Does World Nomads cover all family members on an overseas trip?

If your days of travelling alone or with mates have been replaced by your partner and kids, you’ll want to know who is covered and what cover is provided before you pack your bags.

World Nomads has two travel insurance plans – Standard and Explorer – in which a family is defined as two adults, 69 years old or younger at the time you buy or extend your policy. You must be travelling together for the majority of the trip. Our plans include cover for one to eight dependents.

NOTE: All travellers must be residents of Australia, so check the PDS section titled ‘Who can buy this insurance?’ for full details of who is eligible to purchase.

Please also note that one of the travelling adults must be the legal guardian, parent or grandparent of the accompanying dependents. If you have a big family that you need to insure (more than eight dependents) then you’ll need to buy additional policies.

Your policy only covers you for travel outside of Australia, and when you buy a policy, you must select all the countries where you’ll spend at least 72 hours of your trip.

Travel insurance tip: only people named on your Certificate of Insurance are covered by your policy; however, the personal circumstances of your travelling party or close relatives may affect what you can claim.

Who is considered a dependent under my policy?

Whether you’re travelling with one dependent or five you’ll need to know who falls under this category in case you intend to make a claim and need to know who can be covered.

Under World Nomads plans a dependent is classified as:

  • your children or grandchildren, or others for whom you are the legal guardian
  • who are not in full time employment
  • are 20 years old or younger at the time you buy or extend your policy
  • are travelling with you for the majority of the trip
  • are listed as covered on your Certificate of Insurance.

How do I buy travel insurance for the family?

Go online and enter a few details about yourself, your destinations, and the ages of all your family members. We will generate an instant quote with both Standard and Explorer plan options, and you can pick which one suits your specific needs.

Once you’ve selected the right level of cover and paid, you will get instant confirmation of your family travel insurance to your selected email.

Who is covered by my travel insurance policy?

The information on this page is a summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the policy. You should read your PDS in full so you understand what is and isn’t covered. If you have any questions, please 
contact us.  

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