How Dangerous is Radiation in Japan?

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Since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima in Japan, is there still a danger of radiation?


Fukushima Plant at sunset Photo © iStock/were1962

In 2011, Japan suffered one of the most multi-faceted natural disasters in modern history, which involved a massive earthquake, multiple deadly tsunamis, and a nuclear meltdown. That nuclear catastrophe is still affecting the country, but are tourists at risk from radiation, which can cause cancer and stunt child development? So, is it safe to go to Japan? In January 2015, we published a short, animated video that tried to put people's fears in perspective.

How did Japan's nuclear accident happen?

On March 11, 2011, the fourth-strongest earthquake in the world’s recorded history struck 80mi east of Sendai city, on the east coast of Japan in Fukushima Prefecture. The giant quake triggered some of the most destructive tsunamis the planet has witnessed.

Measuring up to 50 feet tall, monstrous waves inundated coastal areas, causing extraordinary levels of damage to dozens of towns and cities, and killing almost 20,000 people. They were so powerful they not only reached up to 6mi inland, but they destroyed thousands of buildings.

Among the structures badly damaged by these walls of water was the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Oddly, in a country which has a wretched history with earthquakes and tsunamis, this huge nuclear plant was built next to the ocean. So, when the tsunamis reached Fukushima, they smashed into this hazardous facility.

The largest of these waves, went over the nuclear plant’s defensive sea wall and swamped the facility. Although the nuclear reactors were automatically shut down when the earthquake was detected, emergency generators were needed to help cool the plant’s cores - the locations where nuclear reactions occur and extreme heat is created.

These crucial emergency generators were shut down by the tsunami so, despite the best efforts of the plant’s employees, its reactors overheated. This resulted in the cores melting. Soon, harmful radioactive material was seeping into the surrounding land, air and sea, forcing the evacuation of at least 200,000 people from nearby towns and villages.

What is Fukushima like now?

After the meltdown, the Japanese Government not only evacuated hundreds of thousands of people but also set up a big exclusion zone around the nuclear plant. People were instructed not to step inside this area, which was 20km in radius.

In recent years that exclusion zone has gradually decreased in size, yet few of the former residents of these areas have returned, according to the Royal Geographical Society. In late 2021, the RGS reported that in some villages inside former exclusion zones, only one-third of inhabitants had returned, and the majority of those were elderly people.

Meanwhile, the power plant is still hazardous, and will remain so for at least 40 years until the clean-up process is finished, according to Japanese authorities. It houses about 1,000 tanks filled with radioactive sea water, and Japan has already spent more than USD$3 Billion removing nuclear waste from the facility.

Can travelers safely visit Fukushima?

There is still a sizeable exclusion zone around the Fukushima plant. Visitors can only legally enter this area as members of day tours conducted by government-approved organisations such as Real Fukushima. Tour participants must wear personal protective masks and suits while inside the exclusion zone on these five-hour tours, which visit towns and natural locations that were badly damaged by the tsunami.

The levels of radiation directly surrounding the plant remain high enough that, exposure for even just one full day (without wearing personal protective equipment), could harm a human’s health. But the current exclusion zone covers only a tiny portion of this prefecture, the remainder of which is perfectly safe for tourists to visit.

How high is the radiation risk in the rest of Japan?

The average radiation exposure for the entire Japanese population, due to the Fukushima disaster, was as low as 1/10th of that experienced by the entire European population due to the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown. That’s the finding of a 2022 report by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR). That study stated that, since its last assessment of Fukushima in 2013, there had been “no adverse health effects among Fukushima Prefecture residents…directly attributable to radiation exposure”.

Tourists to Japan, then, need not worry about radiation exposure. Even permanent residents of the prefecture where the meltdown occurred do not appeared to be harmed by radiation. And all of Japan’s major tourist destinations – Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Kobe, Hokkaido and Okinawa – are more than 150mi away from the exclusion zone. In reality, the far bigger threats to tourists in Japan are the twin causes of that Fukushima meltdown – a major earthquake and resulting tsunami.

Listen to this episode of the World Nomads Travel Podcast on Chernobyl

With the world fixated in 2019 on the HBO series Chernobyl about the nuclear power plant explosion in 1986, in this special podcast episode we explore the attraction of the ghost town of Pripyat, plans to turn it into a theme park and ask, could there be another accident like it again?

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  • Paul said

    Thanks, this is helpful. I really appreciate the links provided to support your findings. It's a great summary with good illustrations to make things clear and simple. I plan on traveling to Tokyo next month with my family, so I wanted to be sure it would be safe.

  • Herman said

    One thing was ignored in the post.
    Significant low level contamination in eastern Japan.
    Now most of eastern territory in Japan are contaminated with low level radioactive materials such as Cs 137.
    What does that mean?
    Almost all foods and water in Tokyo, for example, contains some amount of radioactive materials.
    Of course, it is not harmful immediately. but anyway it will increase the chance of having cancer and other disease.

    Read this report.
    typically 10 - 20 times increase in all human health systems after 5 to 10 years later.
    Extremely harmful to children though small amount of contamination.

    So I think, it is not safe living in Japan or visiting Japan especially for kids.

  • Herman said

    People should know that Cesium is not the only one.
    There are more than a hundred nuclear fission products.
    The government reports only a few of fission products , iodine or cesium.

  • Andrew said

    I took a class where that had medical staff from all over the US training. I spoke to a male nurse who was from Alaska. He told me that he doesn't want to fish for food because the sea lions he had seen are coming out of the water with bald spots and vomiting. That was about a year and a half ago when I met with at a training program hosted by FEMA.

  • AP said

    Lots of contradicting opinions.

  • AP said

    However, pdf given above is for Chernobyl and population living in surrounding area even country wide. The facts are based on people who live there for years and years, not visiting. This article is to help people who are considering to visit Japan. Even though radiation may be dangerous for people living in the area for long period of time, I personally don't think 2-4 weeks visit will kill. I believe US, UK, and Australian governments will issue travel ban if situation got really dangerous. Off course you don't want to go to Fukushima nuclear plant, but Tokyo should be fine for short period of time.

