Am I covered if my pre-booked activities and stay is cancelled?

Sometimes the best part of a trip is looking forward to some fun activities and tours throughout your travels. But then things that are outside of your control happen and you can't enjoy the experience you've already paid for. It’s important to know if you have cover in the event your pre-booked activity, tour, study trip or accommodation is cancelled, as you may be able to reclaim your costs.

Travel insurance is designed to provide cover for events which are sudden, unforeseen, unavoidable, outside your control and that occur after you buy your policy.

What’s Covered

If you experience a sudden, unforeseen, unavoidable Insured Event that is outside your control that results in a cancellation, we can pay for reasonable additional transport, accommodation and cancellation expenses. 

Cover for cancellation expenses

Cancellation Expenses can pay for the value of unused, non-refundable expenses that you’ve already paid for your activity, tour, study trip or accommodation.

For example: due to an Insured Event you’re not able to go on your pre-booked and pre-paid tour and you’re charged a 100% cancellation fee. We may reimburse you the full cancellation fee. 

If you’ve purchased the Standard Plan, you can be covered up to AUD$5,000 for singles and AUD$10,000 for a Couple/Duo or Family. If you’ve purchased the Explorer Plan, there is unlimited cover for Trip Cancellation. 

Cover for trip interruption expenses

If you’ve already started your trip and experience a cancellation as a result of an Insured Event, Trip Interruption Expenses can pay reasonable additional transport and accommodation expenses to rearrange your trip.

If you’ve purchased the Standard Plan, you can be covered up to AUD$2,500 for singles and AUD$5,000 for a Couple/Duo or Family. If you’ve purchased the Explorer Plan you have cover for up to AUD$5,000 for singles and up to AUD$10,000 for a Couple/Duo or Family 

Cover for insured events

We offer cover for 14 insured events. Key Insured Events include sudden death, illness or injury, natural disasters, theft of travel documents and operator cancellation. The full list of Insured Events is available in Section 3 of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

What’s not covered

The policy isn’t designed to cover everything and there are some exclusions. Some things that aren’t covered include:

  • Loss arising from an existing medical condition, except as described in ‘Health Conditions & Your Policy.’
  • You decline a reasonable alternative service or compensation offered by a carrier or other travel service provider.
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency of a tour operator, airline or accommodation provider. Read more here.
  • Any act or threat of terrorism.
  • An epidemic, pandemic, or World Health Organisation declaration of a public health emergency of international concern.
  • Any exclusions in the General Exclusions or any section specific exclusions.

The information on this page is a summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the policy. You should read your PDS in full so you understand what is and isn’t covered. If you have any questions, please contact us.  



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