Meet Chris Noble

What's your role, in less than a tweet?

Pulling together a kick-ass team of people to re-imagine an innovative, customer centric travel insurance service.

What are you most passionate about?

Working with amazing people who genuinely care about the communities we travel through, are dedicated to helping other travellers and creating opportunities that enable us to make travel an essential part of our lives.

What are you least passionate about?

Gossip mags, people that call themselves mavens or gurus, Kale (what is it? really?), bureaucracy, statues of animals dressed as humans.

Where have you just been?

Namibia, absolutely awesome landscapes and beautiful warm people doing amazing work in conservation.

Where are you going next?

Ireland, Guinness…need I say more.

Where must you go before you die?

Greenland. Although Norway is still my favourite place on earth, to explore above the arctic circle would be a dream come true for me.

Video camera, stills camera or pen?

Video camera, my speeling is terrible!

Favourite travel quote

“There’s only four ways to get unraveled; One is to sleep and the other is travel" - Jim Morrison