  • David said

    Our air was nuclear contaminated since the first atmospheric test of nuclear weapon in 1945. Japan is under extreme conditions with 2 nuclear bombs dropped by the US in 1945 and one Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. Many places in Japan have nuclear airborne, nuclear nuclei in soil, nuclear contamination of underground water, and nuclear contamination of ocean water. Yes, it is terrible for Japan.

  • Fission product said

    I agree: the problem is not radiations, but fission products which are particles not rays. While rays power decays with the square of distance, particles can move freely with wind and cloud...

  • Willy said

    The problem with radioactive particles is distance and time inside your body when you eat any fish or food that is contaminated with radioactive particles. I suppose it is safe to visit but be careful of what food you eat. Esp seafood, like seaweed or rice from the affected area. Younger people who are pregnant should not go. The older you are the less likely you will get cancer and even if you do you probably will dye of old age than the cancer as it takes many years for the cancer to occur once you have eaten it. Take care Personally I have no plans to visit Japan no matter how cheap it is.

  • TokyoPete said

    First let me say I am not a scientist and so I cannot judge the situation but I think it is worth taking a moment to mention the views and concerns being expressed by some which are contrary to what is stated in this article. There is evidence that the reactor cores have melted down and have actually infiltrated into the ground and ground water. As a result, there are some claims by well respected experts in Japan (such as Ichiro Iiyama) that the situation in Fukushima has become markedly worse over 2015, for example, that dangerous steam filled with various nuclear materials has spread from the reactor to other parts of Japan. Some of the radiation caused by this is apparently very difficult to measure and monitor.

    There also has been some anecdotal and private investigative evidence that so called "hot particles" (either from 2011 or from events subsequent to that) have been found as far away as Tokyo or even Nagoya. Hot particles cannot be measured easily as they are so small and erratic, being carried by wind etc. The chances of breathing in a hot particle are probably small, but if you ingest one it could be very dangerous especially to children. That risk is difficult to quantify and no-one really knows the truth.
    I am not sure why mainstream media and governmental organizations are ignoring these risks. I suppose no-one wants to panic 40 million people in Tokyo and there is nothing much that can be done to protect against these risks now. The former Ambassador of Japan to Switzerland was concerned enough to write to various foreign dignitaries about it. It seems everyone in Japan is too scared to talk about it.

    You need to distinguish between external background radiation and ingested radiation, the effects of which are completely different. I myself take the risk to go to Japan, but I would not let my children visit. All they need to do is ingest one of these hot particles and they could suffer from cancer in years to come. And as I mentioned, it is almost impossible to measure some of the radioactive particles or certain types of radiation. I do not want to take that risk as no-one can tell me how large the risk is. And the fact that no-one is talking about all this makes me nervous.

    Do your own research. As most Japanese people know, cannot believe the official information coming out of Japan.

    Finally, no-one knows what would happen if there is another major earthquake at Fukushima. In particular the spent fuel rods are a disaster waiting to happen in that event. Can anyone really say when that might happen. Please also check out some of the speeches of physician Helen Caldicott on this subject. Although some of her facts have been disputed I believe she is generally credible (although a vocal anti-nuclear advocate). I am not trying to panic anyone, and I am not someone who believes every conspiracy theory I hear. On the other hand I feel that things are probably worse than what is coming from official sources. I would welcome any responses to my specific points. I am always looking for facts to help me believe the situation is not as bad as some are warning. Please someone answer me one question: If my child goes to Japan how do I know my child would not ingest a radioactive hot particle?

  • PhilSylvester said

    Hi Tokyo Pete,
    Of course it is up to each person to assess for themselves the level of risk they are willing to accept. The article does not "state" anything, instead it tries to make sense of, and simplify, statements made by large credible organisations - such as the UN, and the governments of Japan, Australia etc.
    We do not claim any scientific knowledge, nor do we declare Tokyo safe, unsafe or otherwise. We hope to enlighten people so they can make an informed and rational decision according to their own circumstances.
    In that light, we openly appreciate your contribution (and that of others), but also recognise there is probably NOT a definitive answer. So please, everyone, refrain from accusing us of spreading misinformation or being a party to a global cover-up.

  • TokyoPete said

    Hi PhilSylvester. Sorry if it seemed that I was being critical which was not the intention. I think however, the truth is that no-one knows what ever happened to the so called hot spots, how widespread they are, or whether they pose a risk of ingestion, and how much radiation risk is being caused by whatever is going on at Fukushima now. I think by opening up the topic maybe we will get some informed views from people who knows more than I do. Seems eerily quiet on this topic which makes me wonder if anyone really understands the risks. We are not talking about background radiation here. That is easy to compare with other cities around the world. We are talking about how much minute or invisible dangerous stuff is in the air. I am not saying people should cancel plans to go to Tokyo or Osaka. I am just saying that tourists (especially those with kids) deserve answers to these questions from credible sources.

  • BrutonStreetTailor said

    Hi, we all saw on television the explosions and detonation from unit 3 reactor (filled with mox fuel) , and the resulting fire in unit 4 and the other fires since, the hot particles of the core of unit 3 were aerosolised and went round the world basically, with hot Plutonium particles being taken up via the jet-stream and deposited and found 9000 miles away in Lithuania. At that time warnings were given out in France to stay out of the rain and avoid eating fresh vegatables. We did'nt get that here in the uk did we? Actually the fuel you mention in unit 4 spent fuel pool is'nt a problem, as that pool went dry soon after and nearly all the fuel aerosolised and has been sent around the globe. If you have seen the pictures on TV of a nice new Crane sitting over the fuel pool and thought, that stood up pretty well to that explosion, that tells you all you need to know, - its a con. For more comprehensive information about what really happened look up The freedom of information documents from the NRC.

  • Daryn said

    "But what's normal for Tokyo? It's about 0.126 mSv, which means on that day, for a few hours, the background level of radiation was 2.5 mSv, equivalent to about half the dose you get from an abdominal x-ray."

    This is not true. An abdominal x-ray is 0.02mSv. This would be equivalent to taking 125 AXRs.

  • Scott said

    What about those 1000+ nuclear test taken on US soil?? Must be said Mr. Rolf Maximilian Sievert was born in 1896...

  • loanemu said

    Articles with great information like this are noteworthy, so I decided to write a note. I enjoyed the points you made and how they're presented.

