Is Turkey Open for Tourism? Travel Restrictions and Requirements

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence.

For the latest travel warnings and alerts around the world, read about lockdowns and border restrictions.

How are coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions affecting travel to Turkey? Find out about requirements for pre-departure and arrivals.


Blue mosque and Hagia Sophia Photo © Getty Images/Photosensia

Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions in Turkey – updated 17 June 2022

Requirements to enter Turkey

As of 1 June 2022, all COVID-19 restrictions in Turkey have been lifted, and travelers are no longer required to present proof of vaccination or negative PCR test results. However, COVID-19 entry requirements may change at short notice. Further details are available on Turkish Airlines or Pegasus websites.

Wondering how your travel insurance might be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak? Find answers to some of our common questions about COVID-19.

Before you buy a travel insurance policy, check your government travel warnings and health advice – there may be no travel insurance cover for locations with a government travel ban or health advice against travel.

Previous travel alerts for Turkey

5.7 magnitude earthquake near Turkey-Iran border - 23 February 2020

On Sunday 23 February 2020, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck near the Turkish–Iran border in the east of Turkey. Nine people have been killed in Van province, many were injured and thousands of buildings have been damaged.

A number of government travel advisories, including the USA and Australia, have listed the southeast region of Turkey as 'Reconsider your need to travel' and some parts as 'Do not travel' due to the threat of terrorism and crime.

What to do if you're in an earthquake

  • Move to an open space away from hazards such as powerlines, buildings, trees and bridges
  • Move away from any falling objects, crouch on the ground and cover your head
  • Don't rush outside though – plenty of earthquake injuries happen when people fall while trying to run
  • If you can't get outside safely, get under strong furniture or against an internal wall. Bathtubs or spaces behind furniture aren't the safest places – hiding under a bed or strong table is a better option, which will protect you from falling objects
  • If you are in a wheelchair, stay away from any objects that could fall. Lock the wheels and cover your head with your arms
  • If you are trapped under rubble, avoid wasting your energy or stirring up dust. Only call for help when you hear people nearby
  • After the earthquake, get to your evacuation point. Try to get in touch with your embassy and emergency contact. Try not to waste your phone battery.

April 2018 – 7th State of Emergency Declared

A three-month long State of Emergency was declared across Turkey in July 2016 and was recently extended for a seventh time as announced by Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The declaration gives the government sweeping powers to rule by decree. The president has also announced a snap election for June 2018, bringing forward the election by 18 months.

Travelers are warned the normal judicial procedures may be suspended, and police and military personnel will have wide-ranging powers. The authorities may impose curfews and other restrictions on travel at short notice.

You must observe and follow all directives. Check local news media for details of any changes that are made under this decree.

Shooting in an Istanbul Nightclub – 1 January 2017

When a lone gunman opened fire on NewYear's Eve partygoers at an Istanbul nightclub, 39 people were killed and more than 70 injured. A radicalized Uzbekistan national and 51 associated accomplices were arrested, and the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

Is Istanbul Safe in 2017?

It's important to check the government status of the area you are visiting – at time of publication, the status for certain areas in Turkey sit at Reconsider Your Need to Travel including Istanbul, which may in some circumstances have an impact on your coverage.

It is up to each individual to assess the level of risk they are prepared to take.

While the chances of being killed in a terrorist incident remain dramatically lower than being killed in a vehicle accident and even lower than death by falling over in a bathtub, the number of fatalities increased nine-fold between 2013 and 2014. 

With the security situation in Istanbul considered high risk by several government travel advisories due to the risk of terrorist attacks including in popular tourist spots, now might be the right time to minimize your travel to Istanbul.

Many areas of Turkey remain trouble-free, and you may make the decision to go straight there rather than visit the historical sights of Istanbul. World Nomads emphasizes that you are covered for travel to Istanbul at present (subject to the government warning levels as advised above), but it may be wise to take the Blue Mosque off your bucket list for the time being.

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  • Michael Severson said

    Planning on traveling to Turkey in September. Istanbul and Bodrum. Traveling from the United States.


    • Musty said

      My girl friend wants to come in turkey from NewYork in September and I will travel from uk but there is no clear instructions about USA citizens they can or they can’t it’s so confusing I am so upset about it because this is out first holiday together 🙁🙁


    • Meka said

      Travel to Turkey
      In our stations where temperature measurement is allowed, measurement is made with non-contact temperature meters during boarding. If our passengers show symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough and respiratory distress above 38°C, they will not be admitted to our flights and will be directed to the relevant health institution.
      Please note that in accordance with the guide published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, certain flight restrictions apply for arrivals to Turkey. Passengers are required to obey the conditions below for a healthy and safe flight.

