How to Deal With the Police in Thailand

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Are the Thai police reliable and approachable? Can you bribe your way out of anything? Read these tips to stay on the right side of law enforcement.


Policeman in Bangkok, Thailand Photo © Getty Images Vacharapong Wongsalab / EyeEm

Quick tips for dealing with police in Thailand

  • Do not argue with Thai police. This is not your homeland; things work differently here.
  • Always carry a photocopy of your passport with you to use as ID.
  • Try to get a witness to your interaction with a Thai police officer, to back up your version of events.
  • Save the phone number of your country’s Thai-based embassy in your phone. If you’re being treated unfairly by a police officer, immediately call your embassy.
  • Be especially wary of police who approach you at night on the street near one of Thailand’s touristy entertainment precincts. These locations are where travelers most commonly run into unscrupulous officers.
  • If you’re driving a vehicle in Thailand, carry an international driver’s permit or, at the very least, your driver’s license from back home.

Types of Thai police

Community Police – this description I’m using to broadly refer to the uniformed officers a tourist will encounter on the roads and in the public spaces of Thailand. They are not detectives tasked with executing detailed investigations, but everyday officers whose job is to react to high-volume crimes and maintain order.

Tourist Police – Thailand’s main tourist destinations, such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai, have special police units dedicated to helping foreign travelers. Made up of Thai officers and ex-pat volunteers, they speak English and wear vests that, in large print, identify them as “Tourist Police”. By calling the phone number 1155, a foreigner can request the presence of the tourist police. These officers specialize in arbitrating arguments between tourists and Thai people, which can be related to theft, scams, road accidents, or financial disputes. If you become a victim of a serious crime, visit the nearest police station. For lower-stakes matters, call the tourist police phone line.

Immigration Police – these are the officers you’ll be faced with if you overstay your welcome in Thailand. Tourists from most countries get a 30-day VISA-free entry upon arrival in Thailand. If you remain in the country beyond that, without applying for a Visa extension, you’ll have to explain yourself to the immigration police when you finally attempt to leave Thailand. They will automatically fine you US $15 for each day you’ve overstayed, up to a maximum of US $600.

Avoid bribery

Thai police famously supplement their modest salaries with what is known locally as “tea money”. This refers mostly to small bribes paid by Thai citizens caught for traffic crimes such as speeding or riding a motorbike without a helmet, both of which are rife on Thai roads. Instead of paying an official fine or getting a criminal charge, the motorist is let off after handing over a few hundred baht (US $5 to $20) which slides straight into the police officer’s pocket.

Many Western tourists follow suit when confronted by a Thai police officer. But it is not advisable to bribe Thai police, especially as a tourist with a shallow understanding of how this nation works. Just because Thai people do it does not mean you should, or even that you can successfully.

In attempting to bribe a Thai police officer, you may well land yourself deeper in trouble. Beyond potentially offending the officer, you could also be charged with attempted bribery. Instead, if you do commit a crime in Thailand, act just as you would back home. Pay the fine and toe the line.

Watch out for fake police

As one of the most-visited countries, Thailand is a magnet for scammers looking to target foreign travelers, especially in tourist-soaked destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. These criminals have endless strategies for squeezing money out of tourists and one of those is to pose as a Thai police officer.

In July 2021, the Thai Government released a warning to foreigners about an increase in reports of scammers impersonating immigration police. This announcement followed media reports of fake immigration police raiding condos in Bangkok and demanding to see the Visas of foreign residents.

The Government revealed that these fake police had also been harassing ex-pats in the street, shaking down foreign business owners, and confronting tourists in bars and nightclubs. As part of their announcement, the Government offered helpful advice for any foreigner approached by someone claiming to be a Thai police officer.

You should immediately ask that person for their Thai police identity card, which must list their name, rank, and the station at which they’re based. If that person refuses to show you this card, or their police ID looks fake, report this incident to the nearest police station.

No matter what, stay calm

Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles” due to the sunny disposition of its people. But that isn’t because Thais are joyful and always relaxed – it’s partly because, in traditional Thai culture, it is frowned upon to openly show anger in public.

Thai people have no problem venting their frustration in private, or for a passionate cause such as a political protest. But becoming livid in public during an exchange with another person is seen as a sign of weakness, and results in a loss of face. This is particularly important to remember when dealing with an authority figure, such as a police officer.

Back home you may be free to remonstrate with a policeman if you feel you’re in the right. In Thailand, however, it is best to always maintain a monk-like level of calm and politeness when dealing with an officer. Such courtesy may well get you out of trouble.

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  • Jai said

    How do the tourist police make their money?

    Is it also off honour and respect?

  • Jai said

    Also, will they ever ask you for 'on the spot fines'?

  • marmot said

    My wife is an educated Thai, and I've lived in Thailand for nearly 4 years, including traveling to many areas all over the country. I've called the Tourist Police on 2 occasions, both regarding an obvious rip off from local Thais in the northern area of the country. Both times these Tourist Police sided with the Thai, regardless of paperwork showing that the Thai was in the wrong. In fact, the Thai business man said that he would kill my wife. The 2 Tourist Police ignored the death threat, but told me that if I cursed again, I had said in a calm and quiet voice that the Thai business person could go to hell, they would arrest and incarcerate me. Apparently, threatening to kill someone is OK, but if you calmly and quietly curse, you may be jailed.
    A high percentage of Thais are wonderful, great folks, but don't believe for a second that you, as a farang, will be treated fairly by all of them. I later spoke with a friend who is an American attorney who practices immigration law in Bangkok, and a quick call to an acquaintance of his told him that the Tourist Police were completely wrong, and the Thai should have been arrested, not me. I'm retired from U.S. Federal law enforcement, and despite this article implying that Tourist Police are not sworn officers, most that I've seen carry a handgun, and certainly will "say" that they have full arrest authority. Regardless, as in any third world country, and I've spent over 4 years in 21 third world nations, know beforehand that you will probably be judged as in the wrong.

  • Buckrogers said

    To correct your your abovementioned statement above, the Tourist Police in Thailand is a police unit at a division level under the command of the Central Investigation Bureau.

    They consists of English speaking members of the Thai Police.

  • Luke said

    June 6, 2015

    In 2004 I had moved to Pattaya, Thailand and I had owned a legitimate fashion model and film casting company in Bangkok and I had a Thai lady who worked for me as the director of my company. This lady was incredibly honest and helpful, she was a famous Thai actress at that time.

    Unfortunately my Thai girlfriend of four years did not have the same integrity as the employee of my corporation. She had an affair with my best friend of 17 years and he convinced her to steal money from me so that he could stay in Thailand longer off of my hard earnings.
    When I became wise to the affair, my Thai girlfriend decided it was time to drug me with what many of the Thai hookers drug their customers with; Flunitrazepam, also known as Rohypnol an anesthesia administered to patients prior to having surgery. There is a blocker that these women take most likely in pill form prior to coming in contact with the drug, which gives them an immunity to the drugs affects.

    My ex would place it in baby-oil and then give me a rub down in an intimate place and the drug seeped through the pours of my skin and immediately I was rendered unconscious. I lost track of time and my memory was erased. I slurred my speech and I could not move my muscles.

    There was also another drug that she somehow managed to get into my system that must have been Window Pane or LSD that would cause you to hallucinate and have a bad trip, only since I did not know that I had a hallucinogen in my system, I had no idea that I was hallucinating, so to me the hallucinations were real.

    I went to the police and they didn’t do anything about it, so I remembered an extremely scary and evil federal agent of the Thai Crime Suppression Unit in Pattaya, his nick name is ‘Yak.’ This frightening federal agent told my girlfriend that he would put her into "Lard Yao women's Prison.” Apparently she was high on Yaba which is Thai for Crazy Medicine. He told her that unless she had sex with him and the remainder of the “Thai Crime Suppression Agents,” that she was going to be locked up.

    My girlfriend agreed to have sex with him and the other corrupt agents, as long as he protected her from the possibility of me taking revenge on her. She also wanted her lover, my former best friend to be let go as well because she was in lust with him.

    So the Thai Crime Suppression Agents tried to frame me as a Yaba Drug Trafficker and they planted the drug in my hotel room and I never entered into the room because what these corrupt federal agents didn’t know was that I had intelligence contacts in Bangkok. A Non-Official-Cover (NOC) Operative for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) befriended me some years prior in Bangkok when I had some trouble with a bad Australian man who was a go-go bar owner.

