What happens if I don't have some of the documents you ask for?

If you're completing a claim online and don't have all the documents requested, don't panic! Sometimes, despite turning your house upside down, it’s just not possible to get a hold of them. 

Here's what to do if that happens to you. 

If you've lost or misplaced a receipt: 

  • Send us a credit card statement that shows proof of purchase.
  • Provide a warranty for the item or any other documentation that confirms your ownership.
  • Ask the store where you purchased the item from to provide you with a copy of the receipt. 

If the item was a gift: 

Ask the person who gave you the gift for the receipt or a copy of any of the documents mentioned above. If you do not have a receipt, a reduction in value of 25% is taken for the first year from the purchase date and 10% per year thereafter. 

If you don't have a report:  

If we’ve asked you to provide a police report, medical report or some other documentation to verify the facts of your claim, and you don’t have them, then you may not be covered.

So what next? 

The more documents you have showing your loss, the more likely it is that our team will be able to verify your claim and reimburse you.  So, when you’ve put in your best efforts to find most of the documents we requested, it's time to complete your claim submission. 

Remember, you must notify us within 7 days of any losses and submit your documentation within 90 days.  

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us

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