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Travel Insurance for a trip to Croatia

What you should consider when buying travel insurance for a trip to Croatia.

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Travel Insurance when visiting Croatia

Always exciting and beautiful, Croatia has enjoyed a surge in tourism in the last decade, especially in the summer. Croatia has incredible national parks, such as those in Krka and Northern Velebit, a vibrant capital, Zagreb, and picturesque beaches on the Adriatic coast.

While you dream of exploring the popular TV show locations in Dubrovnik, take in the bustling restaurants and bars of Split, or delve into the history and museums located in Zadar, you may want to consider some travel insurance for any unexpected events that may occur.

Sea view of Pucisca Brac
Seafront scenery of small mediterranean village Pucisca on Island Brac. Photo credit: Getty images / Dreamer4787

Lost, stolen or delayed baggage cover

It can throw a spanner in the works to arrive in Zagreb and find yourself alone at the baggage carousel, watching it go around waiting for your bags to appear. If you're bags get lost in transit, or are stolen or damaged along the way, baggage insurance may be able to help. 

Note: all travel insurance plans are different, and cover will vary, depending on what's happened, your Country of Residence, the plan you choose and any options or upgrades you buy.

World Nomads may offer cover (up to the policy limits) for loss, theft or damage to baggage or personal items depending on your specific situation, see below:

  • Bags stolen or damaged: as soon as you’ve realized your bags have been stolen or damaged, please report it to the relevant authority (carrier, tour operator, accommodation provider). In the case of a theft, you’ll also need to report it to the local police or relevant authority, as theft is a crime. Insurance won’t cover bags or valuables that were left unattended; this includes if they were left unattended in a car (even if the car is locked). Remember to always keep originals or copies of your receipts if you need to make a claim.
  • Bags delayed: you may be covered if your bags were lost in transit. You’ll need to report the incident and get a Property Irregularity Report, or a similar official report, in writing and make a claim directly with the carrier first. You may be able to claim your expenses for any essentials you have to buy to keep you going until your bag turns up. You must get copies of all written reports, luggage checks and tickets, travel documentation and all correspondence with the carrier or service provider if you need to make a claim.

You may also need to take depreciation into account and some policies, depending on your country of residence and the plan you purchase, may also have an excess applicable to any claim made. Details on how depreciation works can be found in your policy.

Hvar Island, Croatiay
Hvar Island, Croatia. Photo credit: Getty images / Maremagnum

Overseas medical insurance and cover for Coronavirus-related events

When traveling to Croatia, travel insurance may help if you become unwell or have an accident, especially in these uncertain times of traveling and dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19). You don’t want to be left out of pocket if you have to visit a local doctor, go to hospital, need an urgent trip to the dentist, or even worse, have to be repatriated back to your country of residence.

With Coronavirus causing travel disruptions globally, it’s also important that you follow any government guidelines while in Croatia. It’s always a good idea to wear a face mask when visiting any of Croatia’s popular hotspots.

The level of cover you’ll have for any Coronavirus-related events under our Standard and Explorer plans will depend on your Country of Residence. Check out our Travel Insurance cover for Coronavirus article which goes into more detail on all the benefits, including benefit limits, terms and conditions, and exclusions.

Korcula, Dalmatia, Croatia
A photo of Korcula, Dalmatia, Croatia. Photo credit: Getty images / Tuul & Bruno Morandi

Access to our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team

Dealing with a medical emergency can be frightening and confusing, but you don’t have to go through this experience on your own. Our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team can direct you to nearby appropriate care, talk to doctors, need help with a foreign language, help out with admin and arrange for payment of expenses if necessary. If your situation is life-threatening, seek medical help immediately and let us know when you can so we can help with medical assistance and keeping your friends and family informed.

Cover for activities and sports when in Croatia

If you’re looking to get your adrenaline levels up and you go hiking, backpacking, or rock climbing in one of Croatia’s eight incredible National parks, World Nomads offers travel insurance cover for 150+ activities and sports. Please check your Policy Wording when choosing any activities or sports as you may need to upgrade the policy and sporting level to ensure you’re covered for everything you plan to do.

Make sure that you’ve selected the right travel insurance plan for your specific needs. With World Nomads you can get a quote, make a claim, or extend your policy instantly online, anytime, from anywhere.

A tourist overlooking a scenic view in Croatia
Tourist enjoying a scenic view. Photo credit: Getty images / Nadezhda1906

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About World Nomads

World Nomads polices are designed by travelers for travelers to provide simple and flexible travel insurance. Featuring coverage for more than 150 activities, you can get a quote, claim, or extend your policy online at All the information we provide about travel insurance is a brief summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions of the travel insurance plans described. Coverage may not be available for residents of all countries, states or provinces. Please carefully read your policy wording for a full description of coverage.

Travel insurance tip 1never leave your bags and valuables out of your sight and reach. Try and carry your portable electronic devices (tablets, laptops, photographic and video equipment, mobile phones and other hand-held devices), jewelry, specified high- value items, travel documents, cash and credit cards with you at all times. If you can’t, then leave them in a secure place such as a locked safe. Remember that if you buy anything, before or during your trip, to keep all receipts.

Travel insurance tip 2: many countries now require proof of vaccination before you can enter, and some have introduced visas and travel insurance minimum requirements.  Do your research before you go as travel insurance does not cover expenses you incur because you don’t have the correct visas to enter your intended destination(s). Make sure you have the required proof of any vaccinations so you can easily produce them while traveling overseas.

Traveler Tip: undetonated landmines from the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990s are littered throughout some mountains and woodland areas, so it’s best to stick to the commonly used hiking trails.

Travel Insurance Benefits: how we can take care of you*

Trip Cancellation

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  • Emergency Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses
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  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption
  • 24-Hour Assistance Services
  • Baggage
  • And more (depending on your country of residence)
*This is a general summary only. Restrictions, exclusions and limitations will apply. Coverage may not be available for all countries, states or provinces. Benefit limits may vary depending on the plan chosen. Get a quote for full details.

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