      All passengers are required to wear masks at the airport and during the flights.
      All passengers must complete the passenger information form when arriving to Turkey.
      All passengers will undergo a medical examination and those showing symptoms will have tests performed.
      Passengers with a positive test result will take medical treatment.


    • Vegan said

      The "Reply" button doesn't work, hence travelers can't really respond to questions of previous questions. I would recommend to get an electronic visa on the official website of the Turkish gov at: instead of trying to get it at the border.


  • Heather Cameron said

    I have a holdiay booked with a friend to Turkey in October. We will be sharing a room at our resort is that allowed?


    • Mary said

      I want to travel to Turkey October 10 to 24th ... will i have any problems getting in? What fo i need to know?


  • Gino said

    I've booked a vacation with my girlfriend from kazakhstan. Some news agencies reported that kazakh nationals are restricted to travel to turkey by Turkish authorities. I can't find any official information that, for example on consulate websites or IATA international flight page. Does anyone else perhaps have any other information?


  • Alamgir Hossain said

    I am returning from UN Mission of South Sudan (UNMISS) on 19 July '20 along with my colleagues by Turkish Aiirlines. Enroute, I have 12 hours transit in Istambul Airport. I am allowed to visit Istambul by obtaining On Arrival Visa within this tranisit time in this COVID-19 situation.


  • Alamgir Hossain said

    I am returning from UN Mission of South Sudan (UNMISS) on 19 July '20 along with my colleagues by Turkish Aiirlines. Enroute, I have 12 hours transit in Istambul Airport. Am I allowed to visit Istambul by obtaining On Arrival Visa within this tranisit time in this COVID-19 situation?


  • Elaine Furness said

    traveling for just a few days late Sept from UK to Dalaman, are hotels, restuarants and shops and things generally open and do I need a buy a VISA to enter


  • Shin Ra said

    Update us on how it goes in september. I went last year and did Istanbul and Bodrum and was gonna go again this year but ended up cancelling the trip.


  • Jennifer Ainsworth said

    Going to Alanya 21/9/20 staying at oba star hotel and spa. Have tried to contact them direct and holiday company to see if they are open and trading for visitors. I have not received any update as yet and getting worried about it.


  • Maureen Starr said

    I am from UK have been stuck in Goa India but now want to travel to Turkey is that allowed as because of Covid 19.
    Would be grateful if someone could confirm as I will have to book a repatriation flight from Mumbia
    Thanking you


  • Anne Bower said

    Morning. My husband and myself are due to fly to Istanbul 6/9/2020, we have got our tickets . We have asked travel agent for info as to what the situation is regarding all day face coverings. They didn't know !!!!. We are unsure whether to go or not as don't fancy walking around in the heat with a face mask on and also about the social distancing. Some of the attractions have been cancelled. Can anyone offer any advise please? Thank you


  • Alexey Rossiiskii said

    No problem, we have arrived Antalya 5 days ago. No covid restrictions anywhere. You can find all on our YouTube channel. Hot Chili busters


  • Anne Bower said

    Hi. Posted on here earlier but not got any feed back for Istanbul area of Turkey. Does anyone know if face mask wearing is required when out ?. Also are all the touristy attractions open eg, Blue Mosque etc, open bus? Many thanks


    • Chris Rea said

      Hi Anne,

      I am a kiwi, and live half the year near Antalya; have owned a house here since 2008 so I know my way around a bit.

      Personally, I wouldn't go near Istanbul given this crisis situation; it has a huge population, normally close contact with others is inevitable in all the big Tourist destinations.

      However, if you want a resort hotel type experience in another part of Turkey it is likely to be safer.

      In our local towns it is required to wear face masks while shopping and in public. Many dont wear masks, particularly the males. Social distancing is adhered to in restaurants who take the situation seriously.

      Hope this helps.



  • Amelia Brady said

    Hi Anne,

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Alexey responded above and said that they arrived in Antalya five days ago and have not seen any restrictions.

    You must wear a face mask at all times in airports, and for the duration of all flights to and from Turkey.

