Am I covered for countries other than the ones I list on my policy?

The quickest and easiest way to make sure you’re covered for the countries you’re planning on travelling to, is to select them all when you purchase your travel insurance with us. 

If we don’t provide cover to the country you’ve selected we may let you know right away before you purchase your travel insurance.  But if you’ve already started travelling, are contemplating a side trip to a country other than those you specified and need to know if you’re covered, there’s a few things you need to know.

What if I’ve already started travelling and want to make a side trip to a country I didn’t list?

While World Nomads provides travel insurance coverage for travel to more than 130 countries worldwide, there’s still many we can’t or won’t provide cover for.

We exclude cover for travel to sanctioned countries or those with a Do Not Travel advisory against them by the Australian Government. That means if you select a region when purchasing your policy, you’re only covered for those countries in that region we provide cover to… and it can be tricky knowing which countries those are.

The best thing to do if your plans change is to contact us to check if you’re covered under your current policy. You may still be covered to travel to that missing country, as long as it’s in the same, or a lower, region of cover on your policy.

Can I upgrade and add regions or countries once I’ve started travelling?

It’s not possible to upgrade or add another higher priced country or region to your policy after you buy it. If you’re still within the 21 day cooling off period and you haven’t already left Australia you can cancel for a full refund and re-purchase your policy.

If you’ve already left Australia or are outside of the cooling off period, contact us.

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