What's covered by travel insurance if there's a travel warning?

Sometimes a travel warning advising you not to go to a certain location may be issued by a government body.

Your policy is not designed to cover you for needless risks or expected or known events, which includes travelling to or in areas where your government expects something to happen that may impact your health, safety or travels.

What’s covered

The Explorer plan may offer cancellation cover (before departure) where the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has issued an advisory against all or all but essential travel within 7 days of the trip start date. Explorer plan policy holders may also be entitled to curtailment cover (while you're away) where the advice is to avoid All or All but Essential Travel and your trip is cut short. There is no cover if you bought this policy or booked your trip (whichever is last) when you were aware your trip would be cancelled or disrupted..

From time to time the FCDO will advise to only undertake essential travel to a particular destination. If your trip is not essential and you choose to travel contrary to the FCDO’s advice, we will only cover a claim if the cause is not linked to the reason for the advice.

This limitation applies in all cases and levels of cover. You may be able to travel with full cover if we authorise in writing that your trip is essential before you depart.

Travel Insurance Tip: Some exclusions will apply for epidemics, pandemics, and World Health Organization (WHO) declarations of a public health emergency of international concern. Please be sure to read the Policy Wording carefully as these are outlined in specific sections. Make sure you keep up to date on the travel warnings and health advice. Information from the FCDO is available at gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice, and get the latest from WHO by visiting who.int.

Please note:warnings may be issued or changed at any time. Please make sure you check your travel status before you buy a policy and invest in any travel arrangements.

Travel advice for UK residents can be obtained from the FCDO:

Website: www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice or

Phone: (+44) (0)20 7008 1500 for further information on the status of a region or country.

What’s not covered

There is no cover for any expenses incurred due to:

  • Any consequence from war or war like activities, whether declared or not;;
  • Any claim arising from radioactive contamination, the use of, release of, or a threat to use any nuclear device, chemical, or biological weapon;
  • Failure to follow a travel warning issued by the FCDO advising against ‘all travel’ to a specific region or country;
  • If other government regulations or actions are in place restricting travel such as locking down an area, shutting borders or revoking visas.  

For UK residents:

UK FCDO advising against all travel or all but essential travel

Policy conditions

Directive issued before you buy a policy or before you booked your trip

No cover for any loss or claim arising because you choose to travel to or remain at a destination for which this travel advice is already issued

Directive issued after you purchased the policy or booked the trip (whichever is the later) and within 7 days of departure from the UK

Cancellation cover applicable – Explorer Plan only 

Please note: some exclusions, including for epidemics and pandemics, apply to this part of the Explorer Plan.

Directive issued after you purchased the policy and after you have left the UK to commence your trip (whichever is the later)

Curtailment cover applicable – Explorer Plan only

Travelling against the advice of a non-essential advisory and the event is related to the advice, cover only applies if you have received written confirmation from us.

Please note: some exclusions, including for epidemics and pandemics, apply to this part of the Explorer Plan.

The policy isn’t designed to cover everything, so take the time to read the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions in the Policy Wording for full details so that there are no surprises if you need to use it. If you’re not sure if something is covered get in touch.

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