How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Travel

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You really want to go on a Contiki tour, but you think your parents will say no? Here are a few ready-made arguments to convince them to let you go.

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You are a mighty eagle standing on the edge of the world, ready to take your rightful place, and you want to explore – you want to go traveling. But to your parents you’re a fledgling, feebly flapping your wings on the edge of the nest and about to plummet from the mountaintop and they’re holding you back.

So what do you do about that?

Here are a few arguments to help you get your travel plans across the line with mom and dad. Use this as a guide to convince your parents travel is a good idea.

Let your mom know you'll be safe

Your parents’ greatest fear is for your safety. The world’s a dangerous place, or so they’ve been told by the news. but data reveals less than 10% of policyholders make a claim. The vast majority of those are minor matters of lost belongings, missed flights and out-of-pocket expenses. Extreme medical cases and emergencies make up a very small proportion of claims.

The same goes for terrorism. The statistics show you are 4 times more likely to be hit by lightning than be a victim of a terrorist act, but no one says they’re too afraid to travel because of thunderstorms.

Keep the freak-out factor low

Not everyone is ready for a solo overland trip to Southeast Asia, in fact, it’s dangerous to bite off more than you can chew, and will give your parents an apoplectic fit. Start small and work your way up to India Jones.

Which is why managed tours, like those provided by Contiki, are perfect. You get to see and do everything with plenty of “me time”, but someone experienced is booking all the hotels, making sure there’s a meal at the end of the day, and you get from city A to city B without getting lost.

3 arguments on why you should travel

If your parents are still not convinced here are 3 ready-made arguments about why you should be allowed to travel:

1. Travel improves the chances of getting a good job

It teaches real-life skills and shows an employer you are resourceful, adventurous and worldly. In the modern workforce, employers are often looking for more than educational qualifications, they’re looking for someone adaptable and resourceful – skills you learn from travel.

2. Travel puts an old head on young shoulders

It’s a physiological fact that adolescent brains don’t fully develop until age 25 unless some extraordinary circumstances force the brain to develop faster. We’ve all seen those westerns where before the cowboy rides off tells the 12-year-old “you’re the man of the house now, boy”. Studies show travel has the same effect, thankfully without the cheesiness.

3. Young adults need risk in order to develop

We’re talking about acceptable risk, not recklessness, but how do you learn from your mistakes if you’re never allowed to make any? Some psychologists are going so far as to suggest over protection is equal to depriving your child of the chance to grow and is a form of abuse.

What if something does go wrong?

It’s only sensible to be prepared for the worst, regardless of how unlikely that may be, which is why in May 2016 Contiki and World Nomads formed a partnership naming World Nomads as their preferred travel insurance provider. Of course, Contiki has decades of experience in managing tour groups and their staff on tour and back at headquarters have probably seen it all, and dealt with it, before. World Nomads has emergency assistance teams on call 24/7 and they have more than a decade of experience in dealing with every travel problem imaginable.

Contiki and World Nomads

The companies share many beliefs, chief among them their commitment to helping young people explore their boundaries through travel.

World Nomads believes in the benefit of seeking new experiences, learning something new and connecting with locals. You have to be informed about the places you travel, and to stay safe. But perhaps the two most important values are the duty to give back to the places we’ve traveled and to share our stories to inspire others to travel.

Contiki has very similar core values. On their website, they say “You only get one shot at life so make every moment count. Adventure isn’t something you do, it’s an attitude. It’s getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, seeing different perspectives and having the courage to go further. Challenge everything. Do things with passion, but tread lightly.”

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