5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Egypt

So you’ve booked your trip to Egypt – Land of the Pharaohs, River Nile, pyramids and Cleopatra!

Leaving on a jet plane. Courtesy of Flickr.com, by [Mrs Logic].

You’ve checked the weather reports, cashed up with currency, bought travel insurance and confirmed your hotel – you should be all set, right?

Egypt is a wonderful breathtaking country, but beware that there are certain local laws and customs that you’ll need to adhere to. For instance, did you know that taking photographs of bridges and canals (including the Suez Canal), military personnel, buildings and equipment is illegal? Possession of even small quantities of illicit drugs in Egypt can lead to the death penalty, long prison sentences or deportation.

We know there is a lot to read before going to Egypt so we asked our friends in the adventure travel space to give us some tips on what they wish they knew before they went to Egypt.

1. Ask Around

I wish I had known that the pyramids and sphinx are not that far from the taxi entrance. Many tours, taxis and tour operators have commission based partners outside this area who tell you it is "a 5 mile walk" to the pyramids and sphinx and get you to ride a very painful camel or horse for 2 hours in an area running parallel to the sites. Say no firmly and ask directions to the entrance which is a 5 minute walk from the sites.

Daniel Radcliffe, Volunteer HQ

2. Be Aware

The touts can be very aggressive and annoying to tourists. The fact is, any local who starts a conversation with you is looking for money. You have to be on your guard constantly, more so than with any other country I have visited.

Gary Arndt, Everything-Everywhere

WorldNomads: This is especially intimidating for women. It's best to have a few coping strategies ready to go.

3. Assess the Add-ons

A service charge of between 10% and 15% is applied in most upmarket restaurants and hotels, to which value-added tax (VAT) and municipal taxes are also added. In other words, the price that you are quoted at a hotel or read on a menu could be almost 25% higher when it comes to paying the bill.

Lonely Planet

4. Carry Change

Always carry a lot of coins and small bills, (the pound is the currency in Egypt), you will have to "tip" many times a day, for all kinds of reasons. I had to tip the guy at the entry of the washroom to get a few sheets of toilet paper.

Gilles A., GeckoGo.com

WorldNomads: Don't tip in coins from your home country, they are worthless and unable to be changed at a bank.

5. Cover Up

Culturally, Egypt is a Muslim country. Even in the big cities a woman should have a male companion with her when on the street. Ladies should have shoulders and upper arms covered, closed neck top, skirt below the knees, pants are ok, but ought to be loose. Modesty is the key word. Don’t insist on your right to wear what you want, respect their culture and cover up.

Christy McCarthy, World Nomads

Need some handy Arabic travel phrases? Try our Arabic Language guide podcast or iPhone app.

What did you learn in Egypt and wish you knew before you went? Leave us a comment...


  • World Travel Guide said

    Nice Post...Its so very informative and knowledgable for your visitors or readers...Thank You for sharing.. Keep up the good work.

  • Helen said

    I spent 3 wonderful weeks in Egypt in Sept 2008. Luxor was the main place I was hassled by teenage boys selling poor quality goods,surrounding me so I couldn't get onto the boat and when I did agree on a price for some postcards insisted I handover more money. I was saved by a policeman who forcefully got them to move on. The other distressing thing was the condition of some of the horses. One of the horses actually collapsed and the other so exhausted it couldn't go any further,that's when the poor thing was whipped. My friend got out of the cart and walked the rest of the way after telling the owner what they thought of him. Pick a horse that doesn't look overworked,the owner has feed and water with them and keeps the whip under his seat!

  • Shane WILLIS said

    Was in Egypt/Sharm/Cairo recently - most of those whom approach you still want money for anything & are quite forcefull about it but be assertive an they move off- great place to visit - a must see an I will be back to see more of it

  • lenlen said

    1. and 2. Ask! Locals, who are not in the tourist business are friendly and will give advice gladly. But especially in tourist resorts you meet only those who are on the business and looking way of making money.<br>3. True...especially fish restaurants can give you a surprise bill. Luckily food was so good that we didn't care<br>4. So true! Having 1 pound and also other smaller notes enough makes life more easy. Tipping is common and it also makes your life easy, toilets, waiters etc. Also negotiation of taxi price is more easy with right money. Btw. In Cairo there is also now white taxis which use taximeter - but better to say you want to use it before hand.<br>5. About covering up; I did use normal city clothes, which I use back home too, without problem. There are areas in Cairo where is normal to walk by yourself safety and no one bothers you and some areas maybe better to be avoid totally. I sometimes wonder tourists visiting mosques and churches in their holiday in bikinis etc. - would they go dressed like that to their own church?

  • N.T.L said

    It's useful. Thanks!

  • Rain said

    Always take hand sanitising gel with you everywhere the money is very dirty & thats how you pick up tummy upsets we ised it all the time &we had no probs,other people not so lucky.

  • Ahmed said

    I'm Egyptian & my advice to you:
    Get a local Egyptian friend, Better to be a well-spoken person!

    Get to know a trusted local friend through facebook or something,
    It will make your life much much easier, Safer, Cheaper.

    A friend will never ask you for money, He will be enjoying your companionship,
    Lots of youth are passionate about tourists & open minded for other cultures,
    They will help.

    We have a lot of stupid, Bad people that works in the tourism industry
    Stay safe, Stay away from those stupid thieves.

