporting documentation then the claim may be denied. Supporting documents include original purchase receipts, valuation reports and acceptable proof of ownership.

Does my insurance cover my tech?

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