    The (NOC) Agent told me about how the Crime Suppression Agents where Thailand’s version of our own FBI or CIA. Killer Feds would to be more accurate. These ghostlike agents lived on the fear of the Thai people and the foreigners they seek to extort and murder just because they can. They are the untouchable cops, it’s not the guys in the uniforms that you have to worry about! It’s these people that are never mentioned.

    Just like you never hear about America’s most secretive Special Forces Unit. The CIA’s ‘Special Activities Division’ (SAD), within the SAD is the “Special Operations Group” (SOG), these guys are former Seal Team 6, Marine Force Recon & Delta. These guys are all unregistered so that the US can deny any accountability if they should get caught behind enemy lines in a country that the US does not want them knowing we are performing clandestine operations in. We also have another unit known as the Political Action Group (PAG) within the CIA (SAD). These people influence the politics in foreign countries to be beneficial to the US.

    The Thai people that do know about the Crime Suppression Agents, deny knowing anything about them because they know that these guys are the real mafia inside of Thailand. They know that these guys are killers and it’s not only the guys, it’s also the sociopath women they have working for this organization. However, most Thai people do not even know this branch of the police exists.

    Lately you hear all of this talk about corrupt Thai cops with uniforms, why don’t we ever hear about the corrupt Thai feds? The Thai Crime Suppression Unit makes the ‘Gambino Crime Family’ in New York look like the ‘Boy Scouts of America!’

    Needless to say, these feds tried to have me assassinated but my Bro Cole helped me escape Thailand in 2005. I am posting this article mostly for him, because many years later he ran into a similar problem with the corruption over there and they murdered his wife and he barely escaped from Thailand.

    Unfortunately, Bro Cole and I went over to Thailand one way and we came back so traumatized that we didn’t even recognize ourselves in the mirror. My nightmare only ended 6 years later when I begged God for mercy because I was having horrendous flashbacks that wouldn’t end. I had an amazing experience with Jesus Christ on December 17, 2011 and Jesus began a good work in me and healed me then and also improving my trauma issues over the years, thank you Jesus Christ for being so merciful.

    I am sad, not for myself, I am sad because one of the kindest, most gentle and caring souls that I have ever known, my bro Cole is suffering like I once was. He has not been back in the US all that long and when I listen to him over the phone it’s like listening to myself all over again prior to receiving Jesus into my heart and life.

    This article is dedicated to the many lost souls who think that Pattaya, Thailand is the greatest place on the planet, not knowing it is one of the greatest traps ever set for men. I specifically dedicate this article to my Bro Cole and his murdered Thai wife and his son who is also still very traumatized.

    Your brother Luke!

  • Lindsay said

    Just read today that Bangkok cops will receive the reward for catching the latest bomber. In many parts of the world that's considered unethical. Talk about conflicting interests.

  • Mish said

    Is there a place, telephone number or website to report corruption in Bangkok?

  • Edog said

    Patong to Kalama on motorcycle

    I finished a late night date for my friend got off work at 10pm
    I had 1 beer at dinner
    Riding back to the hotel on a stretch of road between they put a road block up..they were in the process of putting the cones down, no lights as of yet, so I go through, only to be pulled over a mile down the road and drug searched and then given a breath test.

    They held me for 2 hours plus telling me I drink and drive. Fine 10 to 20,000 baht and jail tonight, go in front of Judge tomorrow

    Finally I was offered to pay fine 10,000 baht
    they would not take less.

    I will not be going back to Thailand for I love riding motorcycle and that was just a trap, and that ruined my whole Thailand experiences that I had for years and years

  • Aviat said

    Thailand has changed. It's not the same country like 10 years ago. Thai become nazis. I was planing to live here. Now NO!NO! NEVER! They hate farangs. Try to open bank account for instance. They have pleasure to refuse. Don't spend your time and money. Not worth enymore...

  • John said

    You may recently have seen the story of the Swiss guy who lost 10,000 Swiss francs on his way to sort out his wedding to his thai lady.
    About 350,000 baht.
    After it was found.
    (It was seen to be dropped as he got from the taxi)
    The two young bike taxis riders picked it up.
    Not quite sure what to do with Swiss franks.
    Spoke to the mother allegedly, who say it's the right thing to do business handing it in.
    They contacted the local tourist radio station. And they put the message out, if anyone had lost this money..
    (They had been seen going into the Swiss embassy, after being seen dropping the money getting fromy the taxi too)

    Not to get in the way of a good story.
    We all saw the circus act put on tv about it all.

    The money was returned.
    Less 10,000 baht reward to each of the bike taxi riders.
    Less 5,000 baht to the mother of the boys for raising them so well.
    Less 10,000 baht to each of the community radio jocks, who reported the story on community news.
    Not finished yet..
    Later that evening a visit from the boys in the dark uniforms suggesting that the two officers involved, should be compensated too.
    10,000 baht each was a nice round figure.

    So yes he got the money back, and what great PR for Thai tourism and the people in Bangkok. And the police force.

    290,000 baht I suppose is better than nothing...

  • John said

    Try this one and judge for yourself...

    It’s a fact of life here.
    Nothing the government says in it recent press is going to change the #27 in the world rating. Corrupt countries rating.

    I have just sat here and watched the bike taxi s cough up to The bike police officer and have it ticked off in the book.
    No fine fee. They call it.

    The other day I see a large rotund officer walk into a gold shop, 20 seconds later he has a hand full of 100 baht notes.
    They don't hide it. Extra protection..
    No help was not selling his gold chain.

    As said previously, it's like a public contribution to the boys, for doing a job they get paid to do.
    And it appears buy Thier own handguns, and bullets.

    Although the government has introduced an 18,000 baht weapon of choice purchase scheme, at low interest.

    I cannot see them getting only 6,000 baht a month.

    My friend gets 9,000 and days off, and paid overtime, working cashier in a food shop.

    The other night I sat on Beach Road and saw the local constabulary at work. Enforcing the law. (Month end pay days loans, top ups, haha)
    Sorry, it is serious.

    100 bikes pulled over.
    93 Farang. Seven Thai.
    Seventy nine Farang booking.
    Not one Thai.
    Including the one with four on a bike and no helmet.
    Rental bikes are prime targets.

    Thai bikes with a mobile shop attached, and no lights, a charcoal fire burning, and gas bottle to boot, no licence, no food selling licence.
    They seem to get away Scott free.

    Let's face it.. they will never have the cash to pay a fine anyway.

    The Farangs.
    Not one received a recipt.

    The two officers were scribbling on the back of a folded newspaper.

    No receipt see boss.
    500 baht a pop.

    Not bad for two hours work.

    Several friends have bars here and they still contribute 2500 every month to the black book.

    A well touted story around town is..
    The number one job here.
    Chief of the police.

    They actually pay 10 million baht for the position.
    To be number one and reap all the dividends that goes with it..
    I have no reason to doubt it..

    Who ya going to call?

    They even have I.T. guys trace internet stuff,
    Freelance cash payment.
    Try using a vpn on the pc, and see how much more you can access.
    The Thai xxxx block or blacklist thousands of sites.
    This is the message that you get, saying slow connection, or site not found.
    It's actually blocked same as they do in China.

    I've had almost 10 years working and playing here.
    But it's getting to be a sad place.
    Monks and beggars in Bangkok who give to the police around Asoke and Nana.
    Special operatives who have the right to remove and detain you in and around Sukhumvit .
    The bar sellers who sell you the gear (viagra/kamagra) and ten seconds later the plain wrappers pull you.
    Buying prescription drugs without a doctor authority.

    It is happening guys...

    My lady 3.5 years, say she see nothing wrong with take money from farangs.
    Can do. She say.
    Farang have job and money, thai not have much.
    So ok to do.. if want to do.
    Not satisfied with about one million baht over the years, new house, family taken care of. Sons wedding paid for.
    Loans to brothers wife, we never get back.
    Now she works a good job, but still wants me to pay for just about everything. And give her family.
    And she gives hers to a lazy son and he wife.

    We have all done it.. and meanwhile we have the rubbery police to deal with as well.

    It makes your goolies shrink to the size of raisins.
    How the minds work..

    Maybe time to reassess my situation. LOL.

  • Elliot said

    I lived in Bangkok 3 years with almost no trouble. The police were helpful and polite as long as I was polite and respectful. I lived at Sukhumvit Soi 3, right downtown.

    I was once pulled over in a taxi and fined for not wearing my seatbelt. There was no seatbelt in the back seat. Instead of getting angry and aggressive, I smiled and asked how much the fine was. He said 300 baht if I went through the court, 500 on the spot. I gladly paid the fine without complaining and relished in the fact that I was paying $3CAD for the taxi ride and $1.50 CAD for a beer.

