Meet Ian Peterson

What's your role, in less than a tweet?

Building, tweaking & improving content management systems to give our publishing team the tools it needs. ie: The system you are reading this on right now.

What are you most passionate about?

My family. Music. Tea. Travel. The outdoors. Experiences that combine all of those things.

What are you least passionate about?


Where have you just been?

Exploring the east coast of Australia in a caravan. Most recent overseas trip was exploring the volcanoes & hill tribes in Vanuatu.

Where are you going next?

Next overseas trip is Easter Island (again). With the whole family this time. In the meantime we'll be heading out in the caravan on weekends.

Where must you go before you die?

Antarctica, Machu Picchu, Truk Lagoon. The Moon should be do-able in my lifetime. I may need to save up for that.

Video camera, stills camera or pen?

Still cameras captures the moment. Writing them up takes time & comes later, when the experiences have had time to sink in.

Favourite travel quote?

"I stood between two facing mirrors, and almost caught a glimpse of infinity, but my silly head kept getting in the way." No idea who originally wrote that, but I have adopted it, and now if you google it, all you get is my travel blogs.