4 Incredible Activities to Do in Pokhara

From a relaxing visit to Lake Phewa or paragliding high above Pokhara, Jamie-Leigh shares her favorite things to do in this lakeside town.


Photo © Jamie-Leigh Hecht

1. Paragliding in Pokhara

Paragliding above Pokhara. Photo credit: Jamie-Leigh Hecht

Attach yourself to a complete stranger, glide 8,000ft in the air surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains, and you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face.

The 25min, winding Jeep ride up the mountain to the peak of Sarangot is an experience like no other.

The adrenaline begins during this ride up, with instructors pumping music through the speakers as you watch Pokhara valley get smaller and smaller while you travel higher and higher.

Your allocated instructor gives you a quick run through of the procedure.

Suddenly, you’re attached to him and you’re running off a cliff – as crazy as that sounds.

The moment you begin to soar through the dense clouds, you’ll realize there could never be a better moment than this.

2. Phewa Tal

Phewa Tal. Photo credit: Jamie-Leigh Hecht

With 9 lakes, Pokhara lives up to its label of the “city of lakes”, but Phewa Tal or Phewa Lake is the main attraction. Don’t reserve just one day for this adventure – there’s plenty to explore here.

The local community has preserved its beauty, by restricting motorized boats from accessing the lake.

This means that you can rent a bright, hand-crafted wooden boat and sail in tranquility.

Here, you’ll meet a variety of native birds, with a panoramic backdrop of rolling hills and the Himalayas.

Don’t miss a small stop-off at the Barahi Temple, situated in the centre. It was built in honor of the deity Ajima, and the locals regularly make the trip on Saturday to worship her.

3. Mystical Caves

Caves hold secrets, history, and mystery. Sita, Gupteshwor, Mehendra and Devi’s Fall caves are no exception to this.

The natural formations within these caves are precious to the locals and they regularly journey inside to worship.

Views on the way to Mystical Caves. Photo credit: Jamie-Leigh Hecht

One of the major attractions here is the adventure into the Chameri Gufa (“Bat Caves”), deep below Pokhara city.

Not only will you be among hundreds of sleeping bats, but you also get to experience the true caving experience by climbing out the other end!

4. Museums in Pokhara

Museums are a great way to learn and understand the local history and culture, but the best ones extend education to an experience.

Here is a summary of what you could expect if you were to visit one in Pokhara:

Beautiful scenery on the drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Photo credit: Jamie-Leigh Hecht

Pokhara Museum

Learn more about the region you are traveling in, its history and lifestyles of Western Nepal.

The International Mountain Museum

Venture into historical documents, records, and journals of successful mountaineers who conquered eight of the mountain peaks about 8000m in Nepal!

You can also try your abilities at climbing on their 6m -high rock.

Annapurna Regional Museum

Here, you will find a large collection of flora and fauna living in the Annapurna Area.

Gurkha Memorial Museum

This museum holds the historical recount of the great Gurkha Army.

The Gurkhas fought on behalf of the United Kingdom and were famous for their fearless discipline and commitment to their work. 

Immerse yourself in the photos, stories, medals, and uniforms of this brave bunch.

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