Activities, Sports and Adventures Covered by World Nomads

Activities, Sports & Adventures covered by World Nomads

Abseiling (indoor or outdoor up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Acrobatics (gymnastics or trapeze) Standard
Aerial safari Standard
Aerobics Standard
Air guitar Standard
Airsoft Standard
American football (Gridiron) Standard
Angling Standard
Archery Standard
Athletics Standard
ATVs Standard
Au Pair / Nanny (paid or volunteer childcare) Standard
Aviation Explorer
Backpacking Standard
Badminton Standard
Ballet Standard
Ballooning Explorer
Ballroom dancing Standard
Banana boat rides Standard
Barefoot water skiing Standard
Base jumping Excluded
Baseball Standard
Basketball Standard
Bicycle polo Standard
Bicycle touring Standard
Bikepacking Standard
Black Water Rafting (grades 1 - 5) Standard
BMX (on road / off road / on track / cross country) Standard
Boating Standard
Bobsled (in snow) Explorer
Bobsled (non-snow track) Standard
Bobsleigh Standard
Bouldering or soloing (up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Bowling (lawn, ten-pin, nine-pin, candlepin, duckpin and five-pin bowling, bowls, pétanque & boules) Standard
Boxing (gym or outdoor training) Standard
Broomball (hockey) Standard
Bull riding Explorer
Bungee/Bungy jumping Standard
Bushcraft Standard
Bushwalking Standard
Butoh Standard
Camel riding / trekking Standard
Camping (up to 19,685 feet/6,000 meters) Standard
Camping (up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Canoeing Standard
Canyon swing Standard
Canyoning Standard
Capoeira Dancing Standard
Cave diving (to 165 feet/ 50 meters) Explorer
Cave tubing (grades 1 - 5) Standard
Cavern diving (to 165 feet/ 50 meters) Explorer
Caving (sightseeing/tourist attraction) Standard
Caving/spelunking/potholing Explorer
Cheerleading Standard
Clay pigeon shooting Standard
Cliff diving Explorer
Cliff jumping Explorer
Competing at international events as a national representative Standard
Construction or renovation work (paid or volunteer manual work painting, using power tools, labourer, operating machinery, roadwork, working at height) Explorer
Cricket Standard
Croquet Standard
Cruising (crewing on a cruise ship) Standard
Cruising (passenger on a cruise ship) Standard
Curling Standard
Cycle touring Standard
Dance (ballet, ballroom, capoeira, salsa, interpretive dance) Standard
Darts Standard
Deep sea fishing Standard
Deep water soloing Explorer
Deepelling (up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Disc golfing Standard
Dirt boarding Standard
Diving Explorer
Dodge ball Standard
Dog sledding Standard
Dragon boating Standard
Dune buggy Standard
Elephant riding / trekking Standard
Environmental or conservation work (paid or volunteer manual work) Standard
Equestrian activities Standard
Fell running / walking Standard
Fencing Standard
Fishing (deep sea, inland, ice fishing) Standard
Fitness training Standard
Floorball Standard
Fly by wire Explorer
Flying (as a passenger in a glider or ultralight) Standard
Flying (as a passenger in a private, licensed scheduled or chartered aircraft or helicopter) Standard
Flying (as a passenger while stunt flying, performing aerobatics) Explorer
Flying (as a pilot or crew of any aircraft) Explorer
Football (soccer) Standard
Footgolf Standard
Free diving (to 60 meters) Explorer
Free soloing Explorer
Frisbee Standard
Fruit picking (paid or volunteer WWOOFing, general farm work, manual work) Standard
Glacier walking (up to 19,685 feet/6,000 meters) Standard
Gliding Standard
Go karting Standard
Golf Standard
Gridiron Standard
Gym training (aerobics, spinning, zumba, body pump, weight training, cross training, crossfit) Standard
Gymnastics Standard
Handball Standard
Hang gliding Explorer
Heli-skiing / boarding Explorer
High diving up to 10 meters Standard
High Wire Explorer
Hiking or tramping (up to 19,685 feet/6,000 meters) Standard
Hiking or tramping (up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Hockey Standard
Horse riding (equestrian, dressage, show jumping, eventing, polo) Standard
