Yes, there’s cover for hurricanes, cyclones, or monsoons!

It goes without saying that you need to have your policy before these wiley whirling dervishes of destruction become a known natural disaster and has a name. So if you’ve done that, we’ll do everything we can to help you.

Does World Nomads travel insurance cover medical expenses as a result of a cyclone or hurricane?

Yes. If you’re unlucky enough to be injured by a cyclone or hurricane, our emergency assistance team can help you get to the nearest medical centre so you can receive the attention you need. If you’re too badly hurt to stay on, we can take you home. You can find out further information here on how we help travellers with overseas medical treatment.

Does World Nomads travel insurance cover cancellation if a cyclone or hurricane affects where I’m travelling to?

No. The Bupa Global Travel cancellation benefits are cancellation due to your own illness, or that of your close relative or travelling companion.

If my trip is interrupted, what can I claim for?

Unfortunately there is no cover on this policy.

Am I covered for non-medical evacuation?

If there's a cyclone or hurricane where you’re staying and the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or British Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends evacuation, we can evacuate you to the nearest safe country or back home. The insurer, Bupa Global Travel, will make this call at the time.

If I come home early, can I get a refund on the rest of my policy?

As the policy is outside of its premium refund period and you’ve travelled on it, there are no partial refunds. You are, however, welcome to make a claim for any expenses you might have incurred.

How do I claim?

Funnily, we get asked this a lot; so here’s something we prepared earlier, a step by step on how to claim

How do I get help?

It’s important that you contact your emergency assistance team as soon as you can so that they can help you out. Their details can be found in the following page as well as on your certificate of insurance.

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