Argentina Discoveries: The Art of Argentine Food

Join World Nomads’ Gloria Atanmo in Buenos Aires to explore the art of Argentine food, discover the locals’ passion for dining, and the importance of a meal with family and friends.


From learning to grill the perfect asado to visiting underground eateries, where the atmosphere is homely with a special touch, Gloria takes us on a food safari of the South American country, discovering the Argentine culture through its food. She finds a country where the locals slow down, relax and take their time to enjoy a good meal.

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  • Venetia Featherstone-Witty said

    I enjoyed the short video on the Art of Argentine Food, but I think you should put English subtitles where the natives are speaking Spanish so that more tourists can understand what they are saying. It is hard to get a lot of information in such a short time, but only scratch the surface, and there is so much more to add that maybe you can make a part 2?? I am a former private chef and I have lived here in Buenos Aires between travels for about 5 years and almost every segment can be expanded on as there is so much culture here on so many levels.

  • Paula said

    Hi World Nomads!
    I loved Gloria and Victoria's tour!!! specially that bondiola sandwich at Costanera I'm missing so much during this pandemic lockdown.
    I share with you some recommendations to eat out for visitors in Buenos Aires:
    I hope you find it useful and get to try some of these in your next visit here!

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