Horse riding (leisure, social, bare back, non-competitive riding) Standard
Horse riding (rodeo) Explorer
Hospitality, bar work (paid or volunteer manual work) Standard
Hot air ballooning Explorer
Hunting (excluding big game) Standard
Hurling Standard
Hydrofoiling Standard
Hydrospeeding (grades 1-5) Standard
Ice climbing (up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Ice fishing Standard
Ice hockey Standard
Ice Skating Standard
Indoor skydiving Standard
In-line skating Standard
Jet boating Standard
Jet pack Explorer
Jet skiing Standard
Kayaking Standard
Kite boarding (on land or water) Standard
Kite buggy Standard
Kite flying Standard
Kite surfing Standard
Kite wing Standard
Korfball Standard
Lacrosse Standard
Land surfing Standard
Lawn bowling Standard
Lifeguarding Explorer
Live Action Role Play (LARP) Standard
Martial arts (cage fighting, mixed martial arts, kick boxing, Muay Thai) Explorer
Martial arts (Judo, karate) Standard
Martial arts (non contact) Standard
Medical and health care paid or volunteer work (health education, medical services, medical practitioner) Explorer
Microflight Standard
Mongol Rally Standard
Moped riding Standard
Motocross Explorer
Motorcycling (no coverage for motorcycle) Standard
Motor biking (on or off road, trail bike riding) Standard
Motor biking (pillion passenger) Standard
Motor racing (driver or passenger in a motor sport show, race, competition or rally) Explorer
Motor racing experience (passenger only) Standard
Mountain biking Standard
Mountain guide (mountaineering; rock climbing instructor or guide using ropes or specialist equipment) Excluded
Mountaineering, high altitude climbing or expeditions (over 22,965 feet/7,000 meters, unsupported or solo expeditions, exploratory expeditions or new routes) Excluded
Mountaineering, high altitude climbing or expeditions (up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Netball Standard
Obstacle course/assault course/trim trail Standard
Office work (paid or volunteer clerical, non-manual work) Standard
Orienteering Standard
Outdoor endurance / multi-sport (ultra distance or more) Explorer
Outdoor endurance / multi-sport (less than ultra distance) Standard
Outrigger canoeing Standard
Outward Bound Standard
Paddle boarding Standard
Paid or volunteer high risk work (offshore, underground or caves, commercial diving) Explorer
Paint balling Standard
Parachuting Explorer
Paragliding Explorer
Parapenting Explorer
Parasailing Standard
Parascending (over land) Standard
Parkour Standard
Pickleball Standard
Polar Plunge Standard
Potholing Explorer
Power lifting Standard
Quad biking Standard
Racquetball Standard
Rambling Standard
Rap jumping (indoor or outdoor up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Rapelling (indoor or outdoor up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Raquet ball Standard
Retail work (paid or volunteer shop assistant / store manager, general retail, manual work) Standard
Rickshaw Run Explorer
Rifle range/sports shooting Standard
Riverboarding (grades 1-5) Standard
Rock climbing (outdoor up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Rock climbing or bouldering (indoor) Standard
Rock fishing Standard
Roller blading Standard
Roller derby Standard
Roller hockey Standard
Roller skating Standard
Rounders Standard
Rowing Standard
Rugby (Leage/Union) Standard
Running / walking (less than ultra distance) Standard
Running / walking (ultra marathon or more) Explorer
Running of the bulls (spectator) Standard
Running of the bulls (with the bulls) Explorer
Safari tours Standard
Sail boarding Standard
Sailing Standard
Salsa dancing Standard
Sandboarding Standard
Sandskiing Standard
Scooter riding Standard
Scrambling (up to 19,685 feet/6,000 meters) Standard
Scrambling (up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters ) Explorer
Scuba diving - paid or volunteer instructor or guide (to 165 feet/50 meters) Explorer
Scuba diving (Cave or cavern diving to 165 feet/ 50 meters) Explorer
Scuba diving (commercial to 165 feet/50 meters) Explorer
Scuba diving (to 165 feet/50 meters) Standard
