What countries or regions do I choose to get a quote?

When getting a quote for World Nomads travel insurance we ask you tell us a little about your trip. The more details you give us the better we can service you.

However we also understand that, as World Nomads you sometimes don't really know quite where you are going.

You can add individual countries, regions or go worldwide

When you add in the countries you are thinking of going to, you are also covered for all the other countries in that region, should you decide to change your travel plans.

Alternatively, you can add regions for example, Europe, Asia, etc. You can also choose both countries and region, or if you're unsure you can choose Worldwide to cover everywhere. 

Travel insurance isn’t designed to cover everything, so make sure you’re careful with your planning and you read the policy wording to make sure you understand what’s included and what’s not, as well as the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. If you have any questions get in touch.

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