Video: How to Survive a Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia

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Indonesia is famous for its terrifying bouquet of fiery, volcanic teats of fury, but should you be worried about getting covered by lava in Java?


Video: How to Survive a Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia

We took a perilous dive into the Indonesian ring of fire, and emerged from the ashes to deliver these handy safety tips for those of you that are worried about the active volcanoes.

By the off chance you've booked your accommodation at the base of an active volcano, or, if you're brave enough to hike up the side of one, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Take a guide if you are planning to hike up a volcano in Indonesia.
  2. Pack smart. No need to bring your Pokemon card collection, or your favorite teddy bear.
  3. Trek smart. If guides aren't operating tours, perhaps there's a chance the seismic activity has been active recently, and it isn't a good time to go searching for lava-erupting mountains.
  4. Don't try to roast marshmallows over boiling hot lava. Just don't.

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