Travel Insurance: What is my country of residence?

To be eligible for coverage under the Canadian resident Policy you must:

  1. agree that at the time your Policy is purchased and for the full duration of your Trip:
    • you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
    • hold a valid passport or right of entry to Canada;
    • and you intend to return to your home province or territory in Canada in which you normally reside, either at the end of your trip or if medically required, and where you have access to long term medical care (GHIP)
  2. be less than 66 years of age at the time your Policy is purchased; and
  3. be travelling for a maximum of 365 days.

You must be covered under Your GHIP for the full duration of your policy to be eligible for the maximum emergency medical benefits. If you do not have GHIP coverage while on your trip, Your aggregate limit for all emergency medical benefits will be limited to $40,000 CAD for the full duration of your trip.

Each policy has specific conditions or definitions of residence, so do read the policy wording carefully to see if you’re eligible to buy it.

Also, if you are travelling with people from different countries of residence, they will have to buy separate policies to cover their country of residence, which may have different terms and conditions of cover.

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