    Point: don't argue and cause a scene over a few dollars.

  • Julien-binard daniel said

    un agent de la police thaï de l,immigration ma demande 50000 bath pour annule mon nom de la blacklist de la police de l,immigration de bangkok ((depuis 15 ans) pour un délit mineur (condamne a 2500 baths d,amende) a l,époque!!!!
    J,ai refusé naturellement j,habite au laos depuis 15 ans .je suis chef de cuisine français ex exécutif chef a l,hotel NOVOTEL de Vientiane,actuellement consultant
    Pour restaurant français à n,ai aucune confiance a la police thaï.

    Julien- binard daniel. Mes salutations

  • P M Miller said

    I was recently in Phuket I got 1000 Baht fine because I was parked next to a zebra crossing they had chained my scooter to the bike next to me I had no choice but to pay it, every night the drive home from Patong to Karen the police would be pulling all the tourists over (having been to Bali before I was already prepared for this kind of thing) so I had my international driving licence and helmet on and I didn't get fined, the next 3 nights I got pulled over I let the police officers know I was not happy about getting pulled over every night and they let me go quickly. I think as long as you make sure you are legal then you give them no opertunaty to fine you, wear your helmets have your license etc ...

  • J2 said

    Thailand has changed indeed, the Thailand I once loved, has died along with the great King.

    I was held at the airport immigration because I overstayed a couple of days after losing some cash when I was staying in a dorm. I explained to the customs officer that I understood my mistake and apologized profusely with the 'wai' high above my head as if I were praying to them. I even asked if I could scrape by some cash by selling away my laptop.

    They started conversing in Thai, making jokes about throwing me into jail, insulting my country and even loudly proclaiming that I was in Thai for illicit activities; all infront of the queues. My head couldn't drop any lower in humiliation.

    They carried on with their so called "professionalism" by taking turns to joke about my situation, not aware that I could understand them and felt really disrespected.

    Eventually, I managed to get help from family and case closed. However now, I am blacklisted(not banned) on my passport.

    One of the immigrations officer even took the liberty to interrogate me infront of the entire crowd until I spoke Thai and told him the nature of my visit. But he looked as if in disbelief and smirked, knowing he has all the power to ruin my life. He asked me "So next time you will come Thailand again?"

    Unprofessional, heartless and disrespectful.

    Never again Thailand, my heart has lost its sense of belonging.

  • NO said

    busted with weed: 60K
    busted with coke: 90K´.. if you are lucky

  • FeDos said

    It's sad to hear all these bad stories :(

  • NA said

    Came to Thailand for a holiday with my family had the most amazing time in phi phi island and Phuket . On our last day in Phuket we had just left the restraunt and we're walking back to our hotel when a taxi driver doing a three point turn in the road almost knocked me and my mum over I banged on his car to alert him of us being Their, my mum was literally on the car bonnet , instead of apologising he got out and started screaming at us and pushed my brother to the floor when he came to help, he then went and got a metal bar from his car and beat us with it , I begged locals to call the police thinking they would help but the police arrived and treated us like criminals , my brother and I had bleeding wounds to our head and were taken to the hospital and recived stitches we were then taken to the police station and were kept their for hours they took our passports , they would not tell us anything we begged to leave as our flight back to the uk was in the morning but they have refused. The Thai guy that attacked us was almost treated like royalty at the police station whilst we have and still are being treated as criminals even thou none of this was our fault! I have contacted the British embassy who say they have no jurisdiction here and have given numbers for legal representatives . We need to return to the police station tomorrow and go to court for something that isn't even our fault . I am so scared and just want to return home. I had the most amazing time in Thailand but once I leave I will never ever return the police are corrupt and are only in favour of Thai people they don't care about right are wrong , we have missed our flights , hopefully everything will be over tomorrow then we can buy a ticket back to the uk and leave this shitty place!

  • Josh said

    Thailand really sounds like a horrible place for tourists and expats. Guess will look to retire in another country with less corrupt government police or immigration officials.

  • Bhimol said

    My piece of advice if you fall on a corrupt police officer who robs you of money, no matter how petty the amount, once back home, write a letter to the Thai Embassy in your country and send a copy of the letter to your country's Embassy in Thailand. It could push the Thai government to take steps to prevent these forms of organised racket and robbery against pharangs, that are orchestrated by corrupt thai police officers or immigration officers.

  • farang ripoffs said

    The latest thai racket against foreigners is said to be at certain duty free shops at Suvarnabumi Airport Departures. Yes you heard it right, it's all within the airport premises, by what the latest sotries say. The modus operandi is simple. You purchase some items at duty free and pay at the cashier. The cashier is an accomplice with the highly corrupt Royal Thai Police. The cashier discreetly puts in an item you did not purchase in your bag and then charges you with shoplifting. The corrupt Royal Thai Police are callec on scene, threathen to put you in jail unless you pay a "fine". Another disgusting story on how foreigners are targetted in Thailand.

  • Shane Tarr said

    I must live in "fool's paradise" but none of the "horrendous" stories I have read above resonate with me. It is correct that some Thai police are corrupt but no more so than police in much of Mainland SE Asia (Singapore excepted but what a boring place to live in) but if one rides motorcycles unless big bikes such as Harley's, Triumph's or Ducati's one is far down the "food chain" and not "worthy" of respect in The Realm. Similarly, those who drive pick-up trucks are often treated with the same disdain.

    As a corollary drink to excess in close vicinity to a "low-class" bar or places that Farang's frequent or be seen to do "drugs" (and that includes Ya Baa) and one is a prime target. However, if one is sufficiently polite (and in most instances it helps if one can communicate in Thai) and you don't try to take the "piss" out of Thailand's "finest" and you will be okay. I would hazard a guess - based on living and working out of Thailand for 25 years - that those who have "horrendous" stories to tell are likely to suffer from both "emotional" and "intelligence" deficits.

    That being so let Thailand's "finest" extract what "rent" they can from them. Police are not the major problem in Thailand nor is lack of elected representative government but the "culture of driving" in The Realm. With 36 fatalities per 100,000 of the population Thailand is statistically the second most dangerous country in the world to drive in. Although cross the border to Cambodia or the Lao PDR and one anecdotally might conclude that countries contiguous with Thailand are less safe.

    All the above hubris to one side none of the negative "stories" offered here should deter people from visiting Thailand or indeed anywhere in the world.

    Happy traveling but don't leave your "commonsense" at home, think the world owes you a favor and is overwhelmed by your BS, and yes, take advice from Nomads and insure yourself (and read the fine print).

    Ling Daeng ("Red Monkey")

  • Hans said

    Very disappointing cases to read here about Thailand. We always thought Thailand was safe, smiling where the Thais liked and accepted foreigners (farangs). But the reality I guess is different. Without generalising, Thai society seems to like tourists/farangs only for their money. Beware to you farang if you dare open your mouth or dare to criticize, it will end you up spending a day or so in some police lock up? or jail ?under some ridiculous charge and have you deported? Guess you we would be safer and better of spending our cash in some other paradise on earth.

  • I Left said

    Thailand today is a cesspit of corruption, deception and lies. Having been through what was a £250.000 scam by a local with the aid of his family police and bangkok attorney (prosecutor). I know what the place has turned into since the junta took over only to well.

    I got so angry at the lies and deceit, I left by the back door as they like to keep your passport, but not mine as I used my brain, alas they do not have much of one, but had to cross 2 borders with out using it?

    I have to say not all Thais are corrupt but they all lie as its the way they have been taught by the so called elites who run the country. These people just rob, kill and rape the country to their own ends and it starts at the very very top.

    If your a Farang you are not wanted but they need your money so those who are stupid enough put 3mill bath in the bank and in time it will go along with many farangs lives, was it 345 Brits last year?

    The new so called 10 year visa for the over 50's is really a 5 year with a 5 year add on as long as you have top money in the bank and Heath insurance with a Thai insurance company who will let you down there. At 65 try getting heath insurance, you will not so time to leave. Even with a visa you could be asked to leave without your bank balance and many are.

    Lies, lies and more lie on everything is the order of the day and the PM Tuu is a nutcase, war is just a few years off out there.

    If you want to stay alive avoid the place if you go take a bodybag you may well need it as if the killing fields (roads) dont get you the corruption will and that is a fact.

