St Maarten Jet Blast → Is it covered by insurance?

St Maarten, where the jets come in very close to the beach. but make sure you read this before you thrillseekers get blown away by the jet blast.

St Maarten Jet Blast → Is it covered by insurance?

The Dutch Antilles island of St Maarten in the eastern caribbean is famous for its idyllic tropical location, beautiful beaches, relaxed atmosphere - and for one of the most spectacular airport runways in the world.

For the plane spotters, aircraft (including 747's) approach over water on a 3 degree glide slope with touchdown just 150 metres inside the perimeter fence, and about 300 metres from the water's edge. Aircraft are so low it feels like you could almost touch them!

As well as enjoying the sight of aircraft landing at close quarters, people also wait at the end of the runway on Maho Beach to feel the jet blast of departing aircraft, but as the young woman in the video finds out the force of 50,000 pounds of thrust (per engine) is more than anyone can handle.

If you take part in this sort of activity in St Maarten, or at any other airport around the world, be mindful that if you are injured your travel insurance may not cover you if it is deemed you deliberately put yourself in harm's way. Just don't do it - watch, but stay well clear of the jet blast.

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