What am I covered for when it comes to terrorism?

We all know that the media loves to jump and down and muddy the waters when it comes to terrorism. What we have found is that many Aussie travellers are confused about the cover provided under a World Nomads policy.

For any cover to apply, it’s a condition that the policy is/was purchased before a mass media or government warning is/was in place for the region or country you are travelling to. For example, you travel to Istanbul and the Australian government has a do not travel warning in place and while you are there you are injured as a result of terrorism; there is no cover for medical expenses incurred.

Are my medical expenses covered?

Yes, the World Nomads policy covers injures you’ve sustained as a result of a terrorist attack. You can be covered for treatments such as:

  • Medical Evacuation by air or road ambulance to the most suitable medical facility
  • Admissionand treatment in hospital
  • Day surgery and out-patient medical treatment
  • Repatriation home - with a medical escort if you’re not fit to continue travelling, when pre-approved

The cost of medical care varies depending on where you are, e.g. a hospital visit in Bangkok is generally cheaper than a hospital visit for the same injury in the U.S, so you may want to take that in to consideration when choosing your plan.

Am I covered if I need to cancel or change my plans?

No. The policy excludes cover where terrorism causes you to cancel your trip. There’s also an exclusion which rules out cover if you change your mind. So where there’s no cover, it’s a good idea to hit up your travel provider & accommodation provider to see what refunds they can offer you.

Can you refund the rest of my policy because I’ve returned home early?

As you’ve been travelling on the policy and it’s now outside of the cooling off period, there are no partial refunds.

What if I have to leave where I'm staying after a terrorism event and leave all of my stuff behind - can I replace it?

Unfortunately there’s no cover if you leave your stuff behind. However, if it was damaged, you can make a claim. Proof of the damage will be required to help assess any claim.

Why is a Do Not Travel country excluded? Is it because of terrorism or something else?

Do Not Travel countries are excluded from the coverage as they’re considered too high risk. In short, we don’t want you dead. Do Not Travel warnings are issued by the Australian Government on the Smartraveller website for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to the high risk of a terrorist attack, violent social unrest, or ongoing armed conflict.

How to get help

If you’re going about your trip, taking in the sights, and photographing every morsel of food you’ve touched, and you’re injured as the result of a blast or other terrorist act, get yourself to safety before you do anything else. Once you’re safe, it’s important to contact the emergency assistance team as soon as you can, so they can guide you to the nearest hospital for appropriate care. We’d hate to think you’re out there trying to navigate foreign hospitals by yourself. The team in the World Nomad’s travel safety department have put this article together to help you survive a terrorist attack.

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