Scuba diving (unqualified/learn to dive course/discover dive with qualified instructor) Standard
Scuba diving to 50 metres Standard
Sculling Standard
Sea canoeing Standard
Sea kayaking Standard
Segway polo Standard
Segway tours Standard
Shark cage diving (to 165 feet/50 meters) Explorer
Shooting (rifle range / sports) Standard
Skateboarding (ramp, half pipe, skate park, street) Standard
Skeleton Standard
Ski instructor or guide (paid or volunteer) Explorer
Ski joring Standard
Skidoos Standard
Skiing (acrobatics, free-style, jumping, flying, stunting) Explorer
Skiing (backcountry/outside of resort boundary/alpine ski touring) Explorer
Skiing (by helicopter/snow cat) Explorer
Skiing (cross country/nordic skiing on marked trails) Standard
Skiing (dry slope) Standard
Skiing (on piste or off piste within resort boundaries) Standard
Skiing (power assisted skiing) Standard
Skiing (racing) Explorer
Skiing (snowblading) Standard
Skiing (terrain park within resort) Explorer
Skiing with a miniwing (speed riding) Explorer
Skydiving Explorer
Skydiving from hot air balloon Explorer
Sledding/Snow Sleds/Snow Sleighs (on snow) Standard
Sleigh rides Standard
Snooker Standard
Snorkelling Standard
Snow biking Standard
Snow kiting Standard
Snow mobiling Standard
Snow rafting Standard
Snowboarding (on piste or off piste within resort boundaries) Standard
Snowboarding (acrobatics, free-style, jumping, flying, stunting) Explorer
Snowboarding (backcountry/outside of resort boundary/alpine ski touring) Explorer
Snowboarding (by helicopter/snow cat) Explorer
Snowboarding (dry slope) Standard
Snowboarding (racing) Explorer
Snowboarding (terrain park within resort) Explorer
Snowboarding instructor or guide (paid or volunteer) Explorer
Snowshoeing Standard
Soccer Standard
Softball Standard
Spearfishing Standard
Speed boating Standard
Speed flying Standard
Speed trials Standard
Spelunking (caving) Explorer
Sports coaching paid or volunteer (ball sports, surfing, swimming) Standard
Squash Standard
Stand up paddle surfing/paddle boarding Standard
Stilt walking Standard
Stoolball Standard
Stunt flying Explorer
Surf boat rowing Standard
Surfing Standard
Swimming Standard
Swimming with whales/whale sharks Standard
Table tennis Standard
Tandem skydiving Explorer
Target Shooting Standard
Tchoukball Standard
Teaching (paid or volunteer work) Standard
Ten pin bowling Standard
Tennis Standard
Theme parks / fairgrounds Standard
Tobogganing Standard
Tough Mudder Explorer
Trail bike riding Standard
Trail running (up to 19,685 feet/6,000 meters) Standard
Trampolining Standard
Trapeze Explorer
Tree Climbing (trees up to 10 meters) Standard
Trekking (up to 19,685 feet/6,000 meters) Standard
Trekking (up to 22,965 feet/7,000 meters) Explorer
Triathalon (less than ultra-distance) Standard
Triathalon (ultra-distance or more) Explorer
Tubing on rivers Standard
Tubing on snow Standard
Tuk Tuk (as a passenger) Standard
Tuk Tuk (racing, hire without licensed driver, Rickshaw Run) Explorer
Ultimate frisbee Standard
Unicycling Standard
Via ferrata Explorer
Volleyball Standard
Volunteering (childcare, teaching, environmental, wildlife or animal care, WWOOF) Standard
Volunteering (medical, health care, construction, renovation projects, NGO support, disaster relief) Explorer
Wake skating Standard
Wakeboarding Standard
Walking (up to 19,685 feet/6,000 meters) Standard
War games (military simulation) Explorer
War games (online gaming) Standard
Water polo Standard
Water skiing Standard
Weight training Standard
White water kayaking Standard
White water rafting Standard
Wildlife and animal care (paid or volunteer manual work) Standard
Windsurfing Standard
Wingsuit flying Explorer
WWOOFing (general farm work, fruit picking, manual work) Standard
Yachting Standard
Yoga (class, alone/home practice) Standard
Yoga (yoga teacher) Standard
Yungas Road (Death Road) Excluded
Zip line Standard
Zorbing Standard

Some of these activities may have specific restrictions. Please check the policy wording for details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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