  • Damcho Dronma said

    W.H.O. IPHECA 1995 report: all areas greater than 5mSv/year contamination were mandatory evacuation. International standard for external exposure is 1mSv/year.
    That assumes zero in the soil and water, which is impossible.

    W.H.O. established that RadioCesium (for example) is 1,000 times worse than external exposure! We already have radioactive fallout everywhere in our food and water, so keeping levels down is absolutely critical to preserve health.

    Herman J. Muller 1927 Paper, 1946 Nobel prize winner: he proved that all radiation is not safe, that genetic mutations takes place at low level exposure levels, that more mutations show up in future generations (your children and grandchilden) and that increased radiation, including low levels, leads to extinction.
    This has been verified and proven again and again for decades. It is the truth.
    The more mistakes we introduce into a cell line, the sooner that species will no longer be able to produce viable offspring.

    Kennedy quotes

    "... there is no amount of radiation so small that it has no ill effects at all on anybody. There is actually no such thing as a minimum permissible dose. Perhaps we are talking about only a very small number of individual tragedies - the number of atomic age children with cancer, the new victims of leukemia, the damage to skin tissues here and reproductive systems there - perhaps these are too small to measure with statistics. But they nevertheless loom very large indeed in human and moral terms.

    Radiation, in its simplest terms - figuratively, literally and chemically - is poison. Nuclear explosions in the atmosphere are slowly but progressively poisoning our air, our earth, our water and our food. And it falls, let us remember, on both sides of the Iron Curtain, on all peoples of all lands, regardless of their political ideology, their way of life, their religion or the color of their skin. Beneath this bombardment of radiation which man has created, all men are indeed equal." ~~ John F. Kennedy (US President, Jan '61 – Nov '63) April 1960

    As Dr. John Gofman said, roughly, when we knowingly expose populations to radiation, knowing how dangerous and lethal it is, we commit murder. Allowing people in Japan to stay in areas worse than 5 mSv is murderous and breaking Japanese laws.
    EPA monitors in the USA need to be repaired and operating; the public informed. Between the hazards of nuclear and prohibitive expense (add environmental and damage to public health, all species)... and should be banned entirely.

    We need to be focusing on 100% renewable energy infrastructure to combat Climate Chaos ... See

  • Allan Begg said

    I have read ( Google Fukashima 7th November 2025 update)
    It talks of Reactore 3 in meltdown now 83 tons of steam have escaped into the atmosphere and should arrive west coast of America in 3-4 days they say Americans should Duck Tape their windows before radiation arrival..,
    It goes onto say Reactore 4 is sinking and this can't be stopped as a consequence it will go into meltdown to at some stage....
    Finally a seperate power station with nuclear reactor is close to a volcano which is starting to become active..,

  • Nerdy said

    DUCT tape. leave the wildlife alone Allan.

  • krab said

    Maybe someone can ask me: why natural radiation dose in Japan is less than natural radiation dose in the word?

  • Brenda Wiesner said

    Great article. People, you won't get cancer. You won't get it from your microwave, you won't get it from Fukishima, you won't get it from solar panels. Believe the well researched article and avoid comments from people who don't study radiation, work with radiation, who don't have science backgrounds or educations in nuclear physics (the people constantly commenting as authorities on these types of stories). Thank you for the article! Good job!

  • Christine said

    There is no place on this planet that doesn't come with some sort of risk, regardless of what the potential hazard is. You can just as easily die in a car crash or pneumonia or whatever unfortunate incident. Japan is a beautiful country with people who are kind, thoughtful, and respectful. I can't fathom the issue of radiation, or an earthquake, typhoons, or whatever other reason you want to come up with to avoid visiting or living there. I'm not saying go to Fukushima and pop a tent. Our family lived in Japan for four years before coming back to the USA. I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. I want to go back again and the radiation issue would not prevent me or my family from doing so.

  • kiara said

    let me tell you this .. I have a brother who went to tokyo years ago with his family. he took the eldest daughther with them. She was 2 years old and cheerful,clever and very healthy but 3 months after that trip,the girl was diagnosed with leukemia . Everyone was surprised because she was always healthy. Doctors said some of the possibilities and one of them is radiation. She died a few months later .. first, I did not expect because of the radiation. then I heard one of my relatives who miscarried during a holiday in Japan. she miscarried in the sixth months of pregnancy. is this just a coincidence?

  • Pedro said

    There's nothing to worry about the water discharge, at least not if you aren't swimming in Fukushima Daiichi or eating anything from the surroindings. You can check the radiation levels in the Pacific quite easily in web sites like:
    Actually, radioactive levels in the Pacific from Fukushima are around 1-2 Bq/m3, very much lower than the 13000 Bq/m3 that the Earth seas naturally have.
    (Of course, things are not so easy. They look for the caesium, which is by now the most dangerous radioisotope but not for other isotopes. Also, not all the caesium comes from Fukushima, there's quite a bit that comes from nuclear testing. Third, caesium bioaccumulates. Fourth, you have to consider the energy that emits the isotope.)
    Japanese sea and landfood is being regulary tested. Even there a very small proportion of it surpasses the legal limits. So, I don't worry about what I eat thousands of kilometers away. It's not a lie, it's science.

  • Montana said

    I'd personally be very careful on commenting such a thing like this.
    Yes the airborne particles matter and hot spots and so on... but nothing matters more than what you get to eat when you visit Japan.

    Problem is that Japan does distribute food from all provinces to all Japanese cities, and some even exported. You cannot tell if some ingredients are from fukushima or

    They grow vegies and catch fish still, not at fukushima center but close enough to raise concern.

    When you consume radioactive material, now thats a huge trouble.

    However some people working in radioactive environment such as astronaut receives more radiation than staying around Fukushima, I don't quite get how that works, but at least you don't consume radioactive matter on space.

    I'm concerning visiting Japan at the end of this year, but I'm still holding it back, I leave in Oceania and Japanese population here has been increasing drastically since fukushima happening back in 2011, why?...

  • Cathy said

    I fully believe this article plays down and minimises the risk immensely. Who would believe the "authorities" and what they say is safe, they lie to the public to avoid panic on just about everything.
    Personally I wouldn't go to Japan at all.
    Do you research and dont fall for these platitudes and assurances here, it aint safe.

