10 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving in the USA

Traveling in America over Thanksgiving? You'll be joined by over 50 million Americans all hitting the road and airspace. Don't be a turkey!

You've seen the movie "Trains, planes, automobiles"about one man's attempt to "be home for Thanksgiving". It's funny because it's true! If you're one of the millions of Americans on the move, or a visitor trying to do the same around this holiday, here're our 10 tips on staying sane!

If you're driving for Thanksgiving

  1. Anticipate terrible traffic. Plot your trip and allocate more time to get where you're going.
  2. Get gas the night before. It will be cheaper and you can avoid long lines.
  3. If you plan to drive after dinner, be thoughtful about what you're consuming. Don't drink and drive. Police will be out in force during Thanksgiving pulling people over for drinking offenses and speeding.

If you're flying at Thanksgiving

  1. Travel light, especially when traveling by plane. The overhead compartments fill up before the plane does.
  2. Where possible, book all the way through with one airline. That way, if there is a delay or cancellation, you're more likely to get on a later flight.
  3. Prepare for flight delays, especially if the weather report is dire. Bring an extra sweater and a book in case you end up in Minnesota overnight. Print out your itinerary and keep it with you.
  4. You might also consider paying extra for security pre­-approval to skip the horror lines.

Other great Thanksgiving travel ideas

  1. Get travel insurance for those longer trips. World Nomads covers out of pocket expenses if your flight is delayed or your baggage doesn't make it to Mom's. And if you tear your ACL in the family football game, we'll most likely pay to get you transported back to your place of residence (check the policy wording and the conditions).
  2. Don't wrap gifts. Unless they're meant for the TSA agents who'll be ripping them open as part of their security check.
  3. Get on Twitter, it's the best medium for breaking news about weather, delays and congestion. Don't forget to follow  @worldnomads.

Get a travel insurance quote for United States

You can buy at home or while traveling, and claim online from anywhere in the world. With 150+ adventure activities covered and 24/7 emergency assistance.

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