How it works: Adventure sports, activities and experiences


Check out our list of activities, sports and adventures to find out:

  • What can be covered

  • What can't be covered.

What's covered

Over 150 sports are automatically included in both the Standard Plan and the Explorer Plan. Other sports you must specify on your policy and pay an optional premium for cover to apply. If something goes wrong while participating in an activity, sport or adventure, the cover that may be available includes:

  • Emergency Medical Expense

  • Evacuation and Repatriation

  • Trip Interruption

We're pretty sure we've thought of most of the activities and experiences our adventurous travellers might want to try, but if what you want to do isn't listed, just contact us and we'll confirm if it can be covered or not.

What’s not covered

There may be specific exclusions and conditions that apply depending on what you'll be doing so be sure to read Section 5: Adventure Sports Coverage and the General Exclusions for other scenarios and expenses we don’t cover.

Of course always read the full terms, conditions and exclusions in the policy wording so there’ll be no surprises if you need to use it.

To give you an idea, there’s no cover:

  • For any competitions, big-game hunting, wingsuit flying, the running of the bulls, and cliff diving, among others.

  • If you're riding or driving without the proper licenses.

  • For sporting equipment damaged while in use.

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