  • Blaise Gauba said

    Also keep in mind that proponents of nuclear related anything are insane. Also keep in mind that the International Atomic Energy Agency is totally insane. Also keep in mind that you will not get an honest, straight answer from anyone who speaks on behalf of or represents anyone or anything relating to the nuclear energy business or the business of nuclear related public relations including marketing of and for the nuclear energy business.

  • david said

    More people will die from the fear mongering than from the radiation, just as in Chernobyl. In Chernobyl people were told they were tainted, and that their children would be deformed, .... As a result the people who were evacuated took up unhealthy life-styles to relieve stress, and started dying earlier than the people who defied the evacuation order and stayed.

  • SirGeoff said

    I started checking out on this google search looking for the danger of visiting Jamaica; read some paranoid fear mongering, same as the incessant references to the dangers in Mexico, when in reality Vancouver, BC is seeing more deaths annually, but no press releases saying don't visit Canada.
    So, having moved into this article on Fukushima radiation dangers, including the stupidity of people "duct taping their windows" to keep out radiation; which, from what I understand can penetrate pretty much everything; I am now going to head to Jamaica, because I have confirmed that the paranoid folks amongst us will look for the worst situation in anything and everything. If I don't make it back alive, you can say "told you so" (and at least it will be a quick death, rather than having my green luminous limbs fall off slowly from radiation poisoning).
    p.s. I see that David Suzuki is still alive and well on the west coast, after telling everyone, 3 years ago that the west coast of America was doomed due to radioactivity from Fukushima. Guess those who pay him big bucks to listen to his scaremongering are still here, so he's prepared to risk everything for the almighty dollar?

  • John said

    I would not go to Japan under any circumstances. Their government is a bunch of liars and that has been proven. Hot particles are everywhere and you literally take your life into your own hands playing russian roulette. Not worth it to me.

  • Hailey said

    I'm not majoring in radiation or other related theory so I can't know exactly and there are many argues about radiation in Japan. But I'd like to go to Japan and work next year and I will have stayed for about 3 years. I can't trust governments, scientists either. I think if Japan is really dangerous to live now, every Japanese politicians, riches evacuate there but they don't. But I've been worrying about radiation too so I will buy water from other country and be careful of foods, especially sea foods.

  • Isaac said

    If the radiation in Ramsar, Iran is naturally occurring, then it's possible that the inhabitants have to have a high resistance to the effects of radiation. As in, everybody who had a low resistance died off a long time ago. Just a thought.

  • karen said

    Japan and in particular Tokyo need to remain a no-go zone for the Olympic Games 2020. It is absolute insanity to hold the games in Tokyo so soon after the nuclear disaster of Fukushima pretending that it didn't happen. Radiation is unhealthy. Too much of it could destroy all life on earth. We need to learn much more about it and stop being hoodwinked into thinking that nuclear disasters and the outpouring of radiation is something which we can live with quite happily and safely. That is rubbish!

  • James williams said

    I think people are tired of all the lies. We just want the truth. We want to know what is really going on. There is not much we can do now. This problem will persist. So why don't they want us to know? Are they trying to protect the industry? Or are they worried about loosing an astronomical amount of money if the truth and scale of this disaster were to become public? Downplaying this disaster and the obvious impacts it will have on our environment with these feel-good videos and watered down reports only increases public distrust. Just tell the truth for once. We can handle it.

  • May said

    To all u people who's paranoid and ignorant ! Stay where you are ! No one or nobody force u guys to go to Japan . Stop talking shit about the country . They're not asking you to visit there country . If u guys are afraid to get sick or cancer or die ? Stay home, hopefully u don't get sick get cancer or die ! And if u do get cancer , sick , Just think !!!!!! U didn't even go to Japan yet !!!! Why got sick ???? Realllllyyyyy !!!!!

  • Mrs T said

    I wouldn't go to Japan if you paid me. Not worth the risk.

  • Marissa said

    James williams is correct, however all know the truth in the back of our minds. Otherwise we wouldn't be searching this issue. The article's "it's fine" tone is irresponsible, especially to those with children (as another commentator stated). There is very little real information released about this because they don't want to disturb the public. The lasting effects of radiation take years to show up. So to everyone saying, "nothing yet! it must be fine," you really don't know what you are talking about. Unfortunately, despite quoting statistics and reports, a travel author is not qualified to give actual advice about this topic. I've always wanted to visit Japan but this will keep me away, at least until I am much older.

  • Sandra said

    Nice article. My family and I was planning a trip to Japan, but after reading this article, I don't think it would be safe for my children. Helpful, but ruined our plans.

  • Jessy said

    I agree with James Williams and Marissa. This nuclear crisis is currently a grave concern to many people throughout the world and the catastrophe will continue to escalate. For years, the Japanese government has purposely covered up the information on extremely high levels of radiation at Fukushima and lied that there is nothing to worry about this issue. Even though the Japanese government knew about the disaster in the very beginning, they didn't reveal the truth about it to the public because they feared the panic of everything. Do you think this is right? It sounds terrifying to me. According to one of the articles from International Business Times, Abe has stated, ”It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo. It poses no problem whatsoever. … There are no health-related problems until now, nor will there be in the future. I make the statement to you in the most emphatic and unequivocal way.” Only now can we found out that this is completely not right and we see the lies of the Japanese government from the detrimental impacts and consequences that recently began to appear.

    After two and a half years, which was in the year of 2013, Japan has asked the world for help in which I think it was too late because huge amounts of radiation has already poured out and has not only affected Japan, but other parts of the world. All we want is just the actual truth about this global disaster with more authentic information released about it. Not continuous lies that will affect many lives worldwide and the future generations.

    The nuclear crisis in Japan brings devastating ecological effects and negative consequences to human health. It causes emotional, social and other health effects to us human beings. Extreme doses of radiation increases higher risks of cancer and other severe illness, such as brain damage and other syndromes. There have been discoveries on radiation contamination in food and water in Japan, America, and several other countries. It has actually influenced numerous people in Japan and surrounding countries, but the Japanese government is not even paying attention, as if nothing has happened. With the denial of the government and ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan, our world is possibly going to be chaotic where plants would look like huge flowers with gigantic stems and disfigured fish of five eyes and no fins. We all know that radiation is a scary thing because it is invisible. From all the events that have occurred, I personally would not want to live in a country like Japan.

