All our policies are subject to a period within which you may be able to cancel your policy without any penalty. This period is called a “free look” or review period. This is the time to examine your travel insurance coverage in greater depth to see if it’s the right match for your travels. If it’s not, then you can get a refund on the premium as long as you haven’t started your trip or used the policy in any way.

How long is the free look period?

That depends on your state of residence. Look at your policy documents -- specifically under the “Satisfaction Guarantee” section for details on how long this period is for you. Typically, the free look period is 10 days, but some states do not have one.

Do I qualify for a refund?

During the free look period, you can cancel your policy for any reason but there are certain requirements you need to meet, notably:

• You must not have left home or started your trip (If you’re already traveling ad purchased your policy to start the same day, we consider that as starting your trip);
• You must not have made a claim or intend to make a claim;
• You must not have exercised any other rights under the policy, such as using the concierge service or other Travel Assistance Programs.

How do I cancel my policy during the free look period?

For members: Log into your membership and select the relevant policy. If you’re within the free look period and haven’t made a claim, there should be an option to cancel. Don’t see your policy but have a membership? You might have purchased as a guest. You’ll need to contact us to request a membership merge.

For guests (and members): Contact us, and we’ll cancel your policy for you.

You should receive your refund within 7 – 10 business days once you’ve received confirmation.

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