Am I covered if I'm sailing?

What’s covered

Sailing in coastal and/or international waters? No problem!

Depending on what type of sailing you plan to do,  be sure to choose the right level of cover.

Level 1 (automatically included) covers you to sail and to participate in an amateur sailing race or sailing competition in coastal waters - within 3 nautical miles of the shore at all times.

Level 2 covers you to sail in international waters and to participate in an amateur sailing race or sailing competition in international waters.

Just be aware that it’s NOT possible to upgrade to a higher level of sport and activity cover mid-way through your policy.  Read more about how it all works here.

How it works:

To be covered, you must keep in touch with local weather and advice given by local authorities, take all safety precautions and don’t put yourself at needless risk. You must comply with all relevant marine rules and laws at all times.

If you suffer a serious illness or injury while out sailing, your policy will cover:

  • evacuation if it’s urgent and medically necessary (by the most appropriate means, including helicopter when necessary and available); and/or
  • emergency medical expenses for treatment at the hospital or local medical facility; and/or
  • repatriation home if you’re seriously injured and unable to continue your trip.

If something happens to you, make sure you (or someone else) contact our Emergency Assistance Team as soon as possible so they can arrange your evacuation to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility if medically necessary.

If someone in authority needs to arrange your evacuation from the sailing vessel, please get them to contact our assistance team first to guarantee cover.

Who pays for medical treatment (and by this we mean either you pay upfront and claim later or we pay) depends on what’s happened to you and the necessary treatment required.

What’s not covered?

Travel insurance is not designed to cover everything, so please do read the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions in the the policy wording to see what’s covered and not covered, plus important details on what you need to do if you need help while travelling. If unsure, contact us for help.

Here are the main things that aren’t covered:

  • Important: any search and/or rescue operations (including costs charged by a government, regulated authority or private organisation) connected with finding or rescuing you from a dangerous, life-threatening situation while at sea or at any other time.
  • if you’re being paid to sail or sailing professionally, including volunteering as crew on any boat when sailing professionally.
  • your personal liability while sailing if the boat is mechanically propelled, including if carrying out any work or if volunteering onboard.
  • anything else that's listed in the section specific exclusions of the policy and anything mentioned in the General Exclusions.

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