  • Marcin said

    The article must have been written by some Americans
    Honest people in Thailand lol
    Funny that the police stop mostly foreign people but then most Thais wouldn't be able to pay in first place

  • Eric said

    Its sad to hear that some people have had bad experiences. I've lived in Thailand a total of 6 years, on and off, and don't really have any complaints about the police at all. Sure, they are corrupt, but would you rather pay a $7 bribe or a $500 ticket like in a Western country? I drive a motorcycle with no license, just because its a major hassle to get one, and I don't really worry about it because at the end of the day its just 200 baht. As long as you stay calm, speak softly and respectfully, then the police will treat you decently. The foreigners who get themselves in trouble in Thailand are usually the ones that lose their cool, piss off the wrong person and find themselves stuck in a heap of doo doo.

  • kang said

    My current experience:

    Just a few days back, my thai wife, while driving her car, was stopped by police. She was told that someone feedbacked that there was drugs on her car and needed to check her car. When they opened the car boot, there was 5 yaba pills...

    We were SO distraughted with the whole situation, cos no finger prints on the bag containing the yaba pills, she was tested and didnt have any trace in urine, she didnt know there were pills and she does not sell pills nor help carry pills. She is innocent.

    We believed that my wife was fixed and had drugs planted in the car. Hence, unless the police tracked the complainant and investigate the caller, otherwise, there is really no justice.

    We are from poor family, imposing such burden on us is really unfair. Finding hard to cope with everyday life and now still have to pay and pay or get lawyer to fight in court, which we would find hard to afford.

    Really really unfair and bad

  • Shinya Endo said

    Hi.I am sorry that I sent message suddenly.Cuz I had fraud with Thai person.I had big trouble with the man who is living in Bankok. I am looking for thee man who did fraud to me. He recieved the items from Japan, and he didn't send the payment to me. And now he is loosing now. If you help me please tell me. Or if you have friend in Thai Police who can handle this trouble(Cyber Crime)

  • Victims Worried Mum said

    My son just turned 18 and has gone on a so called experience of a lifetime backpacking. He is in Phuket and played connect 4 with some of the lady boys who in turn spiked his drink and planted a small amount of marijuana on him, he was then arrested and detained for 48 hours with no food or water. I have been contacted by a "volunteer" from police station and paid for him to be bailed. I have no idea what is happening the Embassy are rubbish, my son is on the edge and so am I! I have also been given a corrupt woman's contact details who I can contact to pay to get his passport back before the court date- has anybody else experienced this and how I can help him?

  • gfhbnj said

    to the disgusting racist english scum calling itself shane tarr:
    you obviously "didn't have " these kind of experiences, as you are a disgusting racist english scum with 0 intelligence or emotions, just with the disgusting racist english scums perversion, so obviously with nothing to lose. the disgusting racist english scums are just like the disgusting thai scums or worse. the disgusting racist english scums are the scums of the earth, they made million s from taking slaves, killed most of the native americans , stole the gold from india and pakistan and to this day they are nothing but disgustin g racist english scums. but the Universe is not sleeping and 50% of the disgusting racist english scums are dying of cancer and 50%% of the disgusting thai scums imitating the disgusting racist english scums are dying of cancer.

  • DANIEL said

    I just got stung by tourist police in bangkok 2 days ago...a fine of 2000 baht for a cig butt...the joke os that i had not even tossed the butt...i had a small bottle bottle of cpke that was empty and stuck the butt in the bottle...first acused of smoking where o was not supposed to be ...on the sidewalk at an outdoor entrance to a mini mall ...then they said i was littering...i asked if i was littering why i am standing here with this empty coke bottle in my hand and the cig butt inside it ?? He as much as called me a liar...then proceeded to show me some shitty old pamflet saying i could be charged 6 thousand baht...but for first offence its 2 thousand baht ...i paid as i saw nothing but trouble and knew it for what it was...a piece of shit lying tourist cop padding his pockets off tourists ..exstorting cash from them...i had a hotel in the area and i watched these same cops day after day...pulling in tourists and fining them for bullshit ...Mostly male tourists on there own ...never a thai citizen...They will destroy there tourism if they allow this crap to continue...i for one will scratch thailand off my list of places i will return to...would like to have punched that corrupt piece of trash tourist cop...but im well aware how that would end...and no choice but to pay the exstortion fine as his word against mine...not likley result in action in my favor...bye bye thailand ..wont be back

  • JFC said

    The "tourist police" Daniel above is referring to aren't actually Thai Tourist Police, but rather, municipal code enforcement officers who work for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). So they're not really police per se, but they do have legal code enforcement authority.

    It's a long running scam that's run out of several booths these BMA officers inhabit along tourist stretches of Sukhumvit Road in downtown Bangkok. The standard fine is 2,000 baht. They almost always seem to prey on non-Thais, even as the areas where they operate are filled with litter left on the streets and curbs by, you guessed it, local Thais.

    A lot of the time, they do actually hit upon tourists who carelessly drop a cigarette butt or some other litter on the sidewalk. (There are few trash receptacles on the sidewalks in BKK, generally speaking, supposedly because of past episodes of political agitators placing small bombs/pipe bombs in trash cans. Thus the government's answer was to remove/not replace many of the trash cans. So it can be hard to find a legal place to dispose of trash.

    These so-called officers may well hit up "innocent" passersby from time to time, but they generally seem to make enough money to suit their needs just by preying on actual litterers, no matter how small.

  • jfc said

    Re the actual Tourist Police in Thailand, they are, at least for now, part of the regular Royal Thai Police. (There's a plan afoot to shift them to the Tourism agency, but not clear if that's going to happen or not.) They also are, in my experience, pretty much useless and a mess.

    In Bangkok at least, Tourist Police are Thai officers who generally don't seem to speak much English or any other foreign language. You can call the Tourist Police's supposed hotline and IF anyone actually answers it, good luck in getting anyone there who can speak passable English.

    There have been accusations over the years of the regular Tourist Police having been complicit in a variety of tourist scams run by taxi touts, supposed tour operators and other businesses.

    But where things get even more muddy is in some of beach tourist areas like Phuket and Pattaya, where there are FOREIGNERS who "work" as uniformed supposed "volunteers" supporting either the Tourist Police or the regular Royal Thai Police units in those areas. Several of those groups likewise, sadly, have been accused of extortion, being complicit in scams, and setting up unsuspecting tourists for their own profit.

    Generally speaking, I would try to AVOID all of them if I had any choice in the matter.

  • TmP said

    Beware of the shady Indian fake watch dealers along Sukhumvit Road. They will attempt to talk to you and show you their cheap knockoffs. Even if you walk away, after checking them out, you might be intercepted by a plainclothes 'police officer' who will extract a 'fine' out of you. Observed this a few times from the Nana BTS platform during my last stay. I work in BKK frequently and am appalled of the lengths these criminals will go to just to get a few hundred baht. It is sad that most of the majority of folks who do visit, strictly for' cultural enjoyment' can be fleeced. It reminds me of Brazil years ago when criminals started to take over tourist spots with the same types of scams. Now, of course, Brazil has gone completely over the edge. Hope it doesn't happen here as there are plenty of very descent Thais.

  • elwyn pawell said

    I vacationed in Thailand for 30 days, I was breath tested 20 times not once over the limit,but seen thais on bikes in front of me without helmets waved through the roadblock and myself who was wearing a helmet stopped and breath tested.the device was not cleaned from person to person as i could see that was the case as another european in front was also breath tested,i could see on this stretch of road the police mainly targeted europeans,as not many Thais could afford the 20,000 baht fine and or a month in jail.with tourist numbers dropping the bars are empty the main source of the police top up income I can only conclude the police are looking elsewhere to top up their income.I think it is time for all europeans to have a good look at vietnam or cambodia as this sort of racism has not yet prevalent there,also everything is half the price of Thailand.

  • DEEG said

    I have worked in Thailand for 8 years. I drive occasionally, up country and in Bangkok and I have been stopped by police many times at various checkpoints.

    Only one time did we make any payment, when my driver paid 100 THB contribution for Songkhran party for police. I am not sure we were, but the officer said we had been speeding.

    Other times with me driving I broke a red light. I said I had nothing to drink (genuinely forgot I had had a bottle of beer at the golf driving range) and came up red on the alcohol detector. My driver drove down a bus lane to try to avoid traffic.

    How did we get away with minor infractions with no fine / payment? By being polite, smiling apologizing profusely. Thai Police are human, they like to be respected, they like to do their job and they like to make a difference. If you fight their authority, if you raise your voice, if you act like you are a victim, then you will become a victim.

    Thailand is like almost anywhere else. Locals will get preferential treatment in some ways, but foreigners will often be forgiven more easily social faux-pas. Most of the worst people, with the lowest morals, I have met in Thailand have been fellow farang. Their is a large number of "idiot farang" as my Thai friends call them. Some are simply idiots, some are criminals, but all impact the reputation of farangs. It is they, much more than the police people should be worried about.