    I would say the Japanese government should really release more data on the risks of possible radiation exposures and form evacuation plans and other measures, despite the fear of the public. The more the government tries to withhold and cover up the information of the disaster, the more it will increase public distrust and concerns, and there will be obvious impacts on our environment.

  • Elizabeth K said

    There is still a huge problem. Everyday, radioactive water is pouring into the ocean. It is killing life and traveling throughout the world. Starfish have soft shells & are found dead. Sea lions are found bleeding with hair missing, and fish are found dead. Two headed baby sharks are being found. Reports of tuna being contaminated & unsafe to eat.

    As long as the radioactive water continues to be dumped into the ocean, major contamination will grow & become more concentrated. There are YouTube videos out there about this.
    Please view as many as you can. If you don't like the first few minutes, try another video. All are very informative.

    Here some links:

    Newest story I found regarding mishaps, etc. dated Sept. 23, 2016:

    Clips from interviews on Fukushima:

    I can't find (at this time) the video I had watched showing the path of the radioactive water, but did find this very long video showing lots of models of flow & more information. It has a lot of information in it. I think it is important, but may be too long & overloaded for most to watch. But I am putting the link here. If you don't like it, please check out the other links below.

    Fukushima: World's Worse Nuclear Disaster:

    Fukushima No More Seafood for you:

    Helen Caldicott: Fukushima Ongoing Impact: (This explains about radiation & impact on our bodies.)

    The power plant melt down explained by Helen Caldicott:

    More reactor explanations by Kevin Kamps, what happened:

    I believe the radiation is behind the two-headed shark mutations:

    The radioactive water & air has reached the west coast of North America & Hawaii. There are more videos out there about the ocean water contamination and the movement of the water through the globe. It is all connected.

  • Elizabeth K said

    Please watch videos:

    Fukushima: The Slow Death of Planet Earth

    Fukushima: World's Worse Nuclear Disaster:

    Fukushima: A Demonic Chain Reaction:

    World In Danger ~ The Fukushima-California Connection w/Arnie Gundersen 2016:

    Fukushima News: California Media Breaks Fukushima Up Ranks 2030 Fuktonium Days Late:

    On Fukushima Beach - Documentary

    Fukushima Is Becoming Nuclear Holocaust:

  • Elizabeth K said

    Documentary 2016 | World’s Worst Nuclear Disaster.

  • Mathew F said

    I used to take classes on how to operate nuclear power plants and we often discussed about radiation sickness. We all know that large doses of ionizing radiation in a short period of time can lead to ARS, but this isn’t the real problem. Abe has said that Japan will be safe under this nuclear crisis, but is it really? The March 2011 meltdowns caused extensive human suffering, including the radiation-related illness among the general public. Months after the disaster, there was a dramatic increases in cancers and other ailments. The kids in the region were screened for thyroid cancer in the years following the disaster. Almost half of those screened had nodules or cysts on their thyroids. After all this happening, can Abe really say that Japan is still safe? However, this is not only affecting Japan. After the Japan meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011, in Korea, the rate of thyroid cancer diagnosis was 15 times what it was in 1993. Likely, this isn’t only a matter of Japan’s economy and country as a whole, but it has also negatively affected the entire world and is still continuing.

  • Tana said

    I don’t know what the big deal Is you guys. I have lived in Tokyo, Japan all my life and I’m still alive. All of you guys saying that it’s dangerous and you’re going to get sick you are all wrong!!!! Besides radiation is not even that bad its basically just oxygen and it has so many health benefits so I don’t know why u guys are freaking out so much!! You guys are just a bunch of ignorant people. You guys should listen to me, a person that’s actually in japan and has experienced it instead of listening to those so called “Experts” .It is perfectly safe here in Tokyo just come see for yourself before you judge my country!!

  • Jake said

    May I remind you guys that Japan banned spaghetti from Italy after Chernobyl?
    By the same standard, Japan should be abandoned altogether which is not an option.
    What do people do if they don't have a choice? They start to self-justify or to lie.

    The Fukushima incident was already classified at the same disaster level as Chernobyl even before it came to meltdown a few years ago. (lvl 7)

    And now it's at the level of melt-through, hence lvl 9 or so.

    They keep reporting the low radioactivity level in the air, because unlike Chernobyl, it's the groundwater that's contaminated, not the air.

    There are reasons for the huge increase in property prices in some Asian countries like Korea.
    Rich Japaneses are buying them like crazy.

    You may guess why.

  • cis said

    So let me recap: you are quoting:
    * The UNSCIENTIFIC Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (ok a little pun there...)
    * World Nuclear Association (an international organisation that promotes nuclear power)

    I would not even take into consideration what the latter say as they are VERY UNLIKELY to provide unbiased information.

    I had always wanted to go to Japan, alas they messed up and I will probably never go now.

  • TokyoPete said

    Everyone, I have posted here before and continue to research the subject. Don't let people mislead you (intentionally or otherwise) by talking about safe levels of background radiation in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan. At the time of the nuclear accident and since, tiny particles of nuclear material have spread around Japan. We know that hot spots were found. The soil in the hills around Fukushima remain radioactive and blow where the wind blows. The fact is that when you go to Japan, you have no idea whether you or your child is inhaling or ingesting one of these that will lodge in your or your child's lungs. What is the chance of that happening? The answer is that no-one knows. Is it higher than having a car crash? No-one has any idea. But the fact that the issue of ingestible radiation has been largely unreported probably means that the risk is higher than you might think.

