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Thank you for sharing your captivating photo essays with us.

Our challenge each year is to find an aspiring travel photographer that demonstrates a rare combination of photography skill, storytelling ability and raw potential. Unlike other photography competitions in which the best photos are chosen, we look closely for an expressed desire to follow the path of travel photography and for who would most benefit from the mentorship experience with Richard.

Even though there could only be one winner from more than 7,000 applicants, we hope you all continue to use your passion for photography to inspire the world.

Congratulations to our 2019 winner and shortlisted applicants - we can't wait to see what you capture next.

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The winner

Congratulations to Jasmin Bauomy (Germany).

"Congratulations to Jasmin Bauomy, for her winning photo essay captured on the island of Moheli in Comoros. Jasmin clearly developed a rapport with her subjects allowing great access to capture images that evoke a gentle intimacy. The consistency of the low light and color tone across the five images, both indoors and out, give the series a lovely atmospheric mood, complementing the locations and activity and enhancing the documentary style approach to the story."

Richard I'Anson
2019 Travel Photography Scholarship Mentor

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The shortlist

Congratulations to the following shortlisted applicants.

Richard's feedback

Once again it has been a privilege to be involved with the World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship. It’s a real pleasure to see the diversity of subject matter, locations and stories that captured the eyes and imaginations of our entrants. Congratulations to all of you who took the time, made the effort and put the thought into your submissions.

With more than 7,000 entries, just creating a shortlist is a daunting prospect. Selecting one winner is without doubt my most challenging assignment of the year. I’m very thankful not to be doing it alone. So, a grateful thank you to my fellow judges Mark Edward Harris and Nicola Bailey for applying their expertise and hours of diligent work to assessing the submissions. 

The standard of the submissions was as impressive as ever. I felt overall there had been an improved understanding that all five images need to be distinctive, but work together to reveal a different aspect of the story being told. I’d encourage everyone to practice and develop skills in capturing photo essays by thinking about creating stories every time you are out shooting, not just when the deadline for the scholarship is upon you. This is as easily done in your own neighborhood as it is in some faraway location.

This year, the scholarship takes us to Mongolia and the opportunity to capture a wide range of subjects in a variety of environments some of which I expect to be quite challenging, the ideal scenario for an intensive 10 days of travel photography. I am looking forward to working with Jasmin, learning where she is at on her photography journey and assisting in taking her photography to the next level.   

Richard's Avatar
Richard I'Anson,
Travel Photography Scholarship Mentor

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The judging panel

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