    Thailand is great, just remember dont be an idiot.

  • John said

    In Mukdahan, NE Thailand the other day waiting to cross the street. Out of the blue, a police officer came running over to me, greeted me and then stopped traffic in both directions so I could cross the street.

  • Joe said

    I was once driving on the sidewalk cause it was a shortcut to where I was going and there was a police officer hiding behind the tree. I showed him respect and told him where I was going and he just let me go with out any fine.. I was shocked. That was the first and only good experience I've had with thai police

  • President Trump said

    The guy who hit me came to the station and talked to the cop for ten minutes in Thai. The cop spoke no English. My head was killing me and I had a big lump on it. I kept repeating I needed to go to the hospital. The guy who hit me spoke English. He told me the cop said I could go if I came back with my passport and promised not to walk on the street again. I said fine but I wanted to press charges.

    They put me in a room where I waited for an hour when the Tourist Police finally came. Two Thai cops. One woman and one man. The man spoke no English. I told the woman cop what happened and she said fine you can file a complaint but you will go to jail for 5 years for trespassing.

    I got the message and said ok fine nevermind. In a civilized country the guy would have gone to jail for assault for 5 yrs. Best not to go to Thailand.

  • S said

    To clean up a country, one needs not to look at the country that needs to be cleaned up but, the other country/power that influences their corruption.

  • The Punisher said

    You will never change anything unless you go to war.

  • Tt said

    If you want change, then during the election, bring up the issues. War is a last resort and war itself can cause even bigger issues.

  • Grzegorz said

    I had to pay 20 000 baht for police because I have call police because change was not returned by waiter in the club. Police is very very corrupted. I paid in club using 1000baht note and did not receive change. We call police to inform them about the fact and they put us to prison with cambodian immigrants. What is more in order to leave prison we had to pay and sign report that it was our fault(noise, alcohol etc).
    This country is crazy, never again go there. Scammers!!!
    Do you think is there any chance to report this to embasy? It is not about money, it is just to warn tourist to be careful when go to Thailand.

  • Galen said

    I have traveled the world, and retired after 40 years as a school administrator and teacher. I visited Thailand a year or so ago, and overstayed my Visa a few days. For that I spent 2 weeks in the Thai s__t jail with almost no food. It was about the same experience as J2 above wrote. The Land of Smiles; it sure wasn't that for me. I saw sweet women and angry men there...

  • MR WDJ said

    I've been all over SE Asia for work including several trips to Thailand. That includes Chiang Mai and Bangkok. My experiences have been pretty good and so far I have avoided any of the typical tourist scams. I ride a motorbike in all these countries and have only ever been pulled over twice. First time was in Sri Lanka. I was friendly and polite with him. I showed him my IDP and made small talk about how much I am enjoying my time in his country. He thanked me for my time and sent me on my way. In Cambodia I was pulled over and I didn't have my IDP with me. The officer wanted $30 and I basically said I only have $10 with me (was the truth). I smiled and was deferential to his authority and he took $10 and sent me on my way. It was official and polite. In Thailand, I have passed through several check points on my bike and never been pulled over. Good luck I assume.

    There is a lot of complaining here about corruption but the vast majority of it can be avoided by following the rules. Overstay your visa? Yeah, you're rolling the dice. Drinking (anything) and driving? You're rolling the dice. No license? You're rolling the dice. Arguing with the police (losing proposition)? Rolling the dice. Point is, be nice, be deferential, follow the rules and expect that bribing the police every now and again is part of the experience.

  • benjamin said

    Having just had to pay 21000 baht to police near Kao San road for being caught having a pee in public (1.30 am) im kinda realling. It was originally 20000., i was made to go to a cash machine to withdraw the requested amount while 3000 baht was taken from my money belt while i was completing the transaction. I was abit drunk but by no means completely intoxicated. So basically a ruined holiday where i can only afford basic food and accommodation before my ticket home. If i could cut my losses and return earlier i definatly would but changing the date on my ticket also costs too much. Not Sabidee

  • Farlang said

    The Land of smiles?
    The only reason the Thai people are smiling at you is because they are thinking to themselves about how much money they can scam from you.
    It is now a desperate place and foreigners are not liked.
    You have been warned.

  • John said

    Maybe it's time to close this thread. For the most part, people here only complain about getting caught for dumb and illegal actions. Sure, some of it is helpful, but most of the comments consist out ignorance and lack of basic common sense.

    The rules to enjoying any country in SE Asia are very simple: don't be an idiot. Be polite, keep your head down and if you're unwillingly drawn into trouble, just keep your cool and be charming as you can be when it comes to the police and locals.

  • Martin said

    The Thai police seem to be doing their best to put tourists off from ever visiting their country again. Right now there is racial profiling going on around Bangkok & at road blocks on the highways. Their favourite thing (perhaps the most lucrative thing) is now searching you & then demanding a roadside urine test for drugs. This is apparently not a legal thing for them to do unless they take you back to a police station but they do it anyway. I have been stopped, searched & threatened when innocently walking around in the early evening more than once, pulled out of the back seat of a taxi at a road block, had my visa threatened with cancellation, all when nothing was found to be wrong. I now hear of the same thing going on when people walk in the Sukhumvit area & also when travelling on the highways outside the city. They do sometimes search Thais, mostly just men but seem far more focused on foreigners. If you do visit Thailand, be prepared for this as it is happening a lot these days. I have never been found to have anything i shouldn't, never failed a urine test but find this very annoying & offensive. I have personally had enough of this harassment & will now limit my visits to those absolutely essential for my business.

  • villiers said

    I got stung by the smoking scam. Stopped by council cops walking on Nana 4/Suk rds who fined me 2000 bht for smoking: but I dont smoke. So why did I pay? It was my last day in Thailand and I didn't want to be urine tested. I think they profiled me: 50s, alone, male, foreign, walking too fast maybe. And it was a team effort, I saw one radioing to the other out of the corner of my eye and knew I was about to be rumbled. My Thai "friend" said I shouldn't have paid the cops, but I think I did well. Sometimes crooked cops are good to smooth things along.

  • Munish jain said

    Pattaya beach is very corruption of there local call girls and hotels they are involved in fraud f for foreign people so please avoid to go to Pattaya Thailand very corrupt people

  • J. Cc said

    This information gives me the impression Thailand is a bit of a hassle... I'm fine with navigating scams but this seems too high a percentage with more complex consequences.

  • Tumur said

    I was making my plan to travel in Thailand. After reading all those comments, I have a doubt. Maybe I'll go to another Asian country.

  • Mark johnson said

    The airport in Bangkok is very dangerous especially for people traveling alone .one scam they have going is to target you at the check in bring you to the police office at the airport interrogate you and search your belongings what ever you have in your possession then they get your suit case from the the check ins after it went threw which will take up a lot of time and knowing your going to miss your flight you will have to buy another ticket which will cost you a lot of money if you do have the money to buy it and if you can afford the ticket to your destination.
    they are in team with the person at the air desk that sell you the ticket which is not a genuine ticket just a worthless piece of paper with false information about your flight times on it.
    your next flight could be anytime from eighteen hours away or days if you have to get your family at home to get the money together.
    knowing you are going to be stuck in the airport for so long they wait till you get frustrated vulnerable disoriented tired and confused from lack of sleep you start panicking and get frustrated.
    if you try to get any help from any officials or staff they will tell you don't understand can't speak English being alone they know you are helpless in this situation and have no help from anyone and no witnesses or proof of what's happening to you.
    What they do next is keep you under observation for the hours or days of you at the airport stuck with out you knowing.
    checking what state your mind is in and how your acting physically and mentally with hours or days of deprivation of sleep and full confusing knowing your mind is not in the right state is they approach you again and start a fuss.
    you being exhausted and disoriented tired and confused will more than likely get angry or upset and might act the wrong way not meaning it or do the wrong thing or say the wrong thing.
    that will give them the perfect excuse to arrest you or detain you, before you know it you are handcuffed and accused of all sorts of things from threatening behaviour to public disorder that's your next flight your after missing and the money you payed for your so called ticket in their pockets.
    then told you have to pay to get out of jail or the situation your in or you will have a court date and could get prison faring prison in Thailand you will pay what ever amount or do anything to avoid going to prison there, they know that well then being alone and having no witnesses does not help you.
    This whole ordeal could cost you thousands of pounds jail or even your life.
    There was many suicides in suvarnabhumi airport down to this sort of scam by airport police and officials.
    being in a country where the language barrier is confusing the lack of help from officials and the thought of being stuck in a country so far away the thought of being prisoned in a foreign country can be very frightening the lack of sleep and confusing can make someone do things they don't even know why or the mind do things that you usually and normally wouldn't do or think of doing.
    The suicides most of them in that airport isn't a coincidence people don't fly to different countries and kill them selves on the way home that is not a coincidence that is all down to the corruption and the scams by greedy people working in that airport.
    They make money of you from your missed flight they make more money from extorting it from you after accusing you of things you didn't do,and the people that where unlucky to have jumped out of confusing or despperation not being in their right senses and being duped think of the money their families have to pay to repatriate their bodies home aurtopsies every thing that comes with it.
    I have a Thai friend with who's mother has worked at that airport who now lives here in Scotland.
    I will keep it discreet for anonymous purposes of her job and won't explain to much but if you read into the suicides at that airport it will start to make sense.
    This story seem about over the top but nothing surprises me with Thailand I will just take my friends advise and what he explained to me of what his mother told him and never travel there maybe it's porkies or I have the story wrong but when I Google t the suicides and read into the people stories it do make a bit at sence.

