Am I covered if my bags and valuables have been damaged?

Your checked-in baggage and belongings have arrived but not in quite the same state as you handed them over. If your bags or belongings have been damaged in transit, there’s cover to claim the cost of repair - or replacement if the damage can’t be repaired (with some exceptions – see ‘What’s not covered’).

How much can I claim?

This depends on what plan you buy (Standard or Explorer) and how many travellers are listed on your policy.

Plan1 Traveller2+ Travellers
Standard up to $350 per item, total claim $2,000 up to $350 per item, total claim  $4,000
Explorer up to $700 per item, total claim  $10,000 up to $700 per item, total claim  $20,000

What do I need to do if my bags or belongings are damaged in transit?

  • Report it before you leave the airport, or as soon as reasonably possible, to a responsible officer for the carrier and obtain a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) or similar official report in writing.
  • Seek compensation from the carrier first before making a claim on your policy. Where you can show that you’ve exhausted all attempts to make a full recovery from the responsible party, we’ll pay the difference up to the policy limits.
  • Arrange a repair quote to document the damage and provide this quote to support your claim. Physical evidence of the damaged item may also be requested where reasonable.
  • Make a claim online for your damaged baggage and have ready all relevant documentation to support your claim, including the purchase receipt to show proof of ownership, age and original value of your belongings.
  • The $100 policy excess applies to damaged baggage and personal items claims.

Does my insurance cover my tech?

Watch the video to learn how our travel policy can provide cover for all of your tech gear during your travels.

What’s not covered?

Travel insurance is not designed to cover everything, so take the time to read the terms, conditions limits and exclusions in the policy wording, particularly Section 4 – Your Belongings and the General Exclusions, so there are no surprises if you do need to use it.

The main things not covered are:

1. Denting, scratching, mechanical or electrical breakdown or malfunction

2. Damage to any of the following if left in checked-in baggage/held for transport by the carrier:

  • specified high value items
  • portable electronic devices (including tablets, laptops, photographic or video equipment, mobile phones and other hand-held devices)
  • jewellery
  • passports, travel documents
  • cash and credit cards

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