Is the price quoted per person or for everyone on the policy?

Single travellers: When you get a quote on our website, the price shown is for just you based on the information you provided us.

Couple travellers: So, let's say you and that "special friend," whether it be your spouse, very close friend, or your common-law companion, get a policy together. The price shown is for the both of you based on the information you provided us.

Family travellers: So, when you get a quote and choose a family policy, the price that appears on the quote page is inclusive of everyone and not per person.

Please note when getting a quote, ensure that you have provided:

  • The correct dates of birth for everyone travelling;

  • The correct home address and phone number;

  • All the destinations you will be travelling to. Try not to leave any of them out.

  • Last but not least, the correct dates of travel.

Each of these points are required for us to accurately quote you the correct premium for your trip. However, the benefit limits listed on your Certificate of Insurance are the maximum amount payable per person per trip.

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