    The UK Government travel alert currently states: "the wearing of face masks is mandatory at all times outside the home in the following provinces, which include major cities and some tourist areas:

    Adıyaman, Afyonkarahisar, Agri, Amasya, Ankara, Ardahan, Aydın, Balıkesir, Bartın, Batman, Bilecik, Bingöl, Bitlis, Bolu, Burdur, Bursa, Çanakkale, Denizli, Diyarbakır, Düzce, Elazığ, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Giresun, Iğdır, Isparta, Istanbul, İzmir ,Kahramanmaraş, Karabük, Kayseri, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, Konya, Kütahya, Malatya, Mardin, Muğla, Muş, Nevşehir, Ordu, Osmaniye, Rize, Sakarya, Siirt, Sinop, Sivas, Şanlıurfa, Şırnak, Tokat, Tunceli, Uşak, Yalova, Yozgat and Zonguldak."

    Contact your accomodation to see if the areas you are traveling to are included here.

    I hope this helps.

    Amelia, World Nomads


  • Carole Lane said

    We are booked to travel to Kalkan in 1-15 September .. my husband was shielding .. are the Covid infections increasing there ? We are staying in a villa ...


  • Neal said


    Benim Sorum:

    1) I am planning to fly from the United States non-stop to Istanbul, and then from Istanbul to Nevşehir.
    2) My flight will be one-way.
    3) The purpose of my trip is to buy property and apply for residency as a property owner.
    4) I am planning to go sometime in September.
    5) I am 67 years old and a US citizen and US Passport holder.
    6) Will I need any additional documentation to travel intercity, from Istanbul to Nevşehir?

    Teşekkür Ederim!


  • Anne Bower said

    Hi Amelia,
    Thank you for that info.
    Our travel agent has tried to contact our hotel and they told us they are only Turkish speaking who are answering the phone. We have logged onto hotel website and that is only in Turkish as well


  • Björn Jörgensen said

    Hi everyone,
    We are travelling to Antalya from Stockholm in september for two weeks vacation.
    We will change plane in Istanbul. We are both swedish nationals.
    Does anyone know if we need a HES code travelling between Istanbul and Antalya.
    Thanks everyone.


    • Amelia Brady said

      Hi Bjorn,

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Turkish Airlines has a really great set of guidelines around requirements for HES (Hayat Eve Sığar):

      It states "HES code is mandatory on all domestic flights for citizens of the Republic of Turkey and people whose Foreigner’s ID No issued by the Turkish Republic start with 97, 98, and 99.". But it also says "The HES code is not mandatory for domestic flights with connecting international flights at the moment (Trabzon-London flight via Istanbul). Where there is more than 24 hours of time between connecting flights, HES code is mandatory before the domestic flights."

      Amelia, World Nomads


  • Rahatullah said

    hello sir i have booked my ticket to istanbul from belgium is belgium citizens are allowed to enter turkey my flight is on 29 august

    thank you


  • Ketul said

    I am interested to travel to Turkey in September. Being a Indian national, i can travel to turkey on a tourist visa.


  • Oran said

    I have a trip planned to Istanbul 2nd week of September. Are the museums and other tourist sites open?


  • Mark said

    I'm a US citizen in the US; two questions:

    1. Can I travel to Turkey?
    2. Once in Turkey, can I travel from Turkey to Italy?

    I know of someone traveling from the UK to the US; he will be quarantining in Turkey. I'm wondering if it also works the other way around: travel from the US to Turkey, quarantine there, then travel to Italy.



    • Amelia Brady said

      Hi Mark,

      Check immigration requirements for travel Italy closer to the date you are due to leave Italy for Turkey. Entry bans are changing so fast, it wouldn't be ideal to go off what the current situation is. At the moment travel to Italy from Turkey is only allowed for essential reasons, and 'tourism' is not an essential reason. Our Italy travel alert is here for more information:

      US citizens are allowed to enter Turkey, however you should consult your government's travel advice:

      And here for the US Embassy's situation report:

      A travel agent may be better suited to help answer your question with information that applies specifically to you and your personal circumstances.

      All the best,
      Amelia, World Nomads


  • Amalia said

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia, I planning to travel to Turkey at 11 September, still wasn't sure if I allowed to enter, I've booked the flight,,etc..or do I need a PCR test documents for travel to Turkey?


  • Esther jasmine said

    Am from Nigeria will be travelling to Turkey on the 11th of September with Turkish airlines. Hope I can go


  • Hina said

    Me along with my sister are planning a tour with a group in early October. Please share your views and knowledge if it is safe to be there now. O don’t want to stuck or return home with Covid.


