Firstly, thanks for your patience. If you're having trouble submitting a claim online, it may be due to a couple of known reasons. Each one is can be solved by following the steps below:

1. Your policy isn't showing in your existing membership

If you purchased your policy as a guest (or with a different email address) and you have already set up a membership, the policy won't show up in your membership. Simply contact our traveller services team, advise your policy number and they'll be able to merge your policy into your membership.

2. You don't have a membership

You will need to set up a membership to submit a claim online. If you don't have a membership, you can create one here.

3. You're having issues sending documents online

If you have already started your claim online, and you're having trouble submitting your documents through our website, that's ok. When you get to the notice which asks you why you don't have this document, just advise you'll send it by email. (it may ask you the same question for each missing document, so please be patient and answer each time). Next, follow these steps to submit your claim offline.

4. The website is just not working!

Sometimes our website just doesn't want to play ball. If trying over a couple of days using a new browser or device doesn't work, then please contact us. We'd appreciate if you can tell us what you did, what device/browser your using and anything else which may be useful to help us fix the problem. 

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