Am I covered by travel insurance if my passport's been lost, stolen or damaged?

You’re away on your trip and can’t find your passport or it’s been damaged beyond recognition? Panicking, you wonder what you need to do to get another one ASAP... Read on to see how your policy may be able to help!

If your passport is stolen, lost or damaged while on your travels overseas, there’s cover to claim for the replacement costs to get you back on the road and back to your adventures.


There’s cover if your passport has been stolen from your person (ie while you were carrying it) or when supervised and within your reach and view at all times.

You’ll need to show visible evidence of damage and forced entry to support your claim if your passport has been stolen from any of the following: a locked safe, locked safety box or locked compartment (which is out of public view and public access) or your private, locked accommodation.


You can claim when your passport is accidentally damaged or destroyed by fire or natural disaster.


If an accommodation provider, tour operator or government (when they're required by law to hold your passport) has lost your passport, then you have a valid claim.

What exactly can I claim for?

  • the pro-rata value of the time you had left on your passport when it was stolen, e.g. if you had 2 years left on a 10 year passport, 20% of the replacement cost is covered.
  • any official processing fees charged to replace your passport
  • reasonable and necessary travel and accommodation costs to get you to the nearest city where you can apply for your new passport, get an emergency passport and stay while you wait to pick it up.

What you need to do

Report the loss, theft or damage of your passport, as soon as you can, to:

  • the local police.
  • For Australians, the Australian Government online ( or phone/visit the nearest Australian Diplomatic or Consular mission as soon as possible.
  • Contact our Emergency Assistance team if you need help in locating your nearest Diplomatic or Consular mission.

When you make a claim, you’ll need to send your receipts for the additional travel expenses, accommodation expenses, passport processing fees and copies of all documentation provided by the Australian government.

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