Travel Alert: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami – January 2024

On January 1, 2024, Japan was struck by an earthquake affecting the Ishikawa Prefecture and the surrounding area. The earthquake also generated a tsunami which impacted along the Sea of Japan. If you're in an affected area, move to higher ground, monitor the media and follow the advice of local authorities. Travelers in these areas may experience disruption to their travel plans.

If you purchased a plan before January 1, 2024, the plan includes benefits that may provide coverage or assistance if you are directly affected by the earthquake. Below are some examples. Please note this is not a full list of all coverages and terms. To fully understand the coverages and how the plan may be able to assist you or your insured traveling companion, please contact Trip Mate, our travel insurance provider.

Trip Cancellation

You could be reimbursed for your pre-paid, forfeited, non-refundable payments or deposits made for your travel arrangements if you cancel your trip due to:

  • Accidental injury or death of you or a traveling companion which results in a physician imposing medical restrictions that cause you to cancel you trip.
  • The injury or death of a family member who was not traveling with you.
  • A complete cessation of services caused by the earthquake that lasts for at least 24 consecutive hours which prevents you from reaching your destination.
  • Accommodations at your destination were made uninhabitable because of the earthquake.

Trip Interruption

Reimburses the pre-paid, unused, non-refundable land or water expenses you’ve paid to travel suppliers for your trip, along with the additional airfare paid to join, rejoin, or return home, if you must interrupt your trip due to:

  • You or a traveling companion suffer an accidental injury during the trip that requires treatment by a medical physician which results in medical restrictions that prevent you from continuing your trip.
  • The injury or death of a family member who was not traveling with you.
  • A complete cessation of services caused by the earthquake that lasts for at least 24 consecutive hours which prevents you from reaching your destination.
  • The earthquake rendered the accommodations at your destination uninhabitable.

Trip Delay

If you are delayed 6 hours or more en route to or from your trip due to the covered reason below, the plan reimburses pre-paid, unused, non-refundable land and water accommodations; along with meals, lodging, local transportation, and other items. Covered reasons include:

  • Natural disasters (earthquake, fire, flood, tsunami, etc.).
  • The delay of a common carrier (airline, buses, trains, etc.).
  • Closure of a roadway that causes the cessation of travel to your destination.

Emergency Accident and Sickness Medical Expense

In the event you need medical assistance, the plan would reimburse reasonable and customary medical expenses if you incur covered medical expenses for necessary treatment for an accidental injury that occurs during your trip.

Emergency Evacuation

The plan provides coverage for medically necessary evacuations. The evacuation should be authorized and arranged by Generali Global Assistance. A medical evacuation means:

  • Transportation to the nearest hospital where appropriate medical treatment can be obtained or if your injury warrants transportation back to the US for further medical treatment.
  • A physician must certify the severity of the injury and order the emergency evacuation.

Non–Medical Emergency Transportation

You may be reimbursed for transportation expenses if there is a natural disaster. Reimbursement is for expenses related to you going to the nearest place of safety (determined by Generali Global Assistance) if you leave your host country within seven (7) days of your host country or US government issuing a disaster notice advising to evacuate the area.


As always, your safety is our utmost concern. If you need help while on your trip, please do not hesitate to reach out to Generali Global Assistance.

Contact Information

Outside the US call collect: 1-954-334-8143

Toll-free in the US and Canada: 1-877-289-0968


Please reach out to Trip Mate if you have questions about your coverage. Trip Mate will be able answer questions regarding how coverage would apply to your specific situation.

Contact Information

Outside the US call collect: 1-816-905-3963

Toll-free in the US and Canada: 1-844-207-1930


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