Travel Insurance and High Value Specified Items.

Are you taking high value items with you on your adventures and want them covered for a bit more than what’s automatically offered under the standard baggage limits for theft?

If the answer is yes, then we give you the option to upgrade and pay a little extra to increase the cover for your laptop, mobile phones, digital and video camera, other hand held electronic devices and other high value items (excluding jewellery and bikes) up to  €700 / USD$1000 each.

How it works

To upgrade your cover for your high value items, simply list them on your policy and pay the additional premium.

You MUST list all high value items on your policy when you buy it. Once you've purchased your policy, it’s too late to add any high value items.

Anything you buy on your travels will be covered under the standard baggage limits (here’s a hint: if you know you’ll be buying high value items on your travels and have a fair idea of the cost, you can always list them on your policy before it starts, you’ll just need to email us with the serial number once you buy the item).

There's no depreciation applied to high value item claims so you can claim the amount you insured it for. Just be sure to have the receipt showing this purchase price as you’ll need it to claim.

You can claim up to €1,400/USD$2000 in total for all your listed specified items.

We'll pay for theft of your high value specified items according to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions outlined in the policy wording.

And do also be aware that any baggage claim will have the €70/USD$100 policy excess applied (per person).

Does my insurance cover my tech?

Whats not covered:

  • VERY IMPORTANT: simple theft, where you do not observe the theft occurring is NOT covered by this policy eg taken from your bag where it is supervised by you but you did not see the theft occurring and pickpocketing etc .
  • Damage to, loss or theft of jewellery, computers, cameras, hand-held and mobile devices or other electronic equipment and any high value specified items if checked in with a common carrier in your baggage.
  • Theft of computers, cameras, hand-held and mobile devices or other electronic equipment and any high value specified items from a boat or motor vehicle.

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