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Travel Insurance when visiting the Caribbean

Essential travel insurance tips

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Your Caribbean adventure could be trekking through rainforests in Dominica or taking a splash in the waters of Aruba. With its countless island destinations, Irish travellers will have the time of their lives when they visit the Caribbean. You may like to consider purchasing travel insurance first just in case your island adventure takes a turn for the worst.

What’s Covered

World Nomads offer travel insurance for Irish travellers who can choose between the Standard Plan and Explorer Plan as they both offer different levels of cover.

The following is a brief list of what we cover. Each policy has different conditions and limits, please check your policy wording for a thorough list of what is and is not covered.

Overseas emergency medical: cover is offered for hospitalisation (both inpatient and outpatient), as well as treatment at medical centres in the place where you are staying. You must notify our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team in the first instance. They will confirm if the treatment is medically necessary and advise you on what to do, help locate suitable medical facilities (particularly in remote areas where access to medical care can be tricky) and monitor your medical treatments if needed to make sure you are given proper care.

Overseas emergency dental: must relate to an injury that you sustain on your overseas trip. There is no cover for routine treatment such as regular dental cleans or check-ups.

Baggage cover: if your baggage or personal belongings are lost or damaged during your trip, then you may claim for these. However, claims without supporting documentation such as police reports and receipts may not be covered. Benefit limits, conditions and exclusions apply.

Extended stays: if you decide to lengthen your overseas holiday, you may extend your travel insurance up to a maximum of 12 months past the start date listed on your Certificate of Insurance.

Medical evacuation and repatriation: we offer emergency medical transport and repatriation back to Ireland if medically necessary and authorised by our emergency medical assistance team.

Cover for Coronavirus-related events: Irish travellers may be covered for their non-refundable travel expenses if they are forced to cancel their holiday plans due to a Coronavirus diagnosis. For more information, please read our Coronavirus cover article, which includes all the details, including benefit limits, conditions, and exclusions.

How to get the most out of your insurance when visiting the Caribbean

We recognise that you may have different activities and experiences in mind for your overseas adventures.

Our Standard Plan provides cover for all the main risks facing overseas travellers such as illness, injuries, and theft. While the Explorer Plan offers everything that the Standard Plan does, the benefit limits and/or sub-limits are higher, and a wider range of activities are included.

For instance, if you wanted to go Scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, then you might want to check out all the different levels of coverage that we offer, and to find out what conditions or exclusions apply for this underwater activity.

Though both our Standard and Explorer plans include benefits for Scuba diving, each plan has a different level of coverage and may exclude certain types of diving or dives of a certain depth. Be sure to check your policy for exclusions, such as search-and-rescue missions.

Besides Scuba diving, World Nomads offers cover for 150+ adventure activities including:

  • Surfing.
  • Hiking.
  • Backpacking.
  • Kayaking.
  • Sandboarding.
  • Snorkelling.

If your favourite sport isn’t on the list get in touch with our Customer Assistance Team and they will let you know if we cover it. Be aware that an upgrade for certain activities and sports may be required.

What to look out for when travelling around the Caribbean

Like all holiday destinations, there are certain dangers that can present a challenge for anybody travelling through the Caribbean. Check your policy for all the conditions and exclusions associated with the following risks:

Extreme weather: this island region is sometimes struck by fierce storms that damage hotels and disrupt lines of transport.

Travel insurance tip: if your booked accommodation becomes uninhabitable due to extreme weather conditions, you may be eligible to claim for alternative accommodation and transport expenses up to the policy limit (Explorer Plan).

Crime: thieves are known to prey on unsuspecting tourists whose bags may be snatched from them in street mugging incidents or sneakily taken whilst their attention is diverted elsewhere.

Travel insurance tip: if you are the victim of a theft, you must obtain a written police report as soon as you can. Where possible, provide witness details along with any photographs, comply with all the conditions of any issuing body and provide receipts for all costs incurred, or we will not pay for any claim you make.

What’s not covered

Below is a brief list of what we do not cover. Please check your policy wording for a full list of benefit limits, exclusions, as well as the terms and conditions.

  • Pre-existing conditions as explained in your policy.
  • Treatment that you had been having in Ireland, before travelling to the Caribbean.
  • Unattended luggage and other personal items that are damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Expenses that other organisations such as hotels or transport companies are responsible for paying.
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Failing to comply with official organisations and our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team to repatriate you back to Ireland.

This is only a summary of cover and does not include the full terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions of the policy. You should read your policy wording in full, so you understand what is and isn’t covered. If you are unsure about your level of travel cover, please contact us for help.

Travel Insurance Benefits: how we can take care of you

Trip Cancellation

Been working hard for your trip?

We'll work hard to protect it.

Trip Protection
  • Unexpectedly hospitalised?
  • Travel buddy unfit to travel?
  • Close relative suddenly dies?

We’ve got your back.

Emergency Medical Expenses

Feeling fit and healthy? What if you get sick or injured?

Take the pain out of medical or dental costs.

Emergency Medical Insurance
  • Need meds quick?
  • Accidentally injured?
  • Suddenly sick?

We’ve got your back.

Emergency Medical Transportation

Know where the nearest hospital is?

Don’t stress, we’ll get you there quickly.

Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Banged up abroad?
  • Need a hospital urgently?
  • Medivac home?

Help starts here.

Protect your gear

Love photography, filming or sport?

Cover your bags, tech or gear.

Protect your gear
  • Passport stolen?
  • Airline lost your gear?
  • Bags delayed?

Help starts here.

  • Emergency Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption
  • 24-Hour Assistance Services
  • Baggage
  • And more (depending on your country of residence)
*This is a general summary only. Restrictions, exclusions and limitations will apply. Coverage may not be available for all countries, states or provinces. Benefit limits may vary depending on the plan chosen. Get a quote for full details.

24/7 emergency assistance

Whether you need medical assistance or emergency evacuation, our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year before and during your trip.

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