  • Rodney bell said

    Mark johnson.
    dear Mark thank you for your story was a bit of a read a couple of errors and incorrect accusations,but not far of the truth you are speaking just a little exaggerated.I do honestly agree with you about the purposely and carefully planning of harassment targeting solo tourist or travellers transiting threw bangkok airport and the alleged stealing bribery and false allegations that people are wrongly accused of by either pseudo cops, legit cops, airport security,and immigration officers.
    They do all work together and are highly organised in what they do weather it be the zig zag scam from duty free to the unlawful searches and interrogation and kidnappings of wealthy tourist.I have read one kidnapping story of a Chinese female tourist involving police and immigration officers in Bangkok airport of May 2018.
    Weather she was involved in this herself to get money from her millionaire husband is still not proven,what is proven is that police where involved and had a big part to play in the kidnapping for ransom as a few immigration officers have been captured and arrested by the authorities.
    I would think that you have this story wrong by a small few facts you claim as i stated all ready up top.
    th thing is you are correct in bribery extortion and interrogation and false accusations made by police to hold tourist for a few days, tactic to scare them into buying their freedom.
    What you mentioned about the airlines ripping you of could be down to your own stupidity it's never happened me or I've never heard it happen not disagreeing with you in the slightest but one has to be carefull when buying at that airport.
    As I said even the duty free where people are wrongly blamed for shoplifting and in a few cases it cost people 8000 to 10000 pound to get out of that terrible situation of been blamed in the wrong and sent to filthy cells to scare and intimidate these poor souls,also being ripped of by their lawyers who are also involved.Its one big circle whoever is on top comes out with the most of their I'll gotten gains money is split also between lower ranking members of the gang.
    As for the suicides no1 can explain them only the person tha jumped and God,but I would also agree that the hospitals are getting a lot of money for tourist dying and being brought to the private hospitals because if there is no money paid the hospitals sometimes most times refuse to release the bodies to the families back home unless they pay bill which could be anything up to 25000$.
    Yes people do get frustrated tired,disoriented, lack of sleep,long holiday of booze,language barrier, confusing, frightened, scared, mind over matter, or in some cases sleep walking.
    That could be the cause of them jumping or acting in a way that they never ever acted in there lives.
    It could all snow ball from there and that could be a reason they found them selves trapped in that situation and under the control of Thai police who basically can do what they like or make up what lies they like about them to up the money, the bigger the lie about a person the bigger the money.I
    Anyway I have always wondered how they can continue to scam tourist like that because I have heard the story you have wrote before but slightly different,and I always found the suicides at that airport suspicious it's something that needs to be looked into and avoided alone.
    Thais actually avoid that airport due to all the scams and the dangers of travelling threw there.
    December 2019 two Americans in the space of weeks where caught with one bullet each inside their luggage on separate occasions but sent ever seeing the bullet. one is still there till his trial he cannot leave the country his family sent over 1000s of dollars so far th othe guy for home Christmas eve.
    Also you have the Irish women who was accused of stealing from duty free had to pay 8000£ I think she is an architect and a shop lifter don't make sense.
    Seems like this is a holiday that can turn to hell for any body so just be careful and avoid Bangkok airport alone don't touch nothing in duty free have medical insurance be alert be in time just about for your flight and if you feel suspicious ring embassy or go live on Facebook it's not worth being out 1000s or in a Thai jail for their gain to God their pockets with money for their mortgages e.c.t

  • Steve singhi said

    Beware...advising all tourist to be careful Thailand is becoming worse and worse for fraud,scams,ripoffs,corrupt, police,bribes,kidnapps, and killings of lone female and even male tourist.
    If you are planning on visiting make sure you don't drink to much keep your travel plans to yourself,so not tell people where your staying or when your flying out of the country,also watch your luggage at all times you have been warned.

  • L.Kay said

    Hello, I am actually very curious, did such "horror" stories really happen to someone here? For example the thing about Suvarnabhumi airport. Do you personally know someone who got detained there for days for no reason, just to get ripped off? Thank you for the answers

  • no name said

    Tips :

    If you are in trouble, ask for an attorney and do not sign any documents and wait for the visit of your embassy.

    Burglaries are often committed by thieves wearing fake police uniforms.

    Corruption is a reality in this country, your legal rights are often ignored.

    For example in the seaside areas: I can say that the tourist police collects money as gifts from the owners of the jetski when they take their sides by threatening their customers with prison (beating and ill-treatment is a custom in their prisons) if the customers do not pay the damage on the jetski. So do not rent any equipment if it is not covered by accident insurance.

    To summarize, the series of military coups in this country has weakened its institutions. I advise you not to choose this country for your holidays. International law is a myth in this country.

  • BIG D said

    Reading some of the comments here they sound like hollywood film material ? Right !
    We all get tarred with the same brush due to them

  • FFS said

    Guys, I have been living here for several years and I reckon I got a pretty good feel of how the things work. I am in Bangkok but not in a sheltered farang environment like Asoke or Thonglo, in my area you can hardly get any food if you don't speak Thai. So, here is my take on things:

    - Yes, thai immigration are becoming more and more of a pain. They try to cut down on all these foreigners who kind-of-living here for at least part of the year and get in and out on tourist visas. They try to push for that Thailand Elite visa which costs 5K for 5 years. But it will not help your case if you are being difficult at the immigration counter. The problem is that the policy enforcement approach is constantly changing and what works on one trip may be obsolete a few months later

    - Yes, the police are corrupt. But the people who complain about paying 10,000 baht for being caught smoking on the footbridge or whatever, they just don't know how to play the game and the dish out the first amount the cop is asking from them. Haggling is the name of the game boys. Typical road infringements can be settled for 200-300 baht, even if he asks you 2000 to start with (for the normal road police. The tessakit, the Bangkok City officers with the black uniform tend to settle for 500 minimum. Or else, I have lost my haggling skills). And every time I have been pulled over on my bike and asked to pay a fine, i was at fault. No made up accusations. However, be aware that many thais look down on you if you bribe the police and they accuse you that you contribute to the overall corruption.

    - Be smart about handling each situation. Thais are proud people and many of them don't take it lightly when tourists think they are in a third world country and they can pay their way through anything

    - Don't take it as a sign of racial discrimination if the police pulls you over, especially in tourist areas. Statistically speaking, it is more likely than it will be the farang driver on a scooter who doesn't have a valid drivers license or who is drunk. In the car, by myself, I have passed several roadblocks on the motorway where police are pulling cars over and searching them and I am always waved through. Nobody stopped to search me, nobody planted any illicit drugs in my car.

    - Making an effort to speak some Thai to the officer will usually help

    - especially if your Thai isn't great, it really helps if you call someone local to speak to them. Even better if that person is a public officer or has some social standing.

    - what do you mean "the Thai police will always side with the local"? As if this is not the case where you come from? Take a step back and think again. Police are always biased towards their own citizens in disputes with tourists or expats, everywhere

    -if you buy drugs on the street, it is quite likely that the guy who sold them to you will snitch you out to the coppers and they will come to shake you down. Buying drugs in Thailand without proper contacts is really risky, don't do it. But if you do it and get caught, you can't really scream corruption, can you? You bought an illegal substance after all

    - in general, be respectful, show humility as much as possible. I have snapped several times at Thai officers and I have regretted every single one of those times. Smiling and humility can take you very far. As the penguins on Madagascar put it "just smile and wave boys, smile and wave..."

