World Nomads: Making changes to your travel insurance policy

For information relating to policies purchased prior to 8 November 2022, please check the Policy Wording provided with your purchase. You can contact us if you need this sent to you again. For policies purchased from 8 November 2022, please see below.

You can sign in to your World Nomads membership to make certain changes to your policy, view and print your policy certificate or policy wording.

If you cannot see your policy details in your membership, please read this article first, then contact the World Nomads team.

Before the departure date shown on your policy starts:

  • Different start date: you can change the start of the policy to any day, except today’s date or a date in the past.
  • Add specified items onto your policy:  Increase the cover for high value items you’re taking or buying on your trip (Please note: you can only add specified items before the policy starts).
  • Changing your trip or activities:  If you chose the wrong region (or forgot to add a country), or you’d like to change the plan or adventure cover and you’re within the cooling off period, then you can cancel the policy and buy another one with the correct options. If your policy has already started, then we’re sorry, it’s not possible to change this or get a refund on any unused part of the policy if you change your mind.
  • Cancel your policy: we’ll give you a full refund if you cancel your policy within the 21 day cooling off period as long as you haven’t travelled under your policy, are not making a claim or are exercising any rights under the policy. If you are a World Nomads member, you may cancel your policy by signing into your membership or by contacting us.

After the policy starts:

  • Extend your policy online through your World Nomads membership. You must do it before 11:59pm on the end date shown on your Certificate of Insurance and it’s subject to the terms and conditions in your policy.


  • Change your address within the same country of residence.
  • View/print your Certificate of Insurance. We‘ll always store this in your membership.

Things you can’t change:

  • Your contact details. Let us know if you’ve made a mistake with your name, date of birth or have moved to a new address in a new country or change phone numbers etc. and we can update this for you.
  • Your destinations. Contact us for advice if you change your itinerary or need to know if you’re already covered for a different country or region.
  • Adventure sports. All plans come with a range of adventure sports included. It’s not possible to upgrade your cover once the policy is issued – Read this article on how adventure sports coverage works, then contact us to understand your options.
  • Upgrading your policy mid trip: Sorry, it’s not possible to change the cover you have during your trip.
  • Changing your mind to travel: You can’t cancel and get a refund once the refund (21-day cooling off) period expires or if you’ve already started travelling. If we do decide to refund you it is entirely at our discretion and we will charge a premium for the time you have been covered and administrative fees.

Other mistakes:

If you’ve made any other mistake on your Certificate of Insurance or you’ve generally got issues, please contact us and we’ll try to fix it for you.

This is only a summary of cover and does not include the full terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions of the policy. You should read your policy wording in full, so you understand what is and isn’t covered. If you are unsure about your level of travel cover, please contact us for help.

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