  • Friend from egypt said

    If you need a friend from egypt to be with you ,, im ready
    EMAIL: [email protected]

  • Jamie said

    Totally agree with Ahmed. Seek out a local tour guide, they are around and cost less than international tour operators. Plus you give cash direct to Egyptians at a fair price. It is true, lots of Egyptians are passionate about their country and want you to see the best of it that they see and believe in. Egypt is safe. Try Mara House Luxor as a starting point, they will put you onto locals with local knowledge and are well connected people. Much better with a local. Shukran Misr.

  • Zanib Chaudhry said

    I also agree to have an Egyptian with you on your days out. The small amount you can pay to be accompanied by a guide could save you so much money as they will get the best prices for you. They will keep people from asking you for money. I've done cairo with and without a guide and the experience is much more enjoyable with someone who's knowledgeable and passionate about their country. I have lots of egyptian friends in cairo who I would be more than happy to recommend to anyone and they will not rip you off. They want tourism in their country and they get angry if people abuse tourists. I also know a great taxi driver in hurghada. He took us absolutely everywhere and knew the best places to eat and shop. He waited around for us until we finished. Picked us up at anytime we asked. A good honest family man who I highly recommend.

  • Zanib Chaudhry said

    My email is [email protected] if you want me to recommend my friends to you. I'm a British woman often travelling alone so I need to be accompanied by people I can trust.

  • tara thomison said

    thank you for info

  • Colette Myburg said

    Thanks for the useful information. We are from South Africa and will be visiting Egypt from Friday 12 May to 21 Mei. Can't wait. Very excited.

  • Arry Malaysia said

    Thanks for your very helpful information,

    Me and my friend will be in Cairo, Egypt and Alexandria from 18th of may to 21st of may for short holiday, so far we already agree with our tour package that Agency in Cairo had offered.

    Tour package : 265usd
    Upgrade hotel room Egypt : 15usd
    Upgrade hotel room Alexandria : 10 usd
    Camel ride : 10usd
    Nile River Cruise Dinner : 20usd
    Tipping : 40usd
    Total expect : 360usd/pax

    Tour package include :
    -1 driver & 1 English speaking tour guide
    -Airport pick-up/Transfer
    -B/L/D in hotel and Local Restaurant
    -2 bottle of water/day
    -Air- conditioned transportation
    - Visit all tourist attraction place in Giza and Alexandria

    i am very excited for this trip, just wish everything is smooth and nothing bad happen, may god bless my journey and let me embrace the new culture and experiences.

  • Eda said

    Very usefull tips, thanks..

    We're from Turkey, and will be in Sharm el Sheikh (11-12 Aug) and Cairo (13-15 Aug) next month, with 2 of my friends.
    And we need every kind of tip that wd be useful when we go there.

    Also if you know somebody (may be a tour guide or taxi driver) local that you met & trusted on your holiday, please share their information. So we and other people can call and get service from them as well.

  • abdallah said

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  • TravelMonster said

    I agree with the person who suggested Mara House in Luxor (although they organize tours from Cairo to Abu Simbel, their B&B and operational base is in residential luxor). A local Egyptian friend of mine suggested Mara House. They aren't cheap, but they are the best. They treat their guests like family and and treat their employees like gold.. you can't go wrong.

  • Amel said

    Hi there,
    I am the author of the book, “The Tomb Opens”. If you want to know more accurate details about the Egyptian culture before you visit Egypt, pick up a copy of this novel.

    You’ll be able to learn about egyptians’ emotional patterns, attitudes & behavioural cues.

    Egypt is a very rich culture. The typical Egyptian is by nature generally modest, friendly, helpful to the extent of giving you his own jacket if you are cold.

    Certainly they have been through a lot that buried such nature to a great extent. Yet once you trigger that buried side in them, it will easily surface up.

    Enjoy the novel and have a pleasant trip.
    Amel A.

  • Aly said

    I am Egyptian and I know everywhere and everything in Egypt. I live in Houston tx USA and Egypt is very stable tight now anyone want to visit Egypt anytime I am ready to help him without any fee and no money I will going to Egypt st 2/15/2018 to stay there one month and come back to Houston welcome to any one to come with me
    [email protected]

  • Momo said

    it's a pleasure to me to meet some people like yours :)
    im new here , actually my first reason to be in here is that im looking for new friends likes to travel around as its my main career, :) im actually a travel consultant in a travel agency that handles programs for all categories & grades , also im here to help advise people for any questions , also can make a proper programs for those who planing to visit the pharaos lands ,
    also we got an office branch in Siwa Oasis (AKA Oasis of Sunset )
    im really glad to join your cute community, and im ready to help anytime
    [email protected]
    thanks & wish you a great day

  • Karen said

    Hello.. I am visiting Egypt for 3 weeks in April 2018. Does anyone have a sample of an itinerary I can follow or know a guide that can help us? I am a budget traveller.

  • Momo said

    karen. i sent you an email concerning your request
    im waiting your reply in order to act :)

  • simone segers said

    I will be visiting Egypt in July with my son and his GF
    can anyone recommend where we should stay and the best/safety tours.

    thank you so much everyone
    our travel dates are July 25 - 31st

  • Ridzuan said

    I was in Cairo last week (1st week of May 2018) and I booked a tour to Giza pyramids via Holiday Inn Citystars concierge. I paid EGP1,500 and it was worth it. In the end I made friend with the tour guide himself called Mohamed Soliman. He was so passionate about his country and for a day tour, he also brought me to places where you can have your own khartoush (Egyptian ID), buy the real papyrus, perfumes and the museum. So, you may want to contact him directly if you want to have a fantastic deal. Here is his number +2 010 6614 7647

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