  • Deborah said

    Hi there! I am planning a trip to Turkey in December with my boyfriend. He currently lives in Tunisia and I live in California. I am curious as to why the websites are saying that US citizens need to apply for a Visa to come there but Tunisia doesn't require one. Right now Turkey is a level 3 meaning "reconsider" going there because of the current cases. It also says that a 2 week quarantine is not necessary for US citizens either which is also a head scratcher considering the cases we have here. There is a lot of conflicting information going around and I'm only looking for answers.

    Are there any Americans who have gone there or who are planning to go there who could give me some info on what they had to do and what they went thru and were told to look out for so I can n have an idea of what I may be getting myself into please? Thank you for your time and consideration. xoxo


  • Jessie said

    i'm due to go to italy next week, then back to the UK, then to Istanbul two days later - is that allowed?

    thank you!


  • Samra Jabeen said

    I need to know that I want to stay in Istanbul for four days, and I’m from Canada, should I need to quartile in Istanbul??


  • Humayra Ifzal said


    Im planning to travel to istanbul on the 2nd of october will i have to quarantine on arrival ?


  • JOHN HARRIS said

    I am supposed to be going to Istanbul in October, I am a U.S. citizen living Spain. My question is, will the country allow flights back to Spain?
    The reason I ask is I just got back from a trip to Poland and upon landing in Poland , I received an email from Ryanair that the country of Poland had cancelled all flights to Spain due to the spike in COVID-19 in Spain.
    I just want to be sure if I fly to Turkey they will fly me back to Spain.
    Thanks in advance.


  • Miss Emma kerevan said

    Hi it's all over face saying that British citizens are not allowed in turkey from to day is this right please thanks


  • Kay said

    Hi everyone.
    I am flying to dalaman in 2 weeks from the UK staying for a week and then want to fly to Istanbul for a few nights before returning home to the UK. Can you fly internally within turkey with a broth passport? Any specific requirements? Thanks x


  • Scott said

    I am a U.S. citizen who arrived in Turkey on 11-Sept and have had no issues booking and taking internal flights on both Turkish Air and Pegasus.

    I flew into VAN via Istanbul from Tanzania with no problems.

    Flew from VAN to Cappadocia via SAW/Istanbul with no problem.

    Flew direct from Cappadocia to Antalya; no problem.

    Flew direct from Antalya to SAW/Istanbul for $17. No issues.

    You will be required to wear a facemask on the flight an in the airport. Very few people are actually respecting social distancing once the queue in line, on the buses that take you onto the tarmac an at the baggage carousel.

    Facemasks are mandated in public places. About 45% wear them properly. 45% wear them down around their neck and use them when they enter a store/crowd/see the police and about 10% are not wearing them at all.

    Everything seems to be operating normally here except there are very few tourists so hotels are inexpensive bargains.

    You can currently (Sept. 27, 2020) return as a citizen to U.S. an U.K. from Turkey.
    I am flying to U.K. tomorrow with no need for self-quarantine due to over 14 ays in Turkey and Turkey is currently on the approved Green List. This can change day-to-day so double-check on your own to be safe.

    My original flight was through Amsterdam and U.K. requires 14-ay self quarantine with even just a transit through non-approved country so I re-booked directly from Istanbul to London

    Safe travels.


  • Moo said

    Hi everyone

    I'm from Africa (Namibia) planning to travel to Turkey next month. Am I allowed to enter in Turkey? What requirements do I need?
    Thank you!


  • Jemima said

    Hi everyone,

    I am from Nice France and I booked to go to Antalya from Oct 24th to Oct 31st. Will I be able to enter and leave the country?

    Thank you in advance!


  • Cindy Benner said

    I plan on traveling from the US to Turkey next year, also visiting Bosnia/Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, and Montenegro. Do I need to self-quarantine when I return to the US?


  • Clare said

    Are the planes leaving for irish visitors at the same time or can they get an early flight home due to the earthquake


  • Nazima said

    we are due to travel to Turkey form the UK on 1st April 2021, will we be allowed to travel or is it worth to rebook for anther date?


  • Barbara said


    I want to know how are things in Istanbul. My bf and I we are planning to book a trip for next week but we don't want to be trap in a Hotel. So I wanted to ask you what are the restrictions for tourist, and if is worth it to go. :)
    I hope really we can make it, as for me is a dream come true if we are able to go and have the chance to visit the city.



