Travel Insurance: What is my country of residence?

Your country of permanent residence is the country you would want to be repatriated to in the event of a medical emergency, and where you are entitled to long term health care if required.

To qualify as an Australian resident, you must be a citizen or holder of a residency visa and have all of the following in your home country

  • Unlimited and unconditional right of entry;
  • Access to long-term medical care (e.g. national health cover or private health cover. However, reciprocal health agreements are not adequate) if you’re unable to continue your trip and you require repatriation and ongoing medical care at home; and
  • A permanent residential address.

You can buy insurance even if you’re already travelling and not at home in your country of permanent residency.

Who is covered by my travel insurance policy?

You're not eligible for cover if you:

  • Intend to live overseas at a permanent residential address for more than two years;
  • Will be 70 years old at the time you buy your policy or at the time you extend your trip and buy more cover;
  • Intend to use this policy in place of private health insurance; or
  • Don't wish to return to Australia (for example, in the event of a medical repatriation from overseas).

Please be aware that your policy can’t cover any expenses incurred within your country permanent residence.

Each policy has specific conditions or definitions of residence, so do read the policy wording carefully to see if you’re eligible to buy it.

Also, if you are travelling with people from different countries of residence, they will have to buy separate policies to cover their country of residence, which may have different terms and conditions of cover.

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