Am I still covered by travel insurance for countries other than the ones I list on my policy?

Yes, you might be!
You 're covered for all the countries in the highest region you choose and all the countries in the lower priced regions too.

After you select all the countries you'll be travelling to when you get a quote and buy your policy, they'll be listed on your Certificate of Insurance as well as a region number.

So don't panic of a country you want to travel to isn't listed on your policy certificate! If this country is in the region listed on your policy certificate or if it's in a lower region, you'll be covered need to do anything!

What are the regions then?

Region 1 Worldwide is the highest and Region 12 is the lowest.

REGIONS OF COVER                             Covers these countries and regions (excluding New Zealand)
1.Worldwide                                   Worldwide and regions 2-12
2.Antarctica, Arctic Circle, Greenland   Antarctica, Arctic Circle & Greenland and regions 3-12
3.USA and Canada   USA and Canada and regions 4-12
4.Central & South America   Central and South America and regions 5-12
5.Europe   Europe and regions 6-12
6.Africa   Africa and regions 7-12
7.Middle East   Middle East and regions 8-12
8.UK and Ireland   UK and Ireland and regions 9-12
9.Asia   Asia and regions 10-12
10.Bali & Indonesia   Bali and Indonesia and regions 11-12
11.Australia    Australia and region 12
12.Pacific Islands   Pacific Islands (including New Zealand offshore islands and territories

For example, if you're:

  • travelling to Thailand and the UK, once you list these countries the region you'll be covered for during your whole trip will be Region 8 (UK and Ireland). This means your policy will cover you in the UK, Ireland as well as automatically covering the lower regions 9-12 ( meaning Thailand, Asia, Bali, Indonesia, Australia and Pacific Islands)
  • travelling to the USA, Canada and South America, you'll be covered under Region 3 and therefore you'll also be covered for all the countries in regions 4-12.

BUT (there's always a but) if you do happen to change your mind or your travel plans, we cannot refund your premium after the cooling off period and after you have travelled and we can't upgrade you to a higher region. Instead, you can buy a separate policy to cover you in a higher region.



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