  • Unit said

    After reading these comments I think I'm going to forego my trip to Thailand and try Cambodia or Vietnam instead. Apparently Thailand isn't the same as it was the last time I was there 15 years ago.

  • Tony said

    Is Walking Street in Pattaya empty now? Are the working girls all wearing masks now?

  • David said

    I hope all those corrupt police are enjoying their measly salaries with no tourists around to supplement their income. Time for a new "game" - lets see how what happens when they start to target the locals due to no tourists being around.

  • Ian Anderson said

    Can anyone currently living in Bangkok advise me on finding an English-speaking source who can assist me to trace an old friend I lost contact with a few years ago?

  • Jones said

    Some people on this site claimed it has not always ben like it is today with increasing corruption, cheating in recent years and disrespectful treatment of the so called "farang", which ist a derogative specifically aimed at white people, if i am not mistaken.
    Im interested, could all this negative development being tied to the apparent decline of western world? Have these people heard, that there is a political trend, a pan-western agenda, to not seeing a western country as a unit, and almost an order as to not seeing yourself as part of a (ethnical) group, to explicitely ordering that there is not to be any solidarity among people of western countries, even condemming inter-western (white!) solidarity among white people as "racism"?
    Maybe they have lost respect for western countries and their citizens as they heard that display of solidarity among western common people is almost prohibited and certainly frowned upon by western governments and western media. Of course there are other mechanics of defending oneself than being part of an ethnical group that may side with you when you are obviously wronged based on your race, not only on a local scale, say like white people being around you in a ciritical situation and ready to help, but on a global scope, like your home-state intervening and maybe sending a diplomatic note when hearing about westeners being cheated or treated badly in a foreign land like Thailand. But with this defense mechanism not available, there is certainly one less strategy for a white "farang" travelers to rely upon when being in a foreign country. Maybe the Thais, among others, have noticed that.

  • Ian said

    Google now not to get killed in Thailand it's a very good read,and if you know Thailand the author couldn't of been more accurate of his version of thailand.
    I would wrecking this lockdown is not going to do much favour to the dodgy bar owners and slimy women last boys e.c..t.
    The economy is also going to feel the pinch the corrupt police will be out in force trying to fine rape and intimidate any farang he sees.
    The corrupt officials at the top will all feel this and we will see the breed really being exposed for what it is.
    I also could imagine the starved piranha will attack for the kill hungrier than ever before when tourist season opens up..
    Is be careful visiting that country what a nasty place

  • Rin said

    As someone who live in Thai, I can confirmed that the Police force of right now can be very corrupted, and many good police that do good deed can't get up their rank. and There are even corrupted Judge here, That favor those who got the rich, even when there are solid evidence like Videos Clip of what happen.
    They still try to get rid of it or even blatantly declare that They're not in the wrong and won't take responsibility for their action by going to some higher up in the police force.

    The government member of Thailand right now's also in conflict with each other. and try to delay the inevitable revolution.

    and Then just recently, They allow the people they consider to be VIP to get in the country without following safety procedure that everyone that came in the country must follow, and COVID-19 start to spreading again after it's about to recover.

    and then also the matter that This government got Soldier masquerade as Prime Minister which I kind of pity him, It's like he's a puppet that can only do as other say, It's like he feel guilty to have done a bad things but he has to do what he has been told to do.

    It's so mess up.

  • Yanisa said

    The situation in Thailand's worsening overtime.
    I don't think coming to travel here right now will be good, unless around the tourist places, I think?

    They don't have conflict there, but there are also the question of your safety, If you want to travel, It's best that you travel with those you can trust and do not go alone.

    I know that there are still some good people left, but if you come you have to be careful, and don't forget to check on what's happening in Thailand, There are murder's case pop up everyday. Gun's not legally approve in our country but so many people got them and when something happen people end up dying whether directly or crossfire.

    sorry for my bad English, I'm still learning.
    I just worry for your safety here.
    Yes there're still many good things in Thailand but there are many bad things here to.
    just like the person above has said. and there are still much more problems than what Rin's comment has said.
    so, Please don't travel here alone, and stay with those you can trust.

  • Yanisa said

    I really miss the time when his his majesty the 9th King, watch over us all.
    Things in control in that time. but now It's become nasty like what lan has said.

    I'm in despair at how the country have change over the years.
    How can we escape from this pain?

    We can't said or talk about any thing bad that happen in our own language in our own country or The police will come crashing down on us.

    It's so frustrating, this is not living. It's just like we continue to endure and exist.
    We're afraid that if we did rebel, We will get kill like what happen on 14 October 1973 once again.

    There are a lot people who disagree with things that happen here, but can't openly declare it.
    'Democracy' here's just a farce.

  • Kannika said

    Try to avoid police as much as possible.

    Sure, there are good police, but you never know which one's corrupt or not, It's better to be safe than sorry.

    and Also avoid seclude place, someone dangerous can be around there.

    Stay in place with more people but not too much or you can get your belonging stolen by some thief.
    (and Covid-19's still not end yet, even if there are only a few now. There's still a chance there whether because of what the government did in secret or from Those that came in the country illegally.)
    There are many case of this happening lately.

    The important things's to choose where you rest, don't choose the place that's too seclude. If you stay with the crowd, and something happen, They can help you. We survive again injustice and criminal this way.

    Keep recording's also important. It can be evidence you need to survive. If you got the recording of something happen, don't immediately go to the police, you post the evidence on your social apps like facebook,.. etc. first. So that if the cops can't help, you still can get help from those in Facebook.
    They're really effective to got you survive against being charging with false charge.

    If we can't survive with law, then this can definitely help. They are many people in Facebook in Thailand that will help against the injustice. If the official are corrupted, The people in Facebook will definitely take your side with the evidence you have.

    Good luck, and be safe.

  • Lance ryan said

    I'm American and I have been to a lot of countries Mexico Barcelona Russia Bulgaria Morocco bali,e.c.t.and I have witnessed corruption and all sorts which still wouldn't turn me of travelling.
    The only country I would never return to again is Thailand,it's simple as it's one of the most dangerous places I have ever been to I would not travel there ever again,I will say more

  • Ian henshaw said

    My friend is a police man here in pattaya get to know someone like this and it is smooth sailing,always protected by the other greedy pigs that live in tourist pockets and the corrupt system.
    Paying out big bath every week for protection and extortion is a big blow specially when you run pubs trying to make a living.
    The politicians here are no good and the monarch is a joke

  • Songphon Kretsuwan said

    The 9th Monarch's great, His majesty always try to help his people and a hard workers but.. the 10th Monarch, He doesn't care at all about his people, only his personal interest.

    I born and live in Thailand and can confirm that many police or law systems's corrupt.
    People have to lookout for themselves with their Camera or Videos clip to get evidence for their protection.

    There are some crime that have been going on so blatantly by the higher up, there are so many evident but they won't ever admit to it and We can't do anything about it, because most of those in high position are their own people. While there are many resistance from the people, They just gave light punishment to said criminal and let them be. I don't know when or will it ever change for the better.

    Ah.. I just remember that there are still many good people in the royal. It's just that The 10th Monarch's the problem.

    Also, anyone that speak badly of the 10th Monarch in public or in Social apps such as Facebook. can be kidnapped and vanish.

    Even though Covid-19's pretty quite here now, It's because the people being careful by themselves, while the government still brought over people from others country without following the 14 days containment measure, and got Covid to spread again.

    While there are many beautiful place to travel here, It's not worth it.

    I also want to be in another country,but I'm stuck here now.

    Sorry for my bad English, but hope this help you even for a bit.

  • Paul said

    The best advise a friend gave me is to NEVER contact the police. The Thai girlfriend also agrees with this statement where they just want your money. They aren't there to enforce the law but to profit from it themselves. I've heard stories from friends where he would call the police and they would put drugs in his room and make them pay a fine. This happen after a hooker took some of his staff and money. I was on Koh Samui where a Westerner tried to become the next local drug dealer. That same week a Thai blow his brains out in front of everyone where the cops did nothing. This is the real world people like how our ancestors use to live.

    If you have a problem with a Thai, the police will always go on their side. You have no rights compare to Western countries. It makes me laugh how the Left complain about equality and diversity but in the real world like Thailand, you have no rights if you're a farang. You need to deal with whatever is going on, don't waste your time with the corrupt police. If someone steals your stuff, it's gone, don't bother reporting it. If you get into a fight, you are on your own.

