Meet Kate Duthie

Meet Kate Duthie

Managing Editor

I was born in London, where I worked in magazines for 10 years before moving to Sydney in 1997 to work in newspapers. I am rubbish at languages but that didn’t stop me living and working overseas including a summer in the Canary Islands trying to persuade tourists to visit a dodgy villa timeshare investment seminar.

I joined World Nomads in 2018, and as the Managing Editor am charged with leading the written and video content direction and creation. It's great fun, endlessly interesting and there is always something new to learn. Coming from a print publishing background, I love bringing what I know about content creation and merging it with everything I am learning about the digital medium. Plus, there is cake every month and a surprisingly intimate massage chair available for staff use.

I travel to meet new people and try new things. And the food. My favourite adventures include a three-month road trip across the USA in a convertible, swimming with whale sharks off West Australia, walking NZ’s beautiful Milford Track, floating in the Dead Sea and scuba diving in The Maldives, where a huge stingray hugged me on a wreck dive. Bloody marvellous.

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