Meet Phil Sylvester

Meet Phil Sylvester


I am originally from a strange land with a language few people understand – Yorkshire in the UK.

My family emigrated to Australia when I was 10. We all fell in love with this amazing country, becoming citizens as soon as possible. I now identify as Australian and speak another language few people understand: “Strayan” (equivalent to “Merican”).

I spent many years as a broadcast journalist, starting back in the days when we used typewriters and could smoke in the office!

I joined World Nomads when swine flu was a worldwide problem, the winter Olympics were in Vancouver and we were all traumatised by the incinerator scene in Toy Story 3 – yep, 2010.

I was first employed to write safety content and I started the Travel Safety section. The knowledge I gained made me a travel safety expert and now I leverage that and my understanding of travel insurance to speak to travelers through the media.

I’ve also gone back to my broadcast journalism roots and co-host The World Nomads Travel Podcast.

The holy grail of any job is to find a place with purpose where it's possible to have an impact. That creates passion, and I get that in spades here at World Nomads. Plus, who doesn't want to read about, research and create content about travel!

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