    I was drunk one night and in a bad mood where I throw a bottle in the direction of some Thais by accident. Next thing, they laid into me where I just ran for it. I have a martial art background so I can look after myself but I still had bruises from blocking kicks and punches and on my body. I didn't go to the police cause I know just like the stories here, I would be the one getting into trouble. I also didn't fight back cause I knew I could be killed. Thais know how to fight so don't ever start a fight with one. You are a vistor, always show them respect. Don't lose face.

    When the king died, Thailand really went to shit. The Thais love the old king where they hate the new one. I find the Thai happy attitude isn't there much since his death. They are very angry at the new kings behaviour where the guy is a train wreak.

    I've basically learnt to live with the fact there is no justice where when I hear Westerners fighting for justice in their home country if someone wrong them and take them to court, it makes me laugh. In a corrupt country, there is no such thing as justice where you need to accept this or go back to your Western country. I prefer to look after myself and deal with problems myself to be honest. The whole Nanny State bullshit in Australia pisses me off. I feel more free in Thailand than in Australia.

    If I were to have a family in Thailand, I would have lots of children so we have our own little army to deal with problems cause like I said before, the police don't do shit when it comes to crime. You have to deal with it yourself. You need to accept the corruption and no justice if you want to live in Thailand like most 3rd world countries. It can be tough but tough environments make tough people. I don't want my kids to grow up and be snowflakes like in Western countries and be spoil little brats hence why I'm looking to make a future over in Thailand.

  • David said

    I've been living in Thailand now for 5 years full time. I cannot say I've had any problems with the police at all. I have had problems with renting places from Farangs though. I've lost my deposit 3 times. One for 50,000 baht. One for 110,000 baht. And another for 180,000 baht. I've had all my belongings stolen from me inside one of these places, taken by a foreigner owner. He told me that he has the police captain in his back pocket and can do whatever it is he wants to me. Also since the lock down things have gotten much worse now. It's now out in the open and the people who do not like Farangs are making themselves known now. A guy tried to run me down at the Mall and tried to hit me with his car. Another guy in a Mercedes told me that I'd better get out of his way. When I told him I could easily beat him up with the greatest of ease he then told me to follow him down to the police station. It's getting militant here that's for sure....and I have a date with destiny and I don't want to be late.....Always remember, real men don't take anything from anybody, police, military, doesn't make any difference whatsoever. If you mess with a man you're going to pay a man's price. Since there are no "men" here they of course do not understand this. Their ways are lies and deception and murder....nothing more.....All people should know and realize.....there are many Thai's who hate Farangs......maybe only 10% of them, but that's enough to make things very unpleasant.....they are making a statement more Farangs in Thailand....oddly enough when I'm with my girlfriend nothing ever happens to me....when I'm alone I'm a target.....

  • Phoenix tours said

    Thanks for your tips...

  • peter said

    Thai Police in Thailand work with the Mafia and most of them commit murder for money after hours, beleave me i've lived in Thaland for a long time.....Dueing the day they play cop but after hours in the Province's they Kill....So be aware not to go outside of the tourest area

  • Erik JC Young said

    The Thai police are no longer paid 6000 Baht per month. This has been increased to 27,400 Baht per month and higher ranking officers earn up to 96,000 Baht per month

  • Auriga said

    The police are extremely corrupt, and act like an organized crime syndicate. Those officers who try do be honest never get promoted or get sent to dangerous places like Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat. Most officers have to pay a bribe simply to get their first jobs.

    I've known the country for 25 years, and it is falling a part. Even a new democratic government, or an abdication of the monarch, wouldn't change anything because corruption is deeply imbedded in all local institutions like hospitals, schools, police stations, municipalities, military bases etc. The locally powerful people will never accept any changes.

    The Thai people's current solution is to use social media to get justice, but this only amplifies the intense atmosphere. Now they all have to worry about corrupt police and online witch hunts, because today they have to deal with old-school government control and modern social network control based on mob-rule. Anyone with an e.g. business competitor is at risk of slandering, and there is no justice system to defend themselves from false accusations. All this is the perfect recipe for widespread paranoia. Facebook was actively used to demonize the Rohingyas, when a genocide on them became a reality in Myanmar.

    I all honesty, who is fit to govern Thailand, and take on the wrath of an entire country of corrupt officials and businessmen. Until they have solved this massive issue, Thailand remains a dangerous place for all foreigners. There is simply no justice, and emotionally-fueled social networks have only increased the danger.

  • Harry dodds said

    Sleazy place my friend just got back from there and he has said the thai locals are turning on the flang it's very very dangerous specially when the locals are hungry and the flang is living good.
    They also blame the flang for this pandemic you have been warned

  • thai guy said

    seeing some of the comments. If you guys have the idea that you can be as drunk or as crazy as you can because Thailand is a 'third world country', then you deserve to be arrested or fined, whatever. Especially if you OVERSTAY YOUR VISA...just absurd. how can you not know when you need to go back. These people shouldn't visit Thailand. You know as a Thai person, we just dislike the sense of these cheap backpackers visiting Thailand for alcohol, drug, and sex because it's just fueling these illegal industries. These people make Thailand worse

  • Ligi said

    To the above ,......If Thailand didn't promote sex, drugs, and party scenes,entice people to go there and ignoring the prostitution, maybe you wouldn't have all walks of life over there
    The place is sick and it's the government's, fault not the farang
    The people and long term farang would do anything for money.
    MY ADVICE KEEP AWAY ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  • Almost died in bangkok said

    Hi so basically this is a true story. Me and my dad we went to bangkok and stayed at very top 5* hotel in bangkok. And i wanted to arrange an escort for my dad. This turned to a bad bad idea, she managed to spike my dads drink and still all the monry in his room, when i arrived at his room, he was paralysed and the curtains were closed, i obly just realised after this happened. We went down to reception to ask them to report this case to the police, i had all the messages saved from the escort website, and they called in 3 non uniform cops to hotel, they tried to accusse us and the hotel wanted us to pay for the hotel right away even after losing all the money, my god this country is worst then africa curroption!! Please never visit, so me and my dad were called upon a friend i knew his father lived in bangkok, and he helped us, we tried to leave this shithole country asap, and we got into his car, the hotel that day try tl force us to get inside the yellow taxi whixh obviously is part of the mafia related group, we stayed at friends house, and even the hotel lobby was full of these royal thai police. Honestly it was like a bourne identitiy movie. We almost thought we died there. Trip was only a few days. Ane even in the airport they tried to get rid of a paper i had in my passport, and i remember the hotel showed us photos of our passportz as if to threaten us. Its been more than 5 years since this incident and it still hauntes me. Im glad to be bqck at home away from this devils place. When i came back i rewuested video fottoage from the head quarters of this hotel company and no reply. Please never set foot in this place they really hare us foriengers. I went to south korea and at least that was plasant with no horro stories.

    My god, thialand is worst country ever, and me and my father almost disspeardd there, they almost killed us. I wish i had reported this when i got back to home country, im worried that these incidents are haplening everyday there, and thai mafia trying hard to trap foreingers there so they cannot escape.

    Stay safe and stay away from thailand!

  • Jim said

    Seems all the tourist 'honeypot' places have all the problems.
    Hardly had any after 17 years here (Deep South)

  • Ronnie said

    The place is a walking death trap no good of a place .
    Imagine you have to watch your bk 24/7 even not getting a proper night sleep because of some staff In hotels.
    I've seen and heard enough from Thailand I never want to see the place again .
    I do pray for the young pack packers that go out there not realizing and find themselves in danger.
    Keep far away from police, don't bring nobody into your room,be careful of bar owners who try and be friend you, and ask you all about yourself and where you come from, mostly them people are the ones trying to find out have you money or maybe savings at home in order to have you wrongfully arrested and bribed .
    Trust me I could tell you millions of tragedy and horror stories straight out of Pattaya you wouldn't believe
    The place will even steal your soul be safe and please avoid that nasty place
    Why I write this now is because I'm old and feel sorry for those who lost their lives over there,many students bk,packers e.c. t and be careful of tourisr trappers you could find yourself in a situation that you cannot get out of

  • Tiffany said

    My brother went there 9 years ago for a month. He took a taxi to the airport and when he got out, the taxi driver took off with all of his belongings. He only had the clothes on his back. No ID, no passport, no plane ticket, no cell phone, nothing… the airport personnel and police wouldn’t help him, let him call anyone, call the embassy, or anything. Someone let him borrow their laptop for a moment and he posted on Facebook pleading for help. “Please help, I’m stuck at Bangkok airport”. He was dead about 11 minutes later. They say he jumped. The whole family and friends doubt that. He had an incredible time and was excited to go home, and toxicology results showed nothing in his system. We still don’t have answers, but we all suspect foul play and a coverup.

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