Top 10 Things to See in Japan

We know the pictures look good, but our top 10 things to see in Japan look better in the flesh! Add these spots to your itinerary, and don’t forget to charge your camera.


Kiyomizudera Temple

10. Hiroshima Peace Park 

Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (A-Bomb dome) and learn about the history in the peace park, where you’ll find exhibits of hibakusha and monuments to pay your respects.

9. Sensoji Temple

Visit Tokyo’s oldest temple in the Asakusa district. On the way there, stop off at the street stalls and grab some handmade Maneki Neko – traditional good luck charms.

8. Kiyomizudera Temple 

Perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the city of Kyoto, this temple is renowned for its cherry blossoms in the spring and impressive architecture.

7. Osaka Castle 

Visit the grounds of Osaka Castle, and walk among over 600 cherry blossom trees, a popular walking spot for travellers and locals alike. Discover the history of the building and head inside to explore an eight storey museum. 

6. Kinkakuji 

A spectacular sight to see is the 3 storey gold-leafed Zen Buddhist temple, overlooking a mirror pond in north-west Kyoto. While there, stop off at Hojo, the former residence of the head-priest’s, and Fudo Hall, a small temple housing a statue of a Buddhist wisdom king.

5. Meiji Shrine 

In western Tokyo, adjacent to Harijuku Station, you will find Tokyo’s most famous shrine, Meiji Jungu. This Imperial shrine is dedicated to the enshrined spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken.

4.  Tsenkatu Tower 

Visit Shinsekai district in Osaka at night to enjoy the view of Tsutenkaku Tower. The 100 metre tall octagonal construction was modelled after the Eiffel Tower, and truly comes alive at night - and should help you navigate around the district to avoid getting lost!

3. Ginkakuji 

Visit the Silver Temple of Ginkakuji in Kyoto’s eastern mountains, enjoy the serenity of the moss gardens and Zen of the grounds as you walk along the circular route.

2. Itsukushima Shrine 

Catch a ferry over to Miyajima island in Hiroshima to see Itsukushima shrine and its famous red torii  gate. At high tide they appear to float on the sea. While there, you’ll see deer roaming the streets. These guys are known for stealing food when you aren’t looking!

1. Onsen Snow Monkeys 

Head to Jigokudani Park, in Nagano, where you can watch the monkeys relax in the onsen. Useful tip: Keep your clothes on, this is for viewing only!

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