What countries does World Nomads travel insurance cover?

We offer travel insurance to most countries in the world, however war or sanctions may affect coverage available to a destination or region.

When you get a quote, you’ll select the country or countries you plan to visit. If you try to add a country that we don’t cover (e.g. Cuba, North Korea, Sudan), the system won’t let you continue with the quote. It’s important to choose all the countries or regions you plan to travel to when you buy your policy.

If you choose certain regions like Asia or Worldwide, rather than individual countries, please note there may be some countries excluded from coverage.

How sanctions affect travel insurance coverage

We are prohibited from offering coverage to US travelers who are traveling to countries that have economic or trade sanctions against it.

If a country is sanctioned by the U.S. government, we are not able to offer coverage if you travel there. This means we cannot offer emergency evacuation or medical assistance in those countries. We also cannot pay any claims for events that may occur while you are there or that are related to your travel there.

Pay attention to travel warnings from the US Department of State

If the U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning for a country you’re planning to visit, you should be realistic about the assistance we will be able to provide – for example, we might not be able to offer an emergency evacuation if the government of the country you’re in won’t allow it.

You should also expect to pay out of pocket for any expenses, and then claim for your costs to be reimbursed once you’re back home.

Government warnings can be issued or changed without notice at any time, so always check the status with the U.S. State Department before you buy a policy and before you pay anything towards your trip, either deposits or the full amount.

Important to note

Sanctions and government warnings change, so be sure to check the US State Department’s latest travel advice.

If you have any questions, please reach out – we’re happy to help.

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