  • Jessy said

    I don’t agree with your perspective, Tana. What do you mean that radiation isn’t harmful and that it has health benefits? Do you have any evidence based on what you said? If so, I would like to know because as far as I believe, radiation leak has threatening impacts on our environments and human health. Even though you are living in Japan, you may not be exposed to the real truth of the nuclear disaster in your country. There are numerous Japanese people and the residents there, who believe there is nothing wrong
    with Japan because the country has hidden the truth of the catastrophe from the beginning. It’s just not right. More countries are now being affected by the disaster and more evidences are appearing. So, to the people who have said that “ the situation is absolutely fine”, I would say it's the complete opposite of that. The effects of the event had been widespread. The accident in Fukushima had not only affected the lives of both the workers at the power plant and over 150,000 evacuees, but it has had tremendous impact on our atmospheric and natural environment, economic and political circumstances, and our psychology and health. I would really like you to deeply consider about the effects and consequences of the disaster and think about the people who were largely affected by it. You can’t just assume that Japan is safe because you are still completely alive right now. Radiation is invisible and unexpected so you can’t be certain that it’s not affecting you at all.

  • Liam said

    You guys, the environmental impacts of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster will most likely last decades to centuries. Some of them are already apparent, such as high radiation concentrations in new leaves, highly contaminated areas (reduced fertility in barn swallows), and decreases in the abundance of 57 bird species with higher radiation level. There are many affected individuals in Japan and elsewhere who were exposed to radiation or other stressors as a result of the disaster.

  • NIC said

    Typically, when there is something to worry about, the authorities will bend the truth or simply lie to prevent panic and the subsequential socio-economic fallout. For this reason they are not to be trusted on their word alone.

    Recommend caution and vigillance, sentences such as, for example "Pack your suitcases and get out there, a (no more dangerous than usual) world awaits you." indicate an attempt at pacification.

    While panic won't yield any beneficial results, public pressure on the authorities and the denialist population will.

    Treatment of our living environment by humanity as a whole is one of remiss, incessant arrogance and massive overconfidence in our abilities has gotten us into trouble time and again. The problem is, we're not playing with sticks anymore. One mistake, even a small one, can have devastating consequences.


    These big companies only care about money and profits they could get. They don't care what will be the effect of their greediness to all the people and their surroundings what really causes cancer are all this preserve food they are making, how can a preserve food last for three months, i have been buying preserved food for my kids as a single father because i do not have enough time for my kids due to my job, then suddenly my first daughter feel sick and i quickly run a check on her and discovered she was diagnosed of cancer, as a Doctor i looked for cure but couldn't find any my daughter started taking drugs like her whole life depends on it, it wasn't working the cancer was still spreading i searched more on the internet i found a testimony on how it cured someone then .i copied the email immediately the email [email protected] i wrote to this very email [email protected], in an hour i got a feedback asking me few questions, and enlightened me on how to get the oil in the next 48hours, i placed my order and in the next 48hours the medication oil got to me in Nairobi Kenya immediately my daughter started using the oil, it been two months now, since my daughter has been using the medication oil and the cancerous problems are gone this very fact was clarified by me and other doctors
    i put up this piece of testimony for the sake of those once who need this oil to please don't die in silence their is a cure for your cancer today email: [email protected] and get the oil.

  • Craig said

    I appreciated the article. I am a radiation protection specialist and the main theme I see in the posts following the article is fear and misinformation. Radiation is not a very powerful carcinogen. For example, I live in Colorado and we receive roughly twice the natural background radiation that most residents of the US receive. Yet, our cancer rates tend to be among the lowest in the country. If radiation is that bad, how can that be? I would chalk it up to the healthier lifestyle, lower obesity rates, more outdoor recreation, and lower rates of smoking. So, those characteristics are more important to cancer induction than the increased radiation exposure.

  • TokyoPete said

    @Craig, if you are really a radiation expert as you claim, then why are you conflating background radiation risk with risk of ingestion and inhalation of radioactive particles which we know exists and risks long term health impacts. If you are really an expert then you should let readers know of the risks of ingestion or inhalation of airborne or waterborne particles.

  • Nurlina said

    This is so interesting! I work for a medical tourism company ( and see so much conflicting and misinformation out there. We've always been told how bad radiation is - from it increasing your chances of cancer, to destroying your immune system but we never really question why. We need more people to question and analyse instead of just believing everything that they read.

  • Jason said

    Ironically people fear exposure to radiation yet the they ignore the toxic, sugar and chemicals in process and gmo food they consume by the hour which also increases their chance of cancer and diseases. Another way to see this is, most of us are already setting ourselves up for cancer 'locally' which is a far more serious problem then a short visit to Japan.

  • Wes said


    Why would you even consider going there. Do you truly believe what Government's tell you as divine Truth.
    Breathing in a micro particle of Plutonium, and you become a Dead Man Walking. Just a matter of Time. Mo to mention all the other deadly elements released from this tragic event.
    Tokyo is how far as the crow fly's from Fukushima 150----175 Miles.
    You are talking about an event 30,000 Times Worse than Chernobyl.
    Mass media has totally blacked out this Event.
    They will only be able to hide the Death count for a brief period longer. as many will start dropping

    like flies, Children Thyroid Cancer is already through the roof of which has been totally repressed.
    The Pacific Ocean is dying off rapidly. Think about it. When the Plankton dies off the rest of the food chain follows, Small, the bigger ones that depend on them for food and so on up the food chain, to Us Humans. it will all be gone just a matter of time. Do you purchase Bumble bee Tuna and eat it currently. The most recent Reading in SIEVERTS Output from Fukushima in the first Week of FEB -2017 , WAs 530- SIEVERTS per Hour. NOw consider this . It Only Takes the exposure of 9.7 SIEVERTS of Radiation to Kill a Human in ONE HOUR.
    So go to Japan NO I don't think so

  • TokyoPete said

    Truth comes out slowly. Research showing that the hot particles that reached Tokyo were not soluble. And radioactive particles were encased in glass like substance so it is harder to measure the dose. Unfortunately, the article doesn't answer the critical question for tourists and residents - that is, even though there were some clean ups, how many of these particles are still circulating and being breathed daily? How many remain in air filters etc.? I suppose nobody knows. The silence on this issue makes me personally very concerned and no-one yet has given a clear answer or risk assessment. In the absence of that I personally would hesitate to bring kids to Japan. But others seem comfortable to rely on Governmemt advices. All this information should be clear so travellers can make informed decisions.

