Essential Visa and Vaccination Information for Cuba

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Find out which vaccinations are required for Cuba, and all the essential visa prep you’ll need to do before you jet off to this Caribbean island nation.


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NOTE: While the US Government has long restricted travel to Cuba for US citizens, the Trump administration announced on 4 June 2019 that organized tours and cruise ships will be banned from stopping in the Caribbean nation as of 5 June 2019. In its announcement, the State Department said "The United States will no longer permit visits to Cuba via passenger and recreational vessels, including cruise ships and yachts, and private and corporate aircraft."

This also means that non-US travelers will not be able to transit via the United States to Cuba and won't be able to bring Cuban goods into the USA.

Visa requirements for travelers to Cuba (Not USA)

Travelers flying to Cuba (not via the US) can purchase a green Cuba Tourist Card from their Cuban consulate, or a travel agent authorized to sell the cards.

Shop around as prices vary, and some airlines include the Tourist Card in the price of the flight.

Other types of visas for travelers to Cuba

Other types of travel to Cuba, which require the purchase of a visa, include Journalism, Business, Event, Diplomatic, or Family.

Check your country’s requirements here.

Tourist Cards are generally issued for 30 days, and can be extended in-country for another 30 days.

Different rules and different extension prices apply to different nationalities. The extension requires the purchase of a bank stamp before attending an immigration office. 

Health insurance documentation for Travel to Cuba

All travelers who enter Cuba must have travel insurance (with medical cover) documentation. This has been mandatory since May 2010.

Random checks made take place on entry; a definite check is made when you request to extend your stay (prorrogar) at an immigration office in Cuba.

Vaccinations for travelers to Cuba

  • Standard vaccinations are required; protection from some mosquito-transmitted diseases is essential.
  • Ensure you are vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, and polio.
  • Take advice on rabies, and hepatitis A protection.
  • Carry a yellow fever vaccination certificate if you have recently been to a country affected by yellow fever.
  • Malaria is generally unknown in Cuba, but Cuba has had outbreaks of mosquito-borne dengue fever, and confirmed cases of mosquito-transmitted zika.
  • Cuba has also had outbreaks of cholera; a vaccine is available.

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  • Philip said

    "Take advice on rabies, and Hepatitis A protection."
    Does this mean Yes it's compulsory or No it's not compulsory , for a bog standard no risk taking holiday.

    I'm asking this because 1 ) Rabies jabs are horrendously priced. From your Doctor £40 for each for 3 ( and you do have to have them in 3's right up to British Airways who'll charge you £200 for 3.

    I can't get a straight answer from Cuba embassy
    Holiday Companies ( Tui in my case ) don't know , But have said no one has ever been turned away. and I've never heard of anyone taking them.

    Someone out there must know.

  • Candy Caleb said

    Hi Phil,
    My recommendation is if you're worried about taking or not taking vaccines, just take them to be on the safe side.

  • idan edut said

    how cen we get inssurance to cuba if you don't private one?

  • Joe said

    Hi, I’ve been vaccinated 2 dosis, can I travel to Cuba ? What is the Cuban government policy about US vaccinated people, traveling with valid visa. Thanks

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