Crime levels in Zimbabwe - Be aware & stay safe

Lack of police and petty crime can present challenges for travellers to Zimbabwe

Southern Africa compared to other parts of the continent is relatively safe and peaceful, but Zimbabwe has hard a dark past over the last few decades, and the turmoil isn't over.

This has created a hotbed of crime, which for travellers, can be dangerous and at times threatening.

What To Expect

Poor economic conditions have put much of Zimbabwe's society in a tough situation.

Many have turned to a life of crime to survive, and tourists can be targets of this crime. So it's important to be aware of your surroundings, in both city and rural areas.

Muggings, bag snatching, carjacking and pickpocketing occur frequently, particularly in urban centres and tourist areas.

These are easy crimes for locals, but ones that can ruin a traveller's trip, and could turn extremely dangerous.

There has recently been an increase in armed robberies, assaults and other violent crime.

This is due to a more desperate society that it feeling the impact of bad economic conditions, a direct result of Zimbabwe's increasingly fragile government.

Security risks are heightened at night, especially on city streets, and in or near parks and the city centres.

Like most parts of Africa, don't travel at night - it's a bad idea if you are unfamiliar with your surroundings. Criminals will target you if you move about after dark alone.

Tips for Avoiding Troubles

Travellers should always secure their luggage, particularly in public areas such as airports, railways, and bus stations.

Purse-snatchers will often work in teams of two, with one person acting as a diversion. A typical mugging involves a group of young males who surround and overwhelm their victim in a public area.

It may seem hard to do constantly, but know your surroundings and keep an eye out for anyone lurking.

If you are aware and confident, petty crim's won't be as keen to approach you.

Police Problems

Police resources, such as vehicles and fuel, are scarce and help can be difficult to obtain.

Police sometimes ask to be picked up at their police station and taken to the crime scene.

There can be considerable delays and complications in pursuing the recovery of property and prosecution of offenders.

So don't get too angry, its better to stay calm and work with the police. Things will normally run smoother.

Crime on the Roads

Lots of Zimbabwean crime happens on roadways. If you do decide to travel by yourself, then you need to be careful.

Theft from vehicles is common. You should drive with doors locked and windows up, and keep all valuables out of sight as thieves are known to target cars stopped at intersections.

Thieves are also known to slash the tyres of cars either stopped in traffic or parked, with the intention of robbing the occupants while they change the tyre.

Drivers should be aware of people in the vicinity of their vehicle, approach intersections slowly to minimise stopping time and leave enough space in front of the vehicle to move away if necessary.

Particular attention is necessary at night when many locals avoid stopping at red traffic lights by proceeding slowly after checking the road is clear.

National Parks Dangers

Tourists have been robbed and occasionally killed while visiting national parks.

To help minimise the security risks we suggest that you travel in groups, preferably with an organised tour group, and check the security situation before visiting national parks and farms, including game farms, lodges and hunting areas.

Visitors to Nyanga should avoid Pungwe Falls, Mterazi Falls, and the Honde Falls, as there have been numerous incidents of armed robbery, theft, assaults, and attempted rapes reported at these sites.

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