Knowing where the locals go to get the best food in town, or where to discover that great little bar on a Friday night can make your trip that much better.

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There are plenty of festivals, concerts, and activities that happen in London each summer.

So, if you’re craving those uniquely London experiences that will take you from corner to corner of the city, I’ve got a few ideas for you. Here is a roundup of some interesting events taking place around London.

Spend A Night Under The Stars at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre

True to it’s name, the Open Air Theatre is an outdoor theatre nestled in the heart of London’s beautiful Regent Park. Talented actors and actresses take to the stage to perform a range of theatre, from Shakespeare to classic musicals. Tickets range in price - but you won’t have to break the bank.

How cool would it be to watch Shakespeare in Regent Park? And of course, there are tons of dining options, available right at the theatre. You can pick between noshing on the BBQ’d goods provided pre-performance, picking up from a buffet, or pre-ordering a picnic! You can also grab a Pimm’s to top it all off. So go ahead and pack a blanket, cozy up, and take in some classical theatre under the open sky.

Explore Camden Town - Camden Crawl

You might have heard Amy Winehouse croon along about her beloved Camden Town in London. Camden is a neighborhood in London that offers a rough-and-ready-for-anything vibe. You can find an eclectic mix of culture, fashion and art in Camden. Throughout its history, the neighborhood is also known to have hosted the first gigs of quite a few famous rock-bands, including: Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd. So it seems natural that Camden hosts the annual Camden Crawl.

The Camden Crawl features a strong line-up of up and coming (and already notable) bands, comedians and interactive events. Spanning over a weekend, the Camden Crawl will get you well acquainted with the neighborhood. Hop from bar to bar and check out all of the awesome talent that’s on the bill. 

Stop And Smell The Roses At The Chelsea Flower Show

Brits are gardeners - and proud of it! See what’s new in the world of flora and fauna and indulge your inner green thumb at The Chelsea Flower Show. The world’s best arrangements, designs and landscapes await you! I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that Chelsea is a beautiful neighborhood in its own right.  Known as one of the most posh areas to peruse, the number of high-end shops and restaurants is abundant. 

Experience London Like A Local - With A Local!

You’ve heard of all the “touristy” places to go: Big Ben, the London Eye, and Buckingham Palace. But let’s be honest, an exciting part of exploring a new city is getting to know the nooks and crannies that are off the beaten path. Knowing where the locals go to get the best food in town or where to discover that great little bar on a Friday night can make your trip that much better. That’s where GuideHop comes in.

GuideHop connects travelers with locals who offer various types of adventures, tours and activities in their hometown. Feel like taking a guided tour of the best pubs in London? How about a nighttime photographic tour of London? It’s easy to find these activities and more on GuideHop. Each tour ranges in price, so you can pick an activity that fits your budget. 

Exploring the markets on Portobello Road. Photo by wilski

Perhaps most importantly, make sure that you find the perfect accommodation for your stay in London. Say goodbye to stuffy and expensive hotels, and say hello to the comforts of your own London flat!

If you’re traveling to London this summer, make sure to check out these alternative events and truly experience that local vibe. It’s the perfect chance to see how these different events reflect London’s unique cultural history.

This summer, make sure you blaze your own trail around London!

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