Cuban Travel Insurance Requirements: What You Need to Know

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The Government of Cuba decided in May 2010, that all travelers, foreign and Cubans living abroad coming to the country need to have travel insurance with medical cover prior to arrival.


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Why you must have travel insurance with medical cover to enter Cuba

Following a declaration by the Cuban Government since May 2010, all travelers, foreign and Cubans living abroad, coming to the island nation will need a medical insurance policy.

To meet such a requirement, travelers shall have a travel insurance which covers medical expenses or a policy for medical expenses with coverage in Cuba.

The insurance policy should be taken out at the home country of departure. Travelers, who, exceptionally, don't have insurance at arrival, could take out a policy of insurance and assistance from Cuban insurance companies at the airport, port or marina.

Travel insurance from Cuban insurance companies and most international insurance companies receive travel assistance services in Cuba from Asistur S.A, available 24 hours all year round.

Experience shows that over 80% of visitors to Cuba have insurance coverage, from companies at their countries of origin covering their medical expenses in Cuba.

Travelers who have taken out travel insurance with medical cover prior to depature need to show proof of their policy upon arrival into Cuba. Additionally, if you are participating in high risk activities you will need to purchase additional cover from the Cuban insurance company, Asistur.

Visitors to Cuba will not only find the natural beauty of the island and the proverbial hospitality of its people, but also absolute safety, which includes, of course, welfare and health. In case of any medical emergency, the Cuban health system guarantees the necessary medical care through a network of policlinics and hospitals, covering every corner of the island. Primary health care is provided in most of hotel facilities.

For more information when planning your trip to Cuba please, visit our website or any Cuba embassy or consulate next to you, or the official Cuban Tourism website.

NOTE: While the US Government has long restricted travel to Cuba for US citizens, the Trump administration announced on June 4th, 2019 that organized tours and cruise ships will be banned from stopping in the Caribbean nation as of June 5th, 2019. In their announcement, the State Department said "the United States will no longer permit visits to Cuba via passenger and recreational vessels, including cruise ships and yachts, and private and corporate aircraft."

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  • Candes Kehn said

    Travel in Cuba

  • Daniele said

    This article doesn't seem to explain whether World Nomads is actually covering Cuba or not, and that would have been an important information to add.

  • Kevin said

    I purchased a World Nomads travel/medical insurance plan for a January 2017 trip to Cuba. At the Varadero airport customs area, there is a desk to purchase medical insurance. I presented the certificate of insurance page downloaded/printed from the World Nomads web site and the agent looked it over quickly and stamped the back of my tourist visa, which must have indicated proof of insurance. I was not required to buy additional coverage or pay any other fees. I presented my tourist card and passport and passed through customs without any problems. I did not need medical attention during the trip, so I do not know if there are any problems going to a hospital with insurance from WN.

  • Victor Diaz said

    Is there a certain amount of medical coverage you must purchase to travel to Cuba? The policy I just purchased had $10,000 emergency medical and dental, and $50,000 emergency medical transportation coverage. Does this suffice?

  • Kim said

    Can Americans use World Nomads to cover medical insurance in Cuba?

  • Betty Bastai said

    Why has World Nomads not reply to Kim's question? I would like to know the same thing.

  • Peter Marshall said

    you can buy heath insurance at the port of entry , the rate is US$3.50 per day for Americans

  • Joe Cronin said

    If you do a quick quote using their tool you get the warning: "Sorry, we’re currently unable to provide cover for Cuba. Please remove it from your quote."

    So I guess the answer is that WN does not offer cover in Cuba.

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