  • K.C. Chan said

    I am surprised how ignorant people in where I live (Hong Kong) are, including my spouse. On hearing my concern about the risk of visiting Japan, their typical response is , "look at all the people who have travelled to Japan and returned ! they are fine !" I roll up my eyes and am like, so you think coming back from Japan alive is equivalent to receiving no damage ? Look at the millions of smokers and even drug takers. A lot of them are still alive after they smoke a lot or drink a lot. But if you look at the statistics, you might want to refrain from what they are doing.

    I am not to make any conclusion here. Like many others, I want to know more about the radiation safety in Japan, especially in Tokyo area as I miss the Jinbocho area where I used to go for book shopping. Feeling the responsibility to bring my 6-year-old wherever I go as long as it is not for business, I can't head for Japan without knowing that the radiation is doing no harm to him or us grownups.

  • gnguy said

    thanks TokyoPete for linking this study. I am also debating whether going to Japan for some months with kids (business trip). I am mostly concerned about the risk of hot particles. I also don't trust the Japanese governments "news policy". Would it be an option to check food before eating with a Geiger counter (although this seems to be difficult to do all the time)? The recent news coming from Tepco are worrying. Then there is the omnipresent earthquake risk which would could make matters even worse.

  • TokyoPete said

    @gnguy, I cannot give advice. On the one hand, we hope to have faith in our Governments to assess the situation and advice us via travel advisories if there is a risk. On the other hand, most foreign Governments rely in turn on information provided by the Japanese Government and many people question whether we are getting the full picture. From the information I have read, and the gaps in the information out there, I (a completely non technical and non scientific person) feel that there is some risk that if you go to Japan with your kids they may ingest or inhale some radioactive material. But my opinion is not worth very much. I started writing here mainly because I have the same questions, in particular about the extent of risk of ingestion or inhalation of radioactive material that we know was dispersed around Japan at the time of the Fukushima incident and must still exist. I have not got a clear answer yet. One answer I received was that "nobody knows". In the end I suppose it depends on your faith in accuracy of information provided by the Japanese Government.

  • Darren Edmonds said

    Fukushima is a world wide problem - the radiation is circling the globe and is continuing to get stronger. The solution i believe is to stop the melted cores from omitting radiation by using tonnes of either paw paw fruit and or avocado flesh to cool down the cores so they can be sealed in concrete and stop infecting the ocean from underground water springs. Avocado and Paw Paw have burn reducing properties which would cool down the melted cores - both at Fukushima and at Chernobyl.

    2 Salt amplification - to amplify the salt you have to use rising light from the mantle to increase the clockwise and anticlockwise speed that the salt crystal spins at. I have a house built in 1888 which was installed onto seams of quarts right ontop of a fault line at Australia's Extinct super volcano located at Eden Nsw. - the faultline from under Yellowstone House Eden points directly east and when hit with shock waves from Australia geologically moving east - she makes clouds out of the ocean. Salt is amplified at this moment throughout the east coast of Australia as fresh water has been removed from the salt water making the salt water more concentrated. Making clouds increases the power of salt and this old home has been converted into a crystal using ground up pummerstone - volcanic ash in the paint - receivers are base colours blue and red - senders are treble colours grey pink and yellow - there is lots of gold in between the base and treble colours which facilitates the change like a clutch between first and reverse - the more gold - the quicker the change.
    I am an accountant in Canberra at Wholistic financial solutions - please let Julia Roberts know that her house including the rock it is sitting on needs to be relocated to a seam of quarts above the super volcano at Wyoming - Montana - She has healing properties due to our own bodies being full of salt and minerals and can make the minerals accelerate there spinning speed in the body.
    This can help the immune system recognize all ailments curing most ailments over time. My email address is [email protected]

  • Alice said








    Probably everyone thinks that Tokyo does not change at all.
    Better or bad.
    I went to Hirono town,
    There are a number of challenges left.
    For example, to let foreigners know more about current situation and progress.
    And to recognize at the level of living that it is extremely strange to mention only 3.11.
    To write in here and to be interested in Japan even for a little bit,
    It is a pride of the Japanese.
    It is the cherry blossom season. There is a wonderful scenery in Japan, there are lots of wonderful food, so I would like foreigners to enjoy it.
    Cherish hospitality, vitality to reconstruction, and memories.

  • Alice said

    I'm Japanese.
    I'm a student of public medical University.

    Now,I learn medical science and English.

    I'm really sorry for my poor English.(◜०﹏०◝)

    If you interested in "Fukushima" and circumstances of Tokyo,send mail for next address.

    [email protected]

    Happily,I'm so busy now,so my reaction may be delay.I'm so sorry.(´•̥  ̯ •̥`)

  • Marc said

    No for visiting Japan.

    I live in Kyushu. J-government has stopped disclosing the number of cancer patients several years ago. It is a clear message.

    I hear more and more people are dying really young (40s or 50s) in Kanto area, so it is not a good idea to visit Japan.

  • Tulipme said

    Why not te author delete or update this outdated article. And anyone know about the "accumulating effect" even thoigh the exposure seems harmless at 1st dose? Any did anyone know that this year the reading of radiation is the highest since the incidents. food contaminated with radiation imported from Japan is detected in China (other country could have similar case but if there is no proper examination the food will just flow to the consumer market). Sea water was also detected with radiation in the states too which radiation source is from Japan. How many researcher or agency really spent effort in studying the radiation exposure? And when one independent reseacher group detected it people are doubting the integrity of their data / motive? Sick world.

    And accumulating effect often only manifest its consequence years later (if you are lucky) or it could be immediate (if your gene is vulnerable). Look at how scientist knock out a gene or modify the gene or stimulate tumor growth using radiation. And someone still openly tell people the benefit of being exposed to radiation!

    Many trying to warn the effect of radiation as malformed animals/plants were found at increased rate. human cancer rate increased. And there are people trying to tell you these has nothing to do with radiation.

    Some said to me I am adult now and don't plan to have kids so I can afford to go Japan (as they link radiation to infertility). Some said I just went for a week (or few days) "should be" okay. Some even brought along infants and small children whose organ are still growing and vulnerable. Wish you good luck.

    It's confusing. And there are too many contradicting articles. To me it is simple- it's a personal choice. The world is big, so choose your destination wisely. And do you know you yourself can be a source of radiation (although a weak one) - yes your body could emit radiation if you are being exposed to it (depends on type and dosage). So when you return from Japan and hug your family or sitting next to them, they could be exposed too.

