Travel insurance cover for baggage and personal effects

While it’s very important that you be extra careful with your own baggage and personal effects while travelling, your policy can help if something happens and it’s lost, stolen or damaged.

What’s covered

  • Baggage and personal items when stolen
  • Checked-in luggage when lost or damaged by a common carrier
  • Baggage and personal items if lost or damaged in a fire or natural disaster
  • Passport, credit cards and travel documents when stolen, lost or damaged (specific conditions apply)
  • Cash if stolen (Explorer plan only)
  • Sporting equipment when stolen or if it’s damaged by a common carrier (Explorer plan only)

How it works

Depending on what’s happened, your personal items are covered by repairing or paying out the replacement cost (but only if the covered items are documented as less than two years old or in the case of clothes, they must be documented as less than one year old.)

You’ll need to report any theft or fire to the nearest police authority as soon as possible (if you can’t notify the relevant local authority due to exceptional circumstances, you must notify the claims department as soon as possible).

Your police report and/or the reports filed with the carrier, accommodation provider or other service provider plus relevant tickets and baggage checks (for loss or damage to baggage by the carrier) are needed to support your claim.

And of course you’ll need receipts of purchase and proof of ownership for the items you are claiming. What we are looking for is proof  of purchase, ( date of purchase and the amount paid) and that the item was yours.

Also be aware that any baggage or sporting equipment claim submitted will have a €70EURO/$100USD policy excess deducted per person, per claimable event (the currency you purchase your policy in is the currency you will pay for your excess, either EURO or USD).

Left home without travel insurance?

What’s not covered

Travel insurance is not designed to cover everything, so take the time to read the Product Guide (policy wording), particularly the List of Benefits and Section 21 Baggage and Section 6 General Exclusions, so there are no surprises if you do need to use it.

At no time for any reason should you leave your bags or any personal items unsupervised anywhere. You wouldn't do it at home so be more careful when you are travelling.

Your baggage and personal effects are not covered at all when:

  • Not effectively supervised ( for stolen items) or where you do not take reasonable care for the safety, security or condition of your belongings
  • In a non-lockable or visible part of a passenger compartment of a locked boat or motor vehicle or when stolen from a vehicle or accommodation with no visible signs of forced entry.
  • Forgotten, lost or mislaid
  • Unobserved theft (simple theft)
  • Damage to personal belongings unless checked in with common carrier
  • Relating to sporting equipment: There's no cover for 1.the theft of sporting equipment which is not effectively supervised in a public place, where they are in public view, even if locked to an immovable object 2.sporting equipment while in use, whether it is owned or rented by you 3. breakage or damage to sporting equipment over three years old 4. the rental or purchase of sports equipment.

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