Am I covered by travel insurance if my bags are delayed?

If your checked-in bags are delayed by 24 hours or more from your scheduled arrival time, you might need to buy some clothing, toiletries or medications to get you by until they arrive. Provided these items are essential, you can claim reasonable expenses for such items.

What you can claim?

Expenses for necessary and essential items like clothing, toiletries and medications

How much you can claim?

Total benefit limits will vary depending on what plan you buy (Standard or Explorer).

Standard USD$150/ EUR€100 per 24 hours for each person insured up to 3 days
USD$450/EUR€300 total claim per person insured
Explorer USD$150/ EUR€100 per 24 hours for each person insured up to 5 days
USD$750/EUR€500 total claim per person insured

Any baggage claim submitted will have the policy excess applied. There is a €70/$100USD excess deducted per person, per claimable event

What you need to do if your baggage is delayed

  • obtain an original Property Irregularity Report (PIR) or similar official statement from the carrier stating that your baggage did not arrive at the scheduled time and date and indicating the date and time it did actually arrive.
  • keep all of your receipts for the necessities you buy making and make sure these receipts are time and date stamped prior to receiving your baggage.
  • make a claim online for the expenses incurred due to delayed baggage and be sure to send in your supporting documentation.

What’s not covered

Travel insurance is not designed to cover everything, so take the time to read the full description of cover in the Product Guide, particularly the List of Benefits and Section 23 Delayed Baggage and Section 6 General Exclusions, so there are no surprises if you do need to use it.

Here are the main things that aren't covered:

  • the purchase of essential items if your bags are delayed on the way home, as the insurer expects you’ve got other clothes to wear once your return home.
  • any items that wouldn’t be considered ‘essential’
  • expenses related to the purchase or rental of sports equipment should your sports equipment be delayed by the airline.

Indian residents:

The ‘Baggage and Personal Effects’ benefit is not included in the policy available to permanent residents of India. Our insurer for Indian travellers,Bupa Global Travel ihi Bupa, has decided that they are no longer able to manage benefits greater than cover for Overseas Medical Expenses and Medical Evacuation/Repatriation.


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