  • Numera said


    I am from Bangladesh (Asia). My husband and I want to travel to Turkey on 1st week of June this year for holiday enjoyment. We are planning to visit Izmir, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya and Istanbul. As it will be a costly trip for us, so we don't want to get stuck in hotel. Can anyone please let me know if we would be able to visit these places or we have to postpone our plan?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Venera Tabakin said

      You can visit is not problems. You should ask Turkish Embassy if they let in or Ask AIRlines . I think its not problem for entry


  • Ntomby said

    Are South Africans now allowed in Turkey?


  • Ian Parkinson said

    Thinking of holiday in Turkey from UK end of June, will there be any restrictions?


  • Georgina Wilkin said

    Hi, I'm looking to visit Istanbul for cosmetic surgery 5th may 2021 for 8 days. I am unclear if i will be able to do this or if i should book a later date? Any advice is appreciated .


  • John said

    Hi, I notice this says that flights from South Africa to Turkey have been suspended but I see Turkish Airlines flights actually going daily on flight tracker showing the time they left and the time they landed. Anyone have an answer?


  • Avishek said

    Hey can anyone provide any information regarding travelling from Bangladesh to Turkey? Is there any ban?


  • Tourwix said

    Roads were opened, wanting to make holiday turkey.


  • Laura said

    Hi ,

    I dont understand if through Ramadan from 12 April , stores and restaurants will be open during the week and closed on weekends or not ?


  • Gareth said

    I am British and planning to visit Turkey from Bulgaria in June. I will have spent over 10 days in Bulgaria, I think this means I will need a negative test from Bulgaria but I won't have to isolate in Turkey- am I correct or am havemI read it wrong?


  • Mbali Nxuxx said


    I want to travel to Istanbul on the 16th of May
    Are South Africans allowed to enter for medical reasons but with negative COVID results without being quarantined


  • Linda said

    I want to know if i can get tukey visa at airport i leave in uk and i got residence permit can i travel to turkey out of visa?


  • Derek said

    Hi, we traveled to Turkey before shut down and Uk adding to the red list, ?can we travel from Istanbul to Portugal at the moment.


  • Justyna Drewniak said


    I’m travelling from UK to Turkey and quarantining for 14 days before flying to USA. I was wondering if I will be required to take a COVID test in turkey when travelling to USA?

    When in turkey, I will also need to take a domestic flight from Antalya to Istanbul to be able to fly to USA.

    Thank you


  • Sue Surpal said

    Hi I have to go to Turkey to get my dental work finished. Should have gone 20 April to have my implants put in. Already 2 months late


  • Carl Rivard said

    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen and I am planning to spend one week in Istanbul im mid October .
    I will have my 2 shots of vaccine too.
    Will it be safe to go to Istanbul ? Since I have to pay for a visa, I would like to be sure before asking for the visa !
    Thank you !


  • Elizabeth said

    Are Ghanaians allow to travel to turkey


  • Khuram Shahzad said

    I am Australian citizen and doing job in Pakistan. I am travel to USA June 11 to June 27 for 15 to 16 days and June 28 to Aug 2nd visit turkey kindly send travel restriction vist Turkey from USA. 14 days Isolation must in turkey or not


  • khurram baih said

    i have a 10 days stay visit visa for turkey and i want to vist istanbul and i have pcr negative report can i visit in the end of june 2021 or start of july 2021 kindly ans me im waiting for your good respony


  • Andrew said

    I'm scheduled a flight to Istanbul and will stay for 5 days, then I am flying to Greece for 7 days. Is this allowed with current Covid restrictions?


  • REN said

    Hi everyone,

    hope everyone is keeping well. My fiancee and I are planning to go to Istanbul mid this month, i will be flying from Philippines is their any restrictions and are we allowed to visit places around?

    thank you so much.


  • Pure Light said

    Hi to All,
    I booked my PCR test for the hotel, but you can also book a test to any address. The staff came to us, took the swab and we got the result on our phone via Whatsapp the same day, but they also send it by email.
    This is the Provider for the Test:

    Best Regards
    Pure Light


  • Carl said

    I’m interested in traveling to Turkey in the near future and wonder about requirements. I would get a negative PCR test before travel. Is this all that’s required? I think there might be a test upon arrival as well. Do you think these things will change in the near future?


  • Susana said

    I want to know if there is a quarantine when coming from here hong kong even if fully vaccinated thanks for the responds.


  • Tin said

    I am planning to visit a turkish friend and will stay at his house for the entire tour time frame. Is it allowed?


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