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A drug dealer, travelers and locals offer advice on safety in Mexico. From women’s safety to avoiding theft, find out from the people on the streets of Mexico how you can stay safe.


Speaking to a drug dealer, a police officer and locals at the market, Patrick Abboud gets tips and advice on staying safe when traveling around Mexico. He also meets travelers who echo the message from many locals that Mexico, including major cities like Mexico City and Oaxaca, are as safe as anywhere else in the world. Common-sense advice includes packing light, keeping belongings close by, using a money belt, avoiding the beach at night and letting your friends know where you are going.

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  • Glen said

    I agree with most of what the travelers say.
    Know where you are and travel light but get to know locals. I tend to hang with locals more so than other travelers and you can create lasting friendships. My first time in Mexico, I was able to spend my time with 3 locals at the beach (well past midnight) and they escorted me back to my hostel. They even took me to local bars (the good bars, not the tourist traps) and get to see the real Mexico (well on the Caribbean side).

  • Cat said

    The first video would have been 100% more helpful if you had translated everything the locals said in Spanish!

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