Slovenia - Tips to Avoid Petty Crime

Just how safe is Slovenia for travelers? Surely there's something to look out for?


Slovenia is one of the safest places you can visit.

The biggest danger you're likely to face is falling into a pretty lake because you were to distracted by the peaceful backdrop of the snowy Alps.

But, here are a few general tips to make sure you travel safely in Slovenia.

The Usual Suspects

Violent Crime? In Slovenia?

Violent crime is very low, and decreasing.

Robberies & Petty Theft

Robberies, however, are a persistent problem, and most of it is opportunistic: burglaries, pick-pocketing and purse-snatching.

Like anywhere else, it pays to have some wits about you when walking in crowded, tourist areas or taking public transport.

Car Break-Ins

A bigger problem is car break-ins and theft.

If you can't secure your car in a hotel or residential garage, park in a well-lit area with plenty of pedestrian traffic.

Use anti-theft devices whenever possible and don't leave valuables in plain sight.

Taxis in Slovenia

Taxis might also present a problem.

In general, most taxis are clean and safe, the drivers honest and reliable.

But there have been reports of cabs at the airport or main railway station in Ljubljana overcharging tourists. Always ask about the rate before getting in and insist the driver use the meter.

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  • Sarah said

    "A bigger problem is car break-ins and theft."

    Are you serious or just making things up? Never heard of anything like that.
    Please, get your facts straight,

  • Ashley J Mellor said

    Hi, My wife and I are thinking of visiting Slovenia perhaps next year or the year after for the first time. It looks very nice indeed, would anyone happen to know a little more about Slovenia which they would kindly share with us please?

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