    I'm just a wary parent sharing my view.

  • jonathan sperry said

    These big companies only care about money and profits they could get. They don't care what will be the effect of their greediness to all the people and their surroundings what really causes cancer are all this preserve food they are making, how can a preserve food last for three months, i have been buying preserved food for my kids as a single father because i do not have enough time for my kids due to my job, then suddenly my first daughter feel sick and i quickly run a check on her and discovered she was diagnosed of cancer, as a Doctor i looked for cure but couldn't find any my daughter started taking drugs like her whole life depends on it, it wasn't working the cancer was still spreading i searched more on the internet i found a testimony on how it cured someone then .i copied the email immediately the email [email protected] i wrote to this very email [email protected], in an hour i got a feedback asking me few questions, and enlightened me on how to get the oil in the next 48hours, i placed my order and in the next 48hours the medication oil got to me in Nairobi Kenya immediately my daughter started using the oil, it been two months now, since my daughter has been using the medication oil and the cancerous problems are gone this very fact was clarified by me and other doctors
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  • Brian said

    The Japanese govt released press statements that everything was under control and fine... as the reactors were exploding!

    They say it's fine to drink their desalinated water, eat their sushi and veggies. An idiot even claims that sea radiation is lower around Fukushima than in the world's seas.

    If you believe this, then go to Japan and bring your kids too because you deserve it! Make sure you stuff yourselves with sushi with yummy sea weed and drink plenty of water to wash it down.

  • Kim said

    There are a lot of places in the world that you can visit. But if you want to visit Japan then do it. If you don't want to then don't. :)

  • wayne said

    People out there please consider this.....The Japanese Govt, TEMCO and the international nuclear agencies are biased in favor of nuclear power. They are corrupt and protecting there own interests.

    #The Japanese government has increased the acceptable exposure limit from 1 mSv/year to 20 mSv/year.

    #In December 2013, the Japanese parliament passed a state secrets bill...possible prison for divulging “special state secrets”, and for journalists... for seeking to obtain classified information.

    # Following the passing of this bill. Reporters without Borders said that Japan“has been affected by a lack of transparency and almost zero respect for access to information on subjects directly or indirectly related to Fukushima”

    # In 2012 Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Nuclear Education picked up five random soil samples in Tokyo from between paving stones, in parks and playgrounds. The levels of contamination were up to 7 000 Bq/kg. This level is considered nuclear waste in the US and elswhere. Measurements taken before 2011 at Shinjuku, the site of the Tokyo municipal government where only 0.5 – 1.5 Bq/kg.

    #Japanese government policy to transport radioactive waste from the Fukushima zone all over Japan for incineration or burial. Arnie Gundersen says, “They are creating 100 to 1000 times more radioactive material by burning debris than keeping it in concentrated form.”

    #Independant monitoring is at odds with government reports. One example, in October 2012, in Fukushima City & Iitate, Greenpeace found that more than 75% of the 40 checked monitoring posts showed lower radiation levels than their immediate surroundings, with levels within 25 metres up to six times higher than at the posts themselves.

  • Shane said

    For all those who question what radiation does watch the terrifying documentary (youtube has a copy)Children Beyond Chernobyl. WARNING NOT FOR the feint of heart!! Contains VERY graphic abnormalities in children and operations on children without anesthetic!!. You will see what radiation does to a population years after the initial incident. You wont be sceptical after watching this I guarantee!

  • Martin said

    Went to Japan in 2013, 2016 and this year as well. Stayed in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Himeji....I would go again, but I basically saw everything I wanted to see. Loved it and it is a shame that people are scared to go to Europe because of terrorism, Japan because of radiation or anywhere else because of whatever irrational fear...I'm not saying there is no risk, but there is risk everywhere.... The number of cyclists and pedestrians who get hit by a car and die or freak car accidents in my area, or any other reasons is astounding.... People are afraid to live because they are afraid to die. This is basically a useless existence. My two cents.

  • Regan said

    Dr Hellen Caldercolt, watch her YouTube uploads people and educate yourselves...

  • BAD said

    This article is just like nuclear's totally distorted truth, wicked liar for most serious situation. Tokyo is already highly contaminated.....already many people seeing 'sudden heart stroke', 'cancer', 'nose blood', 'sudden conscious lost'........disaster was started ..


    I am from japan. but I escaped from japan.
    government hiding truth. and rapidly increase cancer patient in japan.
    and within 10 years, you will see Alien baby in japan.
    great experiment by japan government.

    Thank you.

  • Uki said

    please come and eat our all Cesium and take to your country.
    It is good for health.

    especially fish near fukushima :D

  • wp4e said

    Check out the Japan death rate increasing and population decreasing after 2011. There's countless reports of increase in cancer in Japan. Nevertheless Japan will feed Fukushima rice and use Fukushima dishes during 2020 Tokyo Olympic. Japan government ran out of money to support Fukushima resident so they moved them back to Fukushima without any regards to their safety. During WWII, Japan's casualty was more than 3 million, and another 10 million casualty to other country there's no regards to human right in Japan what so ever. Pacific Ocean is being contaminated until now due to the nuclear meltdown; this will go on for another 200 years. Japan must stop this contamination instead of spending money on 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

  • IescapefromJapanradiation said

    Do you know what happened first in the Japanese government since Fukushima radiation meltdown began?

    Japanese government have just raised the radioactivity limit 100 times.

    Then he insists that nothing is wrong.

    As soon as the Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred, they were the first in the world to ban food from near Chernobyl as well as in European countries.

    Nevertheless, it is said that Japan provides athletes with agricultural products and fruits produced in Fukushima at the Tokyo Olympics.

    In addition, all rice and food used in Japanese restaurants and convenience stores are mixed with Fukushima.

    Are you going to visit Japan and come back after fasting?

    There is only one reason why they distribute Fukushima produce from all over the country for the whole country to eat.

    The very reason is that the level of radioactive pollution is distributed evenly in the
    Japanese people's body, making Fukushima seem to have no problem.

    Lastly, the Olympic Committee pretending not to know this situation seems to be a gathering of rotten guys. Is Japanese money so good?